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«Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2299: Untitled

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Chapter 2299: Untitled

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Gu Xingyun wanted to speak, but he spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

No one made a sound.

They looked from the severely wounded Gu Xingyun to the calm Feng Wu.

Gu Xingcheng glared at Feng Wu. “You’re dead! I mean it!”

Although Feng Wu had won the battle, the others only felt sorry for her.

Because just as Gu Xingcheng had said, she really had offended the Gu brothers.

Song Yichen whispered, “Run while you can before the other Gu brothers arrive.”

Feng Wu only shook her head and smiled.

“Their fourth brother is a top student in Year 3!” Ning Yao said anxiously. “I hear that he’s already a Level 3 Spiritual Lord! He’ll kill you!”

Song Yichen said, “Their third brother is in Year 4, and the older ones will keep coming! How are you going to fight them all? Just run!”

Just then, someone ran to their side and whispered something to Chaoge before handing her a note.

Chaoge read it and was shocked. She immediately handed it to Feng Wu.

Feng Wu read it.

It was from Uncle Qiu.

It said, “Qiuling’s life is in danger. Come back to Fallen Star Yard.”

Feng Wu paled.

She and Qiuling grew up together, and she had always considered Qiuling a friend.

Without hesitation, she told Chaoge, “Let’s go.”

They soon dashed off. By the time the crowd realized it, they had turned into little dots in the distance.


That was fast…

Someone said, “It seems that Feng Wu really is scared.”

“Of course she is. The Gu family has six brothers. To offend one is to offend them all.”

“I saw Feng Qi run off. She must have gone to find the other brothers.”

“Luckily, Feng Wu got away in time…”

Feng Wu didn’t care what other people said about her. She and Chaoge quickly returned to Fallen Star Yard, and she walked into the room to find Qiuling lying on the bed.

Qiuling had always been a lively girl, but now, she looked like she could fade away at any moment.

Feng Wu was shocked and took her hand.

She quickly checked her pulse.

She frowned. Had it not been for Qiuling’s Ultimate Yin Body, she would have lost her cultivation ability already.

She then saw that Qiuling’s right hand had been cut off at the wrist.

Feng Wu was shocked!

“Was it the Gu family?” Blue veins popped on Feng Wu’s forehead.

With Qiuling’s Ultimate Yin Body, she could make great achievements in the future, but now, her hand had been cut off! It was the same as Lady Gu, so it didn’t take a genius to figure out who the culprit was.

Uncle Qiu fought back his anger and said quietly, “Qiuling went out to do some grocery shopping this morning, but it took her forever to come back. When I went to look for her, I found her by the side of the road, and she was already like this…”


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