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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2135: Tide Wave Came

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Chapter 2135: Tide Wave Came

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Han Fei, the Sword God, and the others all made their own choices. For Han Fei, the benefits of staying in the Chaotic Wasteland were far greater than leaving it.

He was different from the Sword God and the others. The Sword God and the others had already lived for tens of thousands of years. Their Sword Palaces and their Origin Seas were already big enough. What they lacked was to confirm their Great Dao and seek a breakthrough.

However, it was not the time for Han Fei to seek a breakthrough yet. He was now building a foundation. Filling resources, expanding the Origin Sea, and improving his strength were what he needed to do most at the moment.

As for the Chaotic Wasteland, there were a massive number of resources hidden here. Han Fei could ignore one energy crystal, and even ten thousand energy crystals were dispensable to him, but what about a million, ten million, or even a billion… A mere lord had provided him with 30 million energy crystals in the blink of an eye.

In addition, he had looted about 40 million energy crystals from the Origin Seas of those kings of the Ten Thousand Scale Race. Although there was a difference in the level of energy crystals, the ownerless souls in the energy crystals was already a shocking number.

In the Little Sea Village, a Venerable-level energy crystal contained eight wisps of Chaotic Qi, 102 ownerless souls, and 110,000 points of spiritual energy, then what about 40 million of energy crystals?

Therefore, before the tide wave came, Han Fei directly entered his Origin Sea to expand it.

When the infinite Chaotic Qi was extracted from the energy crystal, there were as many as 200 million wisps. Han Fei couldn’t help being shocked. If he opened the endless void every day to absorb it, how long would it take?

Therefore, Han Fei refined the Chaotic Qi with the Yin-Yang Millstone every day in his Origin Sea and transformed it into Immortal Qi. It took him two years, but he still failed to completely transform this part of the Chaotic Qi into Immortal Qi.

Before the resources were converted, Mountain City had already welcomed the eleventh attack of the ominous creatures. Furthermore, the scale of the attack was gradually increasing.

According to the tradition of Mountain City, for all the ominous creatures that came to attack before the tide wave, it was on a first-come, first-served basis, and resources belonged to those who grabbed them.

It was precisely this that consolidated the rule of the Ten Thousand Scale Race. Before the tide wave, there were usually about ten waves of ominous creatures attacking the city. It was uncertain, but there were twenty waves at most.

For ordinary people, they only hoped that this kind of siege would happen as many times as possible. The more times it happened, the more benefits they would get.

This time, Mountain City only welcomed a total of 11 attacks on the city. Although many people felt it was a pity, this was also within their calculations. 11 times was already not bad. The worst situation in history only had 5 attacks, so the gains were pitifully small.

Today was the eighth day since Han Fei and the others came to Mountain City. Before the ninth day arrived, the tide wave came.

The arrival of this tide wave was about five days earlier than expected. The speed of the tide wave was not very fast, like a sandstorm or a seawave tide. It would take some time to arrive from being discovered. This time could be as slow as half a day, so there was enough time for the strong masters in the city to prepare.

Those who came earlier than the tide waves were naturally ominous creatures. This should be the most powerful attack of the ominous creatures in the early stage.

The siege this time would last for at least six to eight hours. Of course, not every moment, there were countless ominous creatures rushing into the city. The number wouldn’t be more than the previous few times, or even less. But the persistence was far from what the previous few times could compare.

On the city wall, Han Fei’s puppets were shouting, “All explorers and above, go to the city gate to collect the Clean Stones. Each person is limited to 300 pieces. After the battle, each person needs to pay 120 energy crystals of the corresponding level according to your strength. Hurry up, all of you shall go to the battlefield within half an hour…”

Such roars rose and fell.

The power of one person was limited in the end. However, if millions of people participated in the battle, the energy crystals they could obtain in the end would be a terrifying number.

And each person received 300 clean stones first. This was not a gift, but a loan. If there was a loan, they naturally had to return it. According to Mountain City’s usual practice, if they gave out 300 clean stones, they had to collect 120 energy crystals back. According to the one-to-one ratio, it was equivalent to Mountain City Lord collecting 40% of the harvest. Of course, in a battle, there would inevitably be losses. 300 clean stones couldn’t be exchanged for 300 energy crystals for everyone. Under normal circumstances, it was already not bad if they could get 200 energy crystals back.

Apart from the losses in battle and the number of energy crystals that had to be handed over, the average number of energy crystals obtained might be between 180 and 220, so they could keep about 60 to 100 energy crystals for themselves.

If the first 11 waves of ominous creatures attacked the city, the people could actually obtain a lot of energy crystals. Of course, compared to the ruler, they naturally obtained too little.

More than two million people took action, and the total gains after the battle were actually only about 50% more than what the lord of Mountain City took.

Of course, there was no lack of strong masters who could increase the usage rate of the Clean Stones to more than 90% in the battle of the tide waves. Generally speaking, these people were all extremely talented. After every tide wave, some outstanding talents would be selected from these people and sent to the City of Scavengers.

Of course, there usually wouldn’t be more than a thousand people sent to the City of Scavengers each time. This could be decided according to the will of each lord.

At this moment.

When the battle began, the people in Mountain City heard that there were about 300 Clean Stones that could be collected this year, which was 30 higher than the previous year. This made many people happy.

Someone said, “This time, the number of Clean Stones has increased, but the number of stones submitted has also increased. We must pay attention to the efficiency of using the Clean Stones. Don’t use them blindly. Otherwise, if we participate in the battle but end up gaining nothing, it won’t be worthwhile.”

Someone said solemnly, as if a father was warning his son, “My son, listen up. Under the tide wave, the probability of death is greatly increased. Remember, don’t take risks or be greedy. Once you encounter danger, even if you have to use a few more stones, you must protect yourself.”

A wife said to her husband, “If you and I join forces, it’s equivalent to 600 Clean Stones. We have to take out a hundred as a guarantee. When we reach the hundred-piece warning line, we must be more careful. Otherwise, if you die, I can’t live alone.”

When the tide wave came, the entire Mountain City fell into an inexplicable nervousness. However, in Han Fei’s opinion, this was nothing.

In the face of such an impact, the probability of death was less than 10%. This was actually not bad. Compared to the Heavenly Desolate City, the island guarding war of the Scattered Stars Island, and the wars in the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds he had once seen, this was nothing.

As soon as Han Fei came out of the Origin Sea, he heard the Sword God say, “Han Fei, you should let the kings come out to take a look at such a scene, right? Otherwise, if they miss this chance, they might never see it again.”

Tai Yuan said, “You have to keep the matter of you controlling Mountain City a secret. Why don’t you trap them in the Lord’s Mansion? They can only watch, not hear, and not obtain any information about their surroundings. What do you think?”

Han Fei thought for a moment and nodded slightly. “Okay, but I have to let them watch in a proper way.”


Swish! Swish! Swish!

In the Lord’s Mansion, Luo Xiaobai and the others appeared in an array barrier, except for Li Luoluo.

Han Fei couldn’t see through Li Luoluo. He guessed that this woman couldn’t be so simple. Therefore, others might be able to see the tide wave, but not Li Luoluo.

At least, he could more or less believe the others, who were all from the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds. Only Li Luoluo and her background were unknown.

The moment everyone left, Han Fei said to Li Luoluo in the Origin Sea, “I’ll only tell you a simple outline of the outside world, but I don’t believe you, so there are some things I won’t let you participate in. Can you understand?”

Li Luoluo curled her lips slightly. “Am I so untrustworthy? I don’t know much about the Sea Realm!”

Han Fei chuckled. “Don’t try that on me. You’ll have plenty of time to find out when you get out.”

Han Fei didn’t talk much to Li Luoluo. His distrust of her was obvious.

Outside, when Luo Xiaobai and the others appeared and found that they were trapped in a barrier, they were all stunned.

Luo Xiaobai asked, “Han Fei, what do you mean?”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Feifei! Why are we trapped in this barrier?”

Han Fei said, “There are some things that I can only show you, but I can’t let you participate. I can’t tell you where this place is, because I fear that if anything happens in the future, my plan here will be exposed. However, I want you to see this world, so I can only let you see it through the sky curtain…”

Luo Xiaobai and the other two immediately understood. They didn’t expect Han Fei to start to carry out his plan in the Sea Realm so soon. Since it was important and there were so many kings here, they certainly had to be careful.

The Snow Lady said, “We should consider the big picture. Human Emperor, you don’t have to worry about us.”

Hong Yue said, “We’re all at your beck and call, Master Human Emperor.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “Feifei, just do it. It’s not bad to watch the sky curtain.”

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