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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 1399: A New Broom Sweeps Clean (1)

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Chapter 1399: A New Broom Sweeps Clean (1)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Although Han Fei was a very talkative and lively person, in the eyes of others, he was now a marshal, so he was very majestic.

Therefore, this meal was not very lively. The main reason was that the others couldn’t resist the terrifying energy of the Heavenly Spirit Ray after a few bites. Their bodies were shivering, and their momentum was slightly increasing.

As soon as He Xiaoyu’s legs grew back, the weight on her heart was lifted. She didn’t know what to do if her legs were gone, but she was also upset that Han Fei was getting stronger and stronger. Even Jiuyin Ling was far ahead of her.

He Xiaoyu couldn’t help thinking, If it were Xia Xiaochan, she wouldn’t have been able to keep up with Han Fei’s cultivation speed, would she? Some of Han Fei’s deeds had long been spread throughout the Scattered Stars Island, so she knew that Han Fei went into the sea to kill the Dark Hunter Legion twice for the girl he loved.

Because of Xia Xiaochan’s disappearance, He Xiaoyu knew better how difficult cultivation could be. There were too many dangers in this world. Only by walking to the end could one be the most powerful. She didn’t want to cultivate the fastest, but she wanted to walk the most steadily.

He Xiaoyu didn’t eat much fish. She probably stopped eating when she reached the limits of her body, but she pretended to be cultivating.

Only Jiuyin Ling asked, “Are we going to take office?”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “There will be a lot of fuss at such a critical moment.”

Jiuyin Ling sighed softly. “Actually, I don’t want you to take this position. The sea demons have suddenly become stronger, a lot stronger. There are more and more Sea Spirits, as well as much more Explorers, so almost all the hidden powerhouses on the Scattered Stars Island have come out. You’ve killed two Venerables in such a short period of time. It can be imagined how strong they are now…”

Han Fei nodded. “We’ll just kill whoever comes, but… we have to take care of the internal affairs first. You should just cultivate well.”

Han Fei implied that he probably wouldn’t appear in the Empyrean Waterfall for some time to come, or he wouldn’t see Jiuyin Ling and the others for a long time.

Han Fei didn’t want to think too much about relationships, especially at such a critical moment.

Under Jiuyin Ling’s gentle gaze, Han Fei stepped through the void and walked a hundred kilometers away with a single step.

The moment Han Fei appeared, several perceptions swept over. They were all the Venerables who had arrived.

Han Fei sneered, ignored these people, and recited in a low voice, like thunder rumbling in the sky above the entire Scattered Stars Island.

“I am Han Fei. I’ll officially take over the position of the supreme commander of the Scattered Stars Island in the Sea God Square outside the central city tomorrow morning. Now I order all unit leaders to take all non-combat personnel to come over. No delay is allowed.”

Han Fei’s voice echoed in the air, which could be heard all over the Scattered Stars Island.

Originally, the news that Han Fei would take over as the supreme commander was only spread out by the soldiers who came back from the Sea of Pearls. Now it immediately set off a heated discussion.

At this moment, Han Fei personally came out to confirm this matter, and Xue Shenqi didn’t show up to refute. It seemed that this matter was confirmed.

For a moment, all the departments on the Scattered Stars Island were in a heated discussion, especially the Refining Hall.

A refiner laughed. “Look, what did I say? When Marshal Han made the Fei-Yan-Mu Furnace, I felt that he was extraordinary and had the bearing of a commander. It’s only been a few years and Han Fei has succeeded Marshal Xue.”

A shop assistant said, “You may not believe it, but I used to cooperate with Marshal Han. I was responsible for bringing in customers and he was responsible for refining. Our teamwork was unparalleled.”

Some people held up the Spirit Fusing Scripture, the Spirit Polishing Scripture, and the Spirit Forging Scripture. The three heaven-level refining techniques were sold for free, which showed how extraordinary Marshal Han was. These three techniques had pushed the spiritual energy refining technique to the peak, and the key was that they were free. Only a genius could do this.

Someone echoed, “I heard that it was Marshal Han who made the prices of spiritual weapons in the Refining Hall reduce.”

Someone sneered. “Of course! As soon as the Fei-Yan-Mu Furnace appeared, the prices of Semi-Divine weapons plummeted. How could the prices of spiritual weapons not decrease?”

Someone else was suspicious. “Didn’t they say that the Fei-Yan-Mu Furnace was created by Han Fei, Guan Qingyan, and Mu Jia’er? Why didn’t they mention Guan Qingyan and Mu Jia’er?”

Someone said with a smile, “What do you know! Guan Qingyan has admitted that when they were forging the Fei-Yan-Mu Furnace, Marshal Han designed and invented it. The two of them were just assisting him. The furnace was designed by Marshal Han.”

Scattered Stars Prison.

Hearing Han Fei’s announcement, Zhang Teng couldn’t help but say leisurely, “I never would’ve thought that it only took this kid ten years to rise. Is this what a genius is like?”

Behind him, Su Mo said, “Boss, Han Fei wouldn’t come back to take revenge on us, right?”

Zhang Teng sneered. “What are you thinking? How can a genius like him take such a trivial matter to heart? Besides, we followed the rules back then and did things normally. There was nothing wrong with it. I just exclaimed.”

At the Command Center.

Someone roared, “Find out everything about Han Fei!”

After a while, someone handed over a jade slip and said, “My lord, it’s all here.”

The man took the jade slip, flipped it, and snorted. “Why could such a person become the supreme commander? He’s selfish, greedy, flamboyant, greedy, and pompous…”

Someone echoed, “That’s right. Han Fei doesn’t have many military exploits. Although he has won a few beautiful battles, they are still too few.”

Someone said, “I’m not convinced. Wouldn’t it be a mess if such a person were to lead the Scattered Stars Island?”

At this moment, millions of people on the Scattered Stars Island, from the leaders to the rookies, were discussing Han Fei.

Some people supported him, thinking that Han Fei’s strength lay in his fists. Han Fei had slaughtered two Venerables in a row, which was extraordinary.

Some people didn’t think that he was suitable for that position. Being the supreme commander didn’t mean that one had to be strong in combat power. He had to be smart and have the ability to control all the battlefields.

For a moment, there were various opinions, but most people were already prepared to go to the Sea God Square outside Central City the next day. In any case, this was a grand event of a hundred years. It would be a pity if they didn’t take a look.

In the seven Scattered Stars Units.

The Fourth Unit was one of the most popular departments at the moment. Bei Huo, Guan Qingyan, and the others were assessing the three refiners who applied to come here.

At this moment, Guan Qingyan shook his head slightly. “None passed the exam.”

Mu Jia’er also shook her head. “Although you’re much stronger than ordinary people, you’re not qualified to enter the Scattered Stars Fourth Unit.”

Bei Huo smiled in agreement. After sending them away, he said slowly, “In fact, few people are truly determined to refine weapons in the flames of war. This batch is already the best in half a year.”

Guan Qingyan shook his head. “No, the Scattered Stars Fourth Unit is better off without than make do. With Brother Han’s three refining techniques, their expertise in refining is still so mediocre, which is not acceptable.”

Mu Jia’er also nodded. “Alas! That guy didn’t even come back to visit us. He must have forgotten us after he became a marshal.”

Mu Jia’er had given up comparing herself with Han Fei. It turned out that Han Fei was a monster. Why should she compare herself with a monster?

At this moment, the door of the Scattered Stars Fourth Unit was opened, and a leisurely voice came over, “Oh, why do you think I’m such a person?”

Instantly, everyone looked back.

Guan Qingyan’s eyes glittered. “Brother Han.”

Mu Jia’er said in shock, “Ah! You’re back! You’re going to be the marshal. Why do you still have the time to come here?”

Bei Huo said, “Han… Marshal Han.”

Han Fei smiled. “Senior Bei Huo, don’t regard me as an outsider.”

Then, Han Fei said to Mu Jia’er helplessly, “That’s not what you said just now.”

Mu Jia’er blushed. “Humph! Did I? I didn’t say anything bad about you. Guan Qingyan, did I?”

Guan Qingyan’s face was still cold and stiff. Although Mu Jia’er was joking, she was right. Why was Han Fei so free to come to the Scattered Stars Fourth Unit?

Guan Qingyan immediately asked, “Brother Han, what’s the matter?”

Everyone immediately realized that Han Fei must have something to do here. They couldn’t help but look serious. The Scattered Stars Island was in turmoil. If there was something to do, they couldn’t delay it for a moment.

Han Fei put his arm around Guan Qingyan’s shoulders with a smile. “Can’t I just come back to visit you?”

Seeing that Guan Qingyan was still looking at him quietly, Han Fei shrugged. “Okay! I don’t know how Mu Jia’er can stand you, you’re always so straight-faced. Okay, let’s get to the point…”

After he came out of the Scattered Stars Fourth Unit, it was already the next morning. The dark curtain had already enveloped the land and the sea.

Han Fei scanned with his perception and quickly confirmed a place. Then he retracted his aura and stepped over.

Passing the gate, the underground passage, and the mud elevator, Han Fei came to a cottage.

This was the Scattered Stars Archive Room where he had been once before.

As soon as Han Fei arrived, he heard a voice from the cottage. “Marshal Han, what brings you here at night?”

Han Fei wanted to scan this place with his perception, but his fingers moved slightly and he felt he shouldn’t be so rude. The person inside seemed to be very strong.

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. The Old Chen here was probably a hidden powerhouse.

The old turtle simply said, “Well, he’s an old Venerable, but he’s been seriously injured and is cultivating in seclusion here.”

Han Fei’s heart stirred. The old turtle’s soul power was very extraordinary! He could even hide in front of a king. It was indeed not difficult for him to find a Venerable.

Han Fei immediately said, “Elder Chen, I want an old file.”

“Oh? What is Marshal Han investigating?”

Han Fei said firmly, “All the information on Tang Yan, the supreme commander of the Scattered Stars Island 1800 years ago.”


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