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«Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2278: Battle (4)

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Chapter 2278: Battle (4)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu. “After the old generation of the Feng clan passed away, there weren’t many talented people left. Even the guards left you, making your family an easy target.”

Feng Xun said, “So, in my opinion, the first thing Lord Gu will do is to put pressure on the Feng clan, asking them to punish you.”

Qiuling asked nervously, “Young Lord Feng, what will happen to Miss Wu?”

Feng Xun said, “What will happen to her? It’ll be serious. The best scenario is to make her cut off her own arm. Worst comes to worst, all the people in Fallen Star Yard will be killed.”

Qiuling, Granny Zhao, and Uncle Qiu all cried out.

Feng Wu said, “Stop trying to scare them.”

Feng Xun said solemnly, “Xiao Wu, I like teasing people, but I’m very serious now. What would other people think of Lord Gu if he lets you off with a slap on the wrist? They would think that one can disrespect Lord Gu without paying a price.

“You better watch out. I’ll go get some help for you first.”

After that, Feng Xun jumped out the window and disappeared into the night.

“Miss…” Granny Zhao looked concerned.

Uncle Qiu also wanted to say something, but hesitated.

Feng Wu waved them off. “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

Granny Zhao and Uncle Qiu nodded. That was true. Feng Wu always knew what she was doing. If she could protect her family five years ago when things had been so dangerous, of course, she could protect them now.

Meanwhile, true to Feng Xun’s worries, things were indeed getting out of hand.

“My lady, I have news!” Granny Gui, who had been watching Fallen Star Yard, rushed back to Flying Snow Building.

Lady Wang was praying to Buddha at that moment.

Hearing Granny Gui, she frowned and said, “Granny Gui, behave yourself. You’re way too old to shout like a young maid.”

“My lady! OMG!” Granny Gui didn’t know how to express herself. She then lowered her voice and told Lady Wang about what happened in Fallen Star Yard.

“What?!” Lady Wang was shocked. “Are you sure?!”

“Yes! I can’t be any more sure! Although I wasn’t very close, I saw everything. Feng Wu cut off Lady Gu’s hand at the wrist! I saw the hand drop to the ground!”

Lady Wang was astonished. “That girl is so bold. I never thought that she would be so ferocious!”

Granny Gui sounded glad. “It’s a full-on war now, and they won’t stop until one of them is dead. My lady, we should just sit here and watch them fight to the death!”

Feng Wu had killed Lady Wang’s daughter, and the second branch wanted to replace the first branch. At that thought, Lady Wang nodded excitedly. “That’s right! Let them scratch each other’s eyes out! But —”

She told Granny Gui, “Tell my husband to come back now.”

Granny Gui said, “But my lady, didn’t you say…”

Lady Wang said, “Lord Gu is bound to make a move, and my husband has to be around, but he can’t get involved either. So…”

She then told Granny Gui her plan.

Granny Gui cried out, “My lady, that’s brilliant!”

For once, Lady Wang made a smart move.

Zhong took Lady Gu back to her brother’s place.

The entire household was astonished.

From Lord Gu’s mother to Mrs… Gu.


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