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«God of Illusions (Web Novel) - Chapter 762: Windlove City!

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Chapter 762: Windlove City!

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The interlude at the station sapped away a part of the group’s energy. They did not stop to rest anywhere else on the way for the next two weeks.

However, Tong Fei had gradually come out of the shadow of Heartless’ death, which let Bai Xiaofei’s group sigh in relief. The man looked like nothing happened and did not test them nor show any doubt. Moreover, as they got closer and closer to the Windless Zone, he also became more and more talkative.

“Up ahead is Windlove City!” Wu Chi, who drove the carriage that Tong Fei and Bai Xiaofei were in, announced with a hint of joy. After hurrying along the road for such a long time, he finally saw hope!

Windlove City, the only city near the Windless Zone, was not under the jurisdiction of any country. The city lord was a person who only lived in legends. Very few people had seen his true face.

The law of the jungle was the only rule in Windlove City. Here, one would witness all the dark sides of the continent, but at the same time, those with enough power would be hailed on pedestals. ‘A mix of all sorts of people’ was a good phrase to describe this city.

Due to its characteristics, Windlove City had become the largest slave -trading area at the northern border, only comparable to the slave markets in the desert countries of the southern borders. However, most people in the northern borders only know of the southern from stories told by the older generations.

Bai Xiaofei was eyeing the Windless Zone exactly because of its slave business in Windlove City!

“Brother, after we enter Windlove City, I need to contact my superior and it may take a few days. You can have a good look around the city during this period. If I remember correctly, tomorrow should be the day when Unify Business conducts its monthly auction. I think you will be interested.”

Tong Fei’s face then became serious.

“But you must be careful, brother. Windlove City is not like where you have stayed. There are no rules here. It’s best that the madams and young misses don’t go out in the open, or you will likely invite trouble.”

As Tong Fei gave his final piece of advice, the carriage arrived at the gate of Windlove City.

“Master, here we are,” informed Wu Chi.

Tong Fei stood up. “Brother, take care. I will return as quickly as possible, and if there is good news, you will be the first to know, but please forgive me if it takes a long time. After all, our organization has many things on our plate.”

Tong Fei’s speech was worded beautifully. At least, Bai Xiaofei could not find any fault with it.

“Don’t worry about us, my brother, I have great confidence in my people. I’m more concerned about the progress on your side. Don’t let me take this trip for nothing, alright? I already promised my superior to seal this deal.” Bai Xiaofei laughed.

After the two hugged, Tong Fei got off and slowly disappeared from sight.

“Master, where are we going?” Wu Chi asked softly.

“We’re going to appreciate the customs of this place!” Bai Xiaofei revealed a smile as his eyes rested on the city gates, wondering what kind of surprise this place would bring…

Unlike most cities, there were no guards in Windlove City, and even the city walls were only for show. Looking around, one would see all kinds of people in strange outfits. As Tong Fei had said, this was the area where all dark things gathered.

As Bai Xiaofei assessed others, the people near the gate were also checking out his motorcade. In this city, fat meat would become the target of everyone!

Feeling the strange eyes all around, Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly. Who could have thought that his group full of Master Rank and Grandmaster Rank puppet masters would be regarded as an easy target?

“Enter the city. Looks like we can’t stop now,” Bai Xiaofei commented with a sigh.

Despite being confused by his tone, Wu Chi drove the carriage into the city.

In another carriage, Duan Yiyi and Zhu Nuo were looking curiously through the window. Unlike Bai Xiaofei, they had never left Starnet for four years, and even in Starnet, they didn’t walk around much, so everything in Windlove City was new to them.

The motorcade stopped at an inn. While it was not famous all over the northern area like the Hundred Flavor House or Thousand Aroma Restaurant, it did not look inferior to them in terms of style.

“Please come inside!” An enthusiastic waiter came up to them as soon as they arrived.

Bai Xiaofei checked a little and was inwardly shocked. I’ll be damned! Just a little waiter turns out to be a Proficient Rank puppet master! This Windlove City is really distinctive!

“It must be your first time in Windlove City. Do you want me to introduce the city to you? Just one gold coin, I promise you won’t regret it,“ the eager waiter began to sell himself as he guided the group into the restaurant.

And the offered price was really not low!

“Fang Ye,” Bai Xiaofei lightly said.

Fang Ye took out five gold coins and stuffed them into the waiter’s hand.

“Arrange a room for us, our master needs a good rest. We’ll get to what you know later,” said Fang Ye.

The waiter’s eyes lit up. There was not a waiter who disliked generous guests, even if the said generous guests would soon become a fat pig targeted by everyone…

“Very good! Rest assured, honored guests, our place will not let you down!”

Before long, their rooms were ready. The ladies were arranged in the most inner room, which was relatively safer.

“Tell me, what do you know?”

In his room, Bai Xiaofei was sitting while Fang Ye stood behind him. They both looked at the waiter.

“Boss, try this tea. There are many things to say about this city, so please get comfortable.”

Pouring tea for Bai Xiaofei, the bartender got to the point.

“Since you dare to come here, you must have a certain understanding of Windlove. I will just skip the basics.”

“Windlove City is famous as a place where people from all walks of life gather: running from enemies’ pursuit, forced out of one’s original place, wanted by the continent and have nowhere else to live… There are even people of merchant groups and empires coming here to seek profits or big mercenary groups seeking to recruit.”

“Those groups occupy different camps and pose an influence that cannot be ignored. Currently in Windlove City, there are several that you have to pay attention to.”

The waiter suddenly paused, his eyes flashing.

Seeing this, Fang Ye took out five gold coins and slapped them on the table. “If what you say is useful to us, these will be yours.”

Problems that could be solved with money were not problems for Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye!

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