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«God of Illusions (Web Novel) - Chapter 763: Windlove’s Situation!

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Chapter 763: Windlove’s Situation!

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The waiter instinctively gulped at the sight of the gold coins and began to rapidly sort out all the useful information in his mind.

“Currently, the most powerful person in Windlove is the mysterious city lord. Although he almost never comes out to handle matters in person anymore, there is an extremely strong army - the Windlove Army, under his command. The weakest ones of them are already Grandmaster Rank puppet masters, squad captains are all Exquisite Rank, and the great captain is said to have all seven apertures opened and is only one step away from the Legend Rank. However, the Windlove Army is rarely deployed, so long as you don’t make too much trouble in Windlove City.”

“The well-deserved second boss after the official force is Unify Business. It’s the longest-established business here with six resident Exquisite Rank masters. Even if they have matters and need to leave, there will be others that come and take their place. Therefore, no one dares to make a scene at the Unify auction house.”

“After Unify Business is the Ethereal Merchant Group. The Ethereal Empire behind them is the closest empire to Windlove City. Once, someone came to the Ethereal Merchant Group to create trouble, and the Ethereal Empire army immediately killed their way over here. Since then, the Ethereal Merchant Group has been untouchable.”

“These three are the main residents of Windlove City, but I’m sure you won’t have conflict with them. Next are those that you need to pay attention to.”

The waiter paused briefly before listing.

“First is the All-Around Merchant Group that has only recently emerged. It’s unclear what kind of business they do, but there are traces of them everywhere, and since the emergence of Blood Diamonds, they have been frequenting Windless Zone. They have many powerful experts, truly unfathomable.”

“Secondly, the Devil Forest Mercenary Group. Big mercenary groups have never shown much interest in Windlove City and only send someone here occasionally to dig around for good stuff. However, since the Blood Diamonds appeared, Devil Forest keeps moving people over. It seems that their whole main force has arrived.”

The waiter expressed confusion toward the actions of the Devil Forest Mercenary Group. However, Bai Xiaofei was focused on something else.

“How much do you know about that Blood Diamond business?”

Upon his sudden question, the waiter started, then reluctantly shook his head.

“Only what everyone already knows. Also, Unify Business has been auctioning a batch of high-grade Blood Diamonds regularly, and each time, the people from Devil Forest would show up and purchase all of them at a high price,” the waiter said everything that he knew.

Bai Xiaofei mentally noted down the names of both Unify Business and Devil Forest. Looks like I’ll need to get in touch with these two.

“Go on.” After processing the information, Bai Xiaofei motioned for the waiter to continue.

“Those are the only big organizations. The rest are individuals: Shaman King - Exquisite Rank Dark Stream puppet master, Blood Wolf - Exquisite Rank Transformation Stream puppet master, Strong Steel - Grandmaster martial artist, and Absolute Blade - peak-grade Grand Martial Master. These four are very active in Windlove.”

“As for those that may be laying low, I have no idea. There are countless people in Windlove City, each a cruel character who lives on the edge. They may not be well-known, but you need to be careful.”

Finishing his speech, the waiter looked expectantly between Bai Xiaofei and the gold coins on the table.

“You can have them. If you have more information, come to me at any time. The return will satisfy you,” said Bai Xiaofei.

Delighted, the waiter immediately picked up the gold coins.

“This little one won’t let you down! Then, I won’t bother you. Just call me if you need anything and I’ll definitely do my best. Your food will be delivered in a while.”

With that, the waiter backed out of the room.

Fang Ye took out the privacy ball and activated it. “Brother Fei, this place seems to be more complicated than we thought.” He looked troubled.

Not only Fang Ye, but even Bai Xiaofei didn’t expect Windlove City to be so chaotic.

“Although we haven’t found the target, our current identity is no longer useful. Instead of limiting our progress with Tong Fei and wasting our time putting on an act for him, we might as well give up on that path,” Bai Xiaofei said after some thought.

“But we are not sure if this is really the place that produces Blood Diamonds. What if it’s just a cover like those distribution ports? Our clues will be cut off,” Fang Ye voiced his concerns. Their time was running out and it was too late to restart from scratch.

“Even so, our cover will still be blown in the process of confirming whether this is the real place of origin. It’s pointless to worry about it. And if this place is only a disguise, then our only option would be to restart from scratch.” Bai Xiaofei’s eyes grew sharp. “Moreover, I believe that even if that’s the case, the place will still give us enough clues!”

Having said that, Bai Xiaofei recalled the information given by the waiter.

Unify Business, Devil Forest Mercenary Group, Windlove city lord, All-Around Merchant Group… Who is the mastermind behind the Blood Diamonds?

“Alright. Then, I will inform everyone to get ready to escape. Do you have any plans yet for the follow-up?” After accepting Bai Xiaofei’s explanation, Fang Ye became excited. He had had enough of playing house.

“Call everyone. I will specifically assign their tasks,” replied Bai Xiaofei, who then fell into contemplation.

Fang Ye quietly left to gather the group.

Before long, the group stood in front of Bai Xiaofei, excited as they had a rough idea of the purpose of the meeting. Fortunately, the room was big enough to fit everyone. When Bai Xiaofei exited contemplation, a room full of expectant eyes nearly frightened him witless…

“Brother Fei, hurry and tell us what to do,” Wu Chi, who had run out of patience from all the acting, spoke before even Mo Ka could.

“From here on, our mission officially begins. I will need your absolute best. This is Windlove City, not our academy,” Bai Xiaofei solemnly doused everyone’s excitement with a sharp warning.

There were times when enthusiasm alone was not enough!

“Memorize every word I’m going to say next!”

Then, Bai Xiaofei lowered his voice…

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