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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1203 Appearance

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Chapter 1203 Appearance

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The time went by quickly. Theo and Jeff had left the house while Ergene and the others did their jobs perfectly.

After a week, Theo returned to the mansion, preparing for the banquet that they were going to attend.

This time, Theo, Isaac, and Rea would go together. Mark, Maya, and Patrick also followed suit because Theo finally made his move.

The news shook the country since they could finally witness the battle between two giant figures.

Some people called him a coward because he never came out this whole time, to the point the Star Group had begun to collapse. Some expected him to turn around the situation, wanting to know how he would defeat this new challenger. Some didn’t care much about the whole situation.

However, there were two people that actually cared about this. They were Lexie and Winston.

“What do you think about this news, Winston?” Lexie asked with a calm expression.

After the defeat, Winston had been very silent, so this was the first time he finally talked to others again. “I’m going to the banquet.”

“Are you sure about this? Others might think…”

“I know. If I’m aspiring to be the hero in everyone’s eyes, I can’t afford to show my face right now. However, I also have a heart of a Martial Artist. No matter what, I will watch the fight to its conclusion.” Winston nodded with a serious expression.

“If you say so, then I’ll accompany you.”

Winston looked at Lexie for a while before lowering his head. “Thank you for doing all this, Lexie. Even though I’ve been ignoring you this whole time.”

“Haha, you’re simply too focused on your training.” Lexie chuckled. “I like your stubbornness.”

Winston was stunned to see her smile this time. It might be the first time in his life that someone had enough patience to keep up with his bad attitude. Although she was forced by her family, no one would have this patience.

“Mhm… I’m really sorry for ignoring you this whole time. I promise I’ll make up for it.” Winston lowered his head again.

“Is that so? I’m truly okay with it.” Lexie smiled while waving her hands.

“Then, I also want to apologize for all my bad behaviors… I’ve truly treated you poorly. For that, I apologize.”

“You’re being weird right now, you know that?”

“I guess…” Winston smiled awkwardly.

“But I guess I’ll accept your offer. I’ll be waiting for you to show me how you want to make it up to me.” Lexie smiled gently.

Winston nodded with a serious expression. “After this banquet.”

“Looking forward to it.”

A few days passed by.

Theo wore a plain white shirt and long black pants covered by a huge cloak and mask that covered his hair and face.

Isaac wore short pants and a blue t-shirt as if they were going on vacation. On the contrary, Rea wore a sleeveless orange shirt and a white mini skirt.

With just a single glance, Theo knew that Rea was influenced by Isaac, thinking this was a vacation.

In the end, he let them go and picked up the other participants.

As they went toward the venue, Maya glared at Theo the whole time.

“What?” Theo asked with a small smile.

“You must want to laugh at me. Despite my confidence, I still couldn’t fight back. Even now, the two companies are going to collapse soon.” Maya looked at him coldly as if she was ready to be laughed at.

Theo shook his head calmly and replied, “There’s no way I’m going to laugh at you. I truly respect you from the bottom of my heart. Look at you right now, you’re the CEO of both the Star Group and the Starry Group… I can say that you’re one of the most influential women in the world.”

Maya clicked her tongue. She wanted to rebuke him, but Theo had been praising her this whole time. In the end, she couldn’t say anything and simply looked away to distract herself.

‘This is surprising. Miss Maya has been contained with just a few praises… that should make her become even more arrogant.’ Patrick was surprised. ‘Miss Maya said she would marry the person that could defeat her… it seems that marriage is going to happen soon, probably…’

The trip was silent because no one seemed to be comfortable chatting in this situation. The company was in an awkward situation, so they didn’t want to accidentally mention it here.

After a few hours, they finally arrived at the same mountain range where the arena and hotel were built to host this specific event.

As expected, there were already so many people inside the hotel. Some even waited for the Star Group and the Starry Group to appear because they were the main attraction for this year’s banquet.

Everyone wanted to see whether there was going to be another number one person in the Asda List.

Those who were swimming in the pool on the roof suddenly stopped and looked at the bottom.

“Hey, look at that!”

“The Star Group and Starry Group have arrived.”

“It seems they’re planning to settle this in one go.”

“That’s right. What will they do this time?”

“I’m waiting for the challenge!”

From Isaac to Theo, they all started coming out of the car and entered the hotel.

“There it is! As expected, Joker is here. We’re going to see something interesting this year.”

“Maya’s complexion is not that good. Well, it can’t be helped. She’s the one controlling both companies. She must have a hard time.”

“Isaac seems to be together with them.”

“Yeah. And who is that girl? She’s a foreigner?”

“Huh? Their group can’t afford another Mythical Rank Expert to even have a foreigner Supreme Rank Expert to come to protect them? I bet Joker is even stronger than her.”

“But why do I feel like I have seen her somewhere… I can’t remember.”

The rumors of Theo’s appearance started going around. It made everyone curious about this banquet, especially tonight.

Rachel, the woman who defeated Winston, would certainly challenge him tonight.

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