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Chapter 2517 Enemies (2)

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Chaoge said, “We’re n-“

But Feng Wu dragged her through the portal.

Chaoge glared at her, wondering why they had to put up with these people.

Feng Wu glanced at her.

Chaoge needed to grow up. Right now, she would explode at the slightest provocation, which wasn’t a good thing.

She had to control her temper. Otherwise, it would become her downfall one day.

In the tiny space inside the portal —

Gu Xingyuan glared at Feng Wu. If looks could kill, she would already be dead. Feng Wu was the reason he had lost his whole clan. Chu Junying was Gu Xingyun’s girlfriend, and she worshipped Zuo Qingluan, so she hated Feng Wu even more.

Everyone knew of the grudge between Zuo Qingluan and Feng Wu.

It was obvious that Mr. Han was biased toward Zuo Qingluan.

If Feng Wu started a fight here, she would be at a disadvantage.

Of course, she was smarter than that. Leading Chaoge to a corner, she sat down and started cultivating with her eyes closed. After she closed her eyes, Zuo Qingluan gave her a resentful glance before looking away.

Jun Wuxia had seen through her lie the night before. She was scolded by the empress dowager and Emperor Wu before Jun Wuxia scorned her. In the end, she had to pretend to pass out to get away from the palace. After going back home, she really wished she could pass out.

She didn’t know how to face other people.

With Feng Wu still alive, Zuo Qingluan didn’t feel that she could stay in the imperial capital anymore.

Although only a handful of people knew what had happened, Zuo Qingluan still feared that Feng Wu would spread the news.

She had really thought about killing Feng Wu.

She had almost reached the Feng clan when she realized that it was a bad idea.

She couldn’t kill Feng Wu yet, not like this. When she heard that Feng Wu was going to the War Academy, she had an idea. She knew how she could get rid of Feng Wu forever without having to do it herself!

That was why Zuo Qingluan was here.

She wanted to see who would be more popular in the War Academy.

She wanted to get back at Feng Wu.

Ding -

Zuo Qingluan was still lost in thought when the other end of the portal opened.

They were in the wild.

It was in the middle of a forest.

“This is the Thousand Night Forest,” said Mr. Han. He stayed close behind Zuo Qingluan and explained, “The War Academy is right here in this forest. The safety zone is the area in a range of 10km around the academy. Beyond that, there are all sorts of fierce animals.”

Feng Xun had explained to Feng Wu before she came here that all students of the War Academy would earn points from killing wild beasts, and their ranking on the billboard would depend on their score.

Only people who ranked high on the billboard could apply to graduate.

A team was coming back from their hunting trip. There were four boys and one girl.

The boys greeted Mr. Han when they saw him. Mr. Han was in charge of opening the portal, and they all needed to go to him every month if they wanted to go home. Therefore, no one could afford to offend him.


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