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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2632 God Burying Ridge (2 in 1)

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Chapter 2632 God Burying Ridge (2 in 1)

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After killing this mine demon, Han Fei didn't continue to walk to the center of the Circle of Death, but stayed where he was and waited.

Liu Qiansi asked, “Why aren't you going further in?”

Han Fei said, “Wait, wait for the demonic sound you mentioned.”

This demonic sound was called the Sound of Mourning by Liu Qiansi. It was definitely not simple. It was naturally unwise to rush blindly into the Circle of Death. At least Liu Qiansi didn't manage to completely withstand this Sound of Mourning. Otherwise, he would have long found the location of the God Burying Ridge.

After waiting for nearly half an hour, Han Fei suddenly felt the change of the law of wind here. These breezes first changed their direction, as if they were quickly sucked in by a suction force, and then suddenly attacked in the opposite direction.

Boom ~

It was like a bell ringing, echoing between the heavens and earth. There was no telling where the sound came from, but the entire eye of the storm was instantly filled with this booming sound.

This was completely different from the way sound spread. This sound seemed to exist in every wisp of the law of wind, or the power of the Great Dao in this world. When the sound rang, Han Fei's heart seemed to be heavily struck, and he felt suffocated for a moment.

At that moment, Han Fei felt that there seemed to be ownerless soul power in the bell tolling. Through the sound, it entered his body, and even the Star Sea Mystic Sand couldn't block it.

“No, this is not a sound. This is a soul power shock.”

This was because this voice itself was a kind of soul power release. Therefore, anyone who heard this voice would instinctively absorb this soul power.

However, because the level of this soul power was extremely high and not something ordinary creatures could absorb, they couldn't digest it, so this soul power was independent of their own soul power.

However, it was clearly wrong for a person to have two kinds of soul power, so this external soul power conflicted with his soul, causing his soul to be messed up.

As for those who had absorbed soul power, regardless of whether they could use this soul power or not, their soul power was essentially rapidly increasing.

“They're all possessed!”

Boom ~

At the moment when the sound stopped, Han Fei also felt a dull boom. The scattered soul power sounds seemed to be retracted.


Han Fei's heart did a flip. This rhythm was very similar to a breathing technique, but not exactly, because the time it took to breathe was too fast.

At this moment, Han Fei turned around and looked at Liu Qiansi, only to find that thousands of strands of hair had wrapped her up tightly. On her black hair, green light was circulating. Obviously, she was resisting this demonic sound.

At this moment, the roaring sound had passed, and Liu Qiansi finally put away the black hair. But as soon as she put away the black hair, she saw Han Fei looking at her.

Liu Qiansi was also a little stunned and subconsciously asked, “Are you completely fine?”

Han Fei touched his nose and thought for a moment. “The sound is a little bit disturbing to me, but it's fine. How many times can you resist such a demonic sound?”

Liu Qiansi said, “About twenty times. After all, I'm a Dao Prover.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. It was actually very rare to be able to withstand twenty such impacts. If his guess was correct, this soul power might really be emitted by the legendary Demon God. When the demonic sound invaded one's body, one would be instantly affected. If it were an ordinary Sky Opener, he might directly go crazy or barely block the first demonic sound attack.

After all, the level of this demonic sound's soul power was too high, and ordinary people didn't have a way to digest such soul power. Once the soul power circulated, it would definitely be messed up. Once the soul power was messed up, they would either suffer a backlash or be controlled by this soul power, trying to approach the Dao of Extreme Balance. As a result, it was difficult not to have mutations.

However, Han Fei didn't expect that the Dao of Extreme Balance could even change the mine demons. It even caused the mine demons to mutate and evolve into a mess.

At this moment, hearing that Liu Qiansi could withstand more than 20 demonic sound impacts, Han Fei was more confident. He didn't plan to take Wang Xiaojiu and the others with him because he felt that they were not strong enough and would only become a burden to him in the Storm Quicksand Sea.

But Liu Qiansi was different. He was a real Dao Prover. Even if he encountered any difficulties, Liu Qiansi could block it for him.

In particular, when Han Fei found that he could digest the power of the demonic sound, the Circle of Death would no longer be a threat to him. The only thing he needed to worry about was the Monarch-level mine demons here.

Although Monarch-level mine demons were rare, it didn't mean that there weren't any. Since Liu Qiansi said that he had seen them, it meant that there were Monarch-level mine demons here.

Han Fei took out the Vast Ocean Navigator. With a thought, the Vast Ocean Navigator began to spin and pointed in a certain direction. At this time, Han Fei put on a faint smile and said, “Let's go in!”

Liu Qiansi was surprised. “Really?”

Han Fei asked, “Yes.”

Liu Qiansi asked, “Then when will we come out?”

Han Fei shrugged. “I don't know.”

Liu Qiansi was very reluctant, but no matter how reluctant he was, he couldn't resist Han Fei's will now, so he could only follow Han Fei in. He could only hope in his heart that Han Fei wouldn't do anything rash.

In the eye of the storm, the speed of light couldn't burst out. Otherwise, the law of wind that was floating like a breeze would be like a sharp weapon, cutting into your body at any time. You might be able to withstand it for one or two seconds, but after ten or eight seconds, even an ultra-quality godly weapon would be torn apart.

The speed of Han Fei and Liu Qiansi was less than 1% of the speed of light. Even so, Han Fei kept decelerating until the speed of light was one thousandth of the speed of light.

Liu Qiansi said, “Our speed is so slow. If we really go deeper, we won't be able to get out.”

Han Fei said, “The faster you are, the stronger the power of the law of wind. I know that you can walk at high speed in your tree form, but in that case, you'll have to compete with the law of wind. With your strength, you can't walk at high speed for long. You will inevitably be created by the law of wind, so you didn't reach the center of this place in the end.”

Liu Qiansi said, “But at such a slow speed, I'm afraid I will be corrupted by the demonic sound at most for twelve hours, lose my sense of self, and become a monster here.”

Han Fei said indifferently, “You just want an answer. I can tell you that with me here, this demonic sound can't hurt you. So, don't worry and just go ahead. Block those who should be blocked.”

Liu Qiansi relaxed when he heard that. He was waiting for Han Fei to say that. Although he guessed that Han Fei must have a way to deal with it, he had to wait for Han Fei to admit it. Otherwise, his fear along the way would affect his combat power.

Twelve hours later.

Since Han Fei and the others came in, they hadn't traveled more than ten million kilometers. Along the way, Han Fei had killed 109 demonized mine demons, and on average, he encountered nearly 20 demonized mine demons every hour.

However, their combat power was still not enough. Even with the enhancement of the Dao of Extreme Balance, it was still far from enough against Han Fei and Liu Qiansi.

Boom ~

Another demonic sound came, and Han Fei absorbed and digested this demonic sound as usual. But this time, Liu Qiansi let out a muffled groan. Han Fei felt that his emotions were becoming manic, and the soul fluctuations in his body were abnormally strong.

It was not until this moment that Han Fei laid his hand on Liu Qiansi's tree. Immediately, Liu Qiansi was refreshed. The inexplicable soul that didn't belong to him had finally left.

However, Liu Qiansi was shocked. He saw with his own eyes that Han Fei used some unknown method to suck away the soul power that could corrode the mind.

“You-you can even do that?”

After a while, Liu Qiansi said, “Did you absorb the demonic sound?”

Han Fei said, “This is not a demonic sound, but a kind of soul power. It's just blended into this sound.”

“Soul power? Why can't I feel it?”

Han Fei said, “Because the level of this soul power is very high, and it fuses with the body. It's normal that you can't feel it.”

“Then how can you feel it?”

Han Fei chuckled. “Because I am your master.”

Liu Qiansi: “…”

Liu Qiansi was not stupid. He asked suspiciously, “Are you actively absorbing this soul power? You killed those mine demons along the way for this soul power, right?”

Han Fei didn't respond, taking it as a tacit agreement.

Han Fei was absorbing the soul power. In just twelve hours, his soul power had skyrocketed. Although it was still less than 500,000, it was because of the influence of the Star Core.

Besides, during these twelve hours, he seemed to be fighting and absorbing soul power along the way, but in fact, Han Fei's physique was rapidly strengthening.

And this wave of improvement in strength was not over yet. At his current speed, he would probably need another 24 hours. This kind of opportunistic improvement should be limited by his Origin Star.

More than ten hours later.

This peaceful situation was broken. As Liu Qiansi said before, a large number of mine demons gathered in the middle of the Circle of Death.

He didn't notice it before, but at this moment, he saw more than thirty demonized mine demons scattered here. In the sky, there were actually seven or eight monsters hovering. He could vaguely tell that they were mutated Wind Birds.

Liu Qiansi said, “Don't alarm them. As I said, there are a lot of mine demons here. I didn't return until I came here several times. This seems to be the case all the time. So when you said you were going to the central area, I thought it was difficult to reach it. Because I haven't walked the rest of the way, but I have a feeling it won't be easy.”

Han Fei said, “It's just that there are more of them.”

Liu Qiansi said, “That's possible, but it's also possible that there are Monarch-level mine demons ahead! But since you have a way to resist the demonic sound, maybe you can try to break through.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. He knew what Liu Qiansi meant by “charge”. She meant abandoning the turtle speed and sprinting at a hundred times or ten times the speed of light. As for the speed of light sprinting, it was too dangerous for Liu Qiansi to do so.

Han Fei didn't want to resist the law of wind because it was unnecessary. In a relatively safe place, fighting the law of wind would only consume him.

But it was different now. There were a lot of Mine Demons here, and it was quite difficult to defeat them one by one. In a one-on-one battle, these Mine Demons were like Muggles to Han Fei.

However, the strength of these mine demons was equivalent to powerhouses with several Dao Locks. If there were ten or eight of them, it would be a headache for Han Fei. If there were a hundred of them, even Liu Qiansi would feel a chill down his spine.

As they discussed, Han Fei shouted, “You fight them.”

Liu Qiansi: “???”

Han Fei said lightly, “I want to conserve my strength. You are a Monarch. It shouldn't be a problem for you to break through.”

Liu Qiansi was speechless. Is this the status of a servant? So low!

However, Liu Qiansi couldn't refute Han Fei's proposal, and Han Fei wanted to see Liu Qiansi's ability. Although Liu Qiansi was a Dao Prover, if there were really so many powerful mine demons ahead, even for him, this trip wouldn't be easy.

Liu Qiansi said, “Stand on my head.”

Han Fei looked at Liu Qiansi, lost for words. “You're as thin as a bamboo pole. Won't I be pricked if I stand on you?”

Liu Qiansi didn't know what to say. You're as strong as a Monarch. Why are you afraid of being pricked? You're really good at insulting others!

Han Fei was teasing Liu Qiansi, but he was already standing on one foot on the top of Liu Qiansi's trunk.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Tens of thousands of strands of hair burst out from Liu Qiansi's trunk. These strands of hair stood up upside down and wrapped Han Fei into a cocoon. The cocoon turned into a blade and hit him. It was streamlined as a whole to deal with the law of wind.

Han Fei, who was in the cocoon, was also very curious. He could see the outside clearly from the cocoon as if the cocoon was completely transparent.

Then, under Liu Qiansi's trunk, there were two disc-shaped roots. The roots on them were dense, and each root looked extremely tough with green light flickering.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In an instant, strands of hair burst out of Liu Qiansi's body again. These strands of hair pierced through the void and landed in an unknown place.

Swish ~

In the next second, Liu Qiansi and Han Fei shot out at one tenth of the speed of light. At the moment when Liu Qiansi shot out with Han Fei, the mine demons realized that something was wrong and began to move. Some of them even roared thunderously and attacked Liu Qiansi.

Han Fei saw a large number of twisted tentacles made of mineral and sand, and countless whip shadows struck over.

However, even though Liu Qiansi was carrying Han Fei, his figure was still too small. A huge force burst out from his black hair. Under the pull of the black hair, Liu Qiansi and Han Fei quickly twisted and turned in various arcs on the sand, just like Spider-Man jumping among the buildings of the city, except their speed was different.

Han Fei was surprised. “How can your black hair break through the void here?”

Liu Qiansi replied unhurriedly, “It's the law of strength. It's not difficult to break through the void, but it can't break through the void on a large scale. It's only enough for the black hair to penetrate.”

Soon, Han Fei discovered that the landing points of these black hairs were different. They were nailed to the ground like javelins along the way, showing a trajectory. Only when Liu Qiansi's power burst out, those black hairs that broke through the void would flash with a green light, revealing their location.

Suddenly, Han Fei felt a huge bulge in front of him. Liu Qiansi jumped into the air and flew past the mine demon hidden under the sea of sand.

When passing by the mine demon, Han Fei looked down and found that it was a huge sandworm mine demon, but it had five huge heads. Each huge head was composed of a large disc plus thousands of sharp teeth. At the edge of the toothless head, a circle of eyeballs stared at Han Fei and the others.

Unfortunately, the five-head sandworm couldn't keep up with their speed, so it could only watch Han Fei and Liu Qiansi speed away.

However, once he jumped into the air, the hummingbird mine demons that were hovering all chased him. Different from the mine demons on the surface of the sea of sand, the Wind Bird mine demons that could step into the sky mastered the law of wind.

In the Storm Quicksand Sea, the mine demons mastered the law of strength, and their terrain advantage could double their strength. But in this Circle of Death, with the law of wind as the dominant force, it became the main battlefield of these Wind Bird mine demons. Mastering the law of wind was equivalent to mastering the geographical advantage, and their strength might be doubled.

Liu Qiansi said, “Be careful. These Wind Bird Mine Demons are even faster than me. They were born to live in such an environment and are extremely flexible.”

Han Fei stood on Liu Qiansi's head on one foot with his hands behind his back and nodded slightly, watching him perform.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The black hair disappeared into the void, and then Liu Qiansi forcefully changed his position in midair, sometimes from high to low, sometimes from low to high, and sometimes landing on the surface of the sand. Seeing this, Han Fei couldn't help but nod secretly.

As expected of a Dao Prover. Even if he was alone, his combat ability was actually extremely terrifying. In other people's home ground, he relied on his own control to forcefully resist the law of wind and avoid the attacks of the mine demons countless times.

The only disadvantage was that Liu Qiansi could shake off the mine demons on the ground, but he couldn't shake off the Wind Bird mine demons. The sky was the home field of the Wind Birds, and the law of wind greatly restricted Liu Qiansi's movement. It was already commendable that he could narrowly avoid the attacks of the Wind Birds countless times.

However, there were more and more Wind Birds. From seven or eight at the beginning, there were seventy or eighty later, and now there were nearly two hundred.

This increase was completely related to how far Liu Qiansi ran. The faster he ran, the farther he ran, and the more Wind Bird Mine Demons would chase him.

As a result, Liu Qiansi could no longer move forward after only half an hour. This was because it was getting more and more difficult to dodge. As a result, every time Liu Qiansi shot out two strands of hair, one would be cut off.

Yes, this Wind Bird could cut off Liu Qiansi's green threads because the other party had mastered the law of wind.

Han Fei sighed. “These mine demons really don't know how lucky they are. They can grasp the law in the Sky Opening realm. Tsk, tsk. If it were outside, I'm afraid countless people would be shocked!”

Liu Qiansi was speechless. How can you still be in the mood to lament at a time like this?

Liu Qiansi said, “That isn't their own power, is it?”

Han Fei asked, “Yes and no. Can you hold on?”

Liu Qiansi said, “I can't hold on anymore.”

Han Fei said, “It's already commendable that you can cross 15 million kilometers quickly. Now 278 Wind Bird Mine Demons are chasing us, and 39 are on the sea of sand. You'll be responsible for the sky, and I'll be responsible for the ground, OK?”

Liu Qiansi couldn't have felt worse. You have the combat power of a Monarch too, alright? Why are you only responsible for 39?

But there was no time to think now. He had to fight. Otherwise, if more mine demons arrived, it would be even harder to fight.

An hour later.

Han Fei sat panting on the sand and swallowed some ownerless soul power from time to time. 39 Mine Demons were equivalent to 39 strong masters with three or even four Dao Locks. Although he could unleash the combat power of a Monarch in a short period of time, he didn't dare to use it! To prevent more powerful Mine Demons from appearing during the battle, Han Fei could only use part of the power of the Great Dao.

Liu Qiansi, on the other hand, was even more miserable than Han Fei. There were dense claw marks left on the tree. His breath was suddenly weakened, so was his combat power.

Liu Qiansi said, “No, if this goes on, all my willow threads will be cut off. Although they are only in the Sky Opening Realm, if there are too many of them, they can still exhaust a Monarch to death.”

Han Fei asked, “How much combat power do you have now? Tell me the truth.”

Due to the influence of Han Fei's will, Liu Qiansi said truthfully, “60%. After all, too many of my hair is broken. If they can't borrow the power of the law, I should still be able to retain 80% of my strength.”

“Good lord.”

Han Fei would be lying if he said that he wasn't surprised. These mine demons were actually very powerful. Liu Qiansi had killed so many Wind Birds, but he still had 60% of her combat power. In other words, if it were a normal strong master with three or four Dao Locks, he could still retain 80% of her strength.

This meant that even a Dao Prover was not someone that Sky Openers could easily kill with the huge-crowd strategy.

Therefore, if the Wind Birds wanted to defeat Liu Qiansi, they might have to pay the price of a thousand deaths. And if it were a normal Dao Lock-level powerhouse, at least two thousand people might be needed.

This ratio really startled Han Fei. No wonder Monarchs were still the supreme existences in the Sea Realm. It was because ordinary perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators would consume too much energy to kill a Monarch like Liu Qiansi.

Therefore, if Han Fei wanted to use the puppet army of Puppet City to attack an early-stage Dao Proving cultivator, he would have to sacrifice at least 2,000 level-seven puppets. And it was very likely that they couldn't kill him, because they weren't mine demons and didn't know how to run.

And this was only for the early-stage Dao Proving cultivator. What if he was in the Carefree Level? No matter how many Sky Openers died, they wouldn't be able to kill a Carefree Level cultivator.

Han Fei couldn't help but wonder how strong he would be if he could prove his Dao one day.

One day later.

After another battle, Han Fei and Liu Qiansi finally came to the center of the Circle of Death. Here, there was an altar, and behind the altar, there was a place surrounded by light. It was like a door, a door standing in the void.

In front of the altar, there was a group of mine demons sprawling in the sand.

Boom ~

The bell rang again, and Han Fei stepped on Liu Qiansi's head. The demonic sound soul power was gathering in Han Fei's body through Liu Qiansi's head.

As for the mine demons sprawling on the ground, there were faint vortexes swirling on the surface of their bodies. They seemed to be absorbing the ownerless soul power of this demonic sound.

Liu Qiansi asked, “What should we do? There seem to be seven or eight hundred of them.”

Han Fei said, “They can't beat us in speed. Let's just rush in.”

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