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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 1219: Barmecide Feast

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Chapter 1219: Barmecide Feast

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The Fish Dragon King was here to gain experience, or to be exact, to get gilded. At this moment, facing Han Fei and the others, he looked arrogant.

He said, “I don’t care what you originally planned to do or what path you took. However, since you have followed me, you should be prepared to die at any time. The path that I, the Fish Dragon King, walk must be at the edge of danger. However, as long as you are not dead, strength growth is inevitable. In the future, when I conquer the Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm, I will take you back to the Royal City with me. This is your honor.”


The people didn’t pay attention to most of what he said, but his promise of taking them back to the Royal City refreshed everyone, including Han Fei. He pretended to be refreshed and his eyes were glowing.

There seemed to be determination on Yu Cailing’s face. Han Fei knew that she seemed to have been to the Royal City before, but the process must not have been smooth. This time, the Fish Dragon King seemed to have ignited a new fighting spirit in her.

“We swear to follow you, Master.”

“My lord, why should we be afraid of death?”

The beautiful Half-Mermaid leaned against the Fish Dragon King and said softly, “Master Dragon King, I believe that they will see you in a different light when you return to the Royal City.”

“Hahaha! You know me…”

Han Fei saw that the Fish Dragon King unconsciously laid his hand on the girl’s shoulder. He thought to himself, I don’t know how old you are. Why do you still play the honey trap?

Yu Cailing was not as open as the girl. After seeing this scene, she simply moved her eyes away and pretended not to see it.

The Fish Dragon King smiled and said, “In that case, Mr. Wen Dao, when shall we set off?”

Yu Wendao asked, “Prepare some spiritual fruit resources tomorrow morning. The Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm is lacking spiritual energy and energy.”

The Fish Dragon King said to the beautiful Half-Mermaid with a smile, “Well, it seems that we have to wait another day. Fine, let’s disperse. What’s your name?”

“Lan Xue’er, my lord, my name is Lan Xue’er.”

The Fish Dragon King nodded slightly. “Come with me. I think you have a very good potential. I have some questions to ask you. Let’s go to your cave…”

Everyone pretended not to hear him, and Han Fei couldn’t help but scratch his head. F*ck, how can this guy be so brazen…

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Why isn’t her surname Yu?”

It was a voice transmission, but Han Fei deliberately made it so that everyone could hear him. Seeing that the beautiful Half-Mermaid whose shoulders were held by the Fish Dragon King stiffened slightly, he knew she must be cursing him in her heart.

The others all looked at Han Fei speechlessly. After the Fish Dragon King and Lan Xue’er left, someone secretly gave Han Fei a thumbs up and said, “Brother, you’re really bold to say that in her presence!”

Han Fei looked puzzled. “No, I’m just curious.”

Han Fei was really just curious. After all, he had indeed never seen a Half-Mermaid with the surname Lan! In terms of surname, the sea demons in the Water-Wood World and the Yin-Yang World were not very different. Most of them had the surname Yu.

At that time, a Half-Merman patted Han Fei on the shoulder silently. “Yu is such a lame name! Since the Fish Dragon King has taken a fancy to her, of course she should give herself a more elegant name like humans’!”

Han Fei smiled. So, she was just deceiving herself? What made Han Fei even more speechless was that the name could be changed so easily?

Yu Cailing said, “In the Sea Clan, no one remembers the weak. When you become strong, whether you have a name or not, there will be people who remember you.”

Han Fei was full of disdain. The Fish Dragon King was not that strong, but he was just as good at picking up girls as Zhang Xuanyu was. Oh, no, Zhang Xuanyu was a decent guy, but this Fish Dragon King was simply lascivious.

Yu Cailing glanced at Han Fei and said, “You can come back tomorrow. Since you’ve come to the Ice God Canyon, you can open a cave in it, preferably on the periphery.”

Han Fei asked, “The Abyssal Chasm outside?”

Someone sneered. “It doesn’t matter if you want to live there. However, is it uncomfortable to live in this ice cave where we are now?”

Yu Cailing said, “The Abyssal Chasm outside is a training ground, not a place to live. You can try it. The further you go down, the stronger the power there is to freeze the soul. If the Venerables don’t tell us, none of us know what’s down below.”

Two hour passed.

In the huge crack of the ice canyon, Han Fei had already dove for 10,000 meters and was frozen into a pile of ice. Mainly because Han Fei knew that someone was observing him, he didn’t dare to dive deeper, or his aptitude would seem too monstrous.

In his mind, Han Fei said, “How is it? Can you feel what it is? This power is really terrifying. It can even freeze the soul.”

The old turtle pondered and said, “I can’t. Although my soul is damaged, it shouldn’t be something ordinary secret realms can block. This shows that the threat here has reached the level above the Venerable realm. You can forget about it for now.”

Han Fei curled his lips. “Heh! The Venerable realm? I was already home back then.”

The old turtle said, “It’s not like we can’t come here in the future.”

Han Fei thought to himself, Forget it. Anyway, I’m in their territory. Even if there is really something good here, it wouldn’t fall into my hands.

However, when Han Fei was about to leave, his eyebrows suddenly trembled. He felt that Little Black and Little White wanted to come out.

Han Fei’s expression remained unchanged. As he returned, he wondered why Little Black and Little White had a reaction.

Of course, Han Fei couldn’t just let Little Black and Little White come out here. After all, this was not his territory.

As he expected, when Han Fei just returned to the Abyssal Chasm, he saw Yu Wendao looking at him quietly.

Since Han Fei went down to the Abyssal Chasm, he had already known that someone was watching him, but what was wrong with satisfying his curiosity? If it weren’t for someone watching him, he would have dove more than 10,000 meters!

Han Fei quickly bowed. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Wendao.”

Yu Wen stepped to Han Fei and then looked down at the dark crack. “How do you feel down there?”

Han Fei replied stiffly, “It’s cold.”

Yu Wendao smiled. “Young man, you’re hiding a lot of strength, aren’t you?”

Han Fei was slightly surprised. He had been seen through? Why?

The humanoid old man, who looked like an old pedant, smiled faintly. “It’s not difficult to guess. Strong people have pride. Some show it on their faces, and some hide it in their hearts. However, this thing can’t be hidden forever. Occasionally, it will be exposed from a small careless movement. Of course, only when someone is noticing you, it’ll be exposed.”

Han Fei didn’t speak. He didn’t know what this person was up to. Why would a peak-level Dao Seeking powerhouse chat with him?

Yu Wendao asked, “What do you think of the strength of the Fish Dragon King?”

Seeing that he had been seen through, Han Fei slightly relaxed and replied seriously, “Very strong.”

Yu Wendao asked with a smile, “How long can you last in his hands?”

Han Fei was about to speak, when the old turtle in his body said, “Say longer.”

Han Fei smiled. “Mr. Wendao, are you so sure of my strength?”

Yu Wendao asked calmly, “Others might not know it, but I’m very good at judging people. Since I asked you, I’ve already assessed you.”

Han Fei gasped hard. “If it’s just the realm that the Fish Dragon King showed today, I can hold out for a hundred seconds without being defeated.”

A hundred seconds was a vague concept. Those of the same strength could even fight for a day and a night, let alone a hundred seconds. However, a figure like the Fish Dragon King did have the capital to be arrogant. His strength was indeed not weak, and his speed was indeed fast. If he was used as a standard, 99% of the sea demons at the same level as him would be eliminated.

Yu Wendao’s eyes flashed, and he said, “That’s great. Yu Hanjia, it’s a pity that you’ve been hiding for too long. Only now did I notice you. Otherwise, your life would’ve changed.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. What does this guy want from me?

Yu Wen continued, “My name only appears in the Ice God Canyon. You shouldn’t have heard of me before. Do you know why I chose the Ice God Canyon and why my name is Wendao (Dao Querying)?”

Han Fei shook his head in confusion. Come on, I’d like to see what your purpose is.

He said, “There’s great horror under the abyss of the Ice God Canyon. The reason why I stayed in the Ice God Canyon is simple. I want to solidify my Great Dao with the power to freeze the soul. In the Dao Seeking realm, the more solid one’s Great Dao is, the stronger he’ll be when entering the Dao. As for me, my heart is connected to thousands of Great Daos, which I have been struggling to suppress in the Dao Seeking realm. In order to comprehend the Dao Seeking realm and open up a path for future generations, I wrote the Book ‘Dao Transformation’. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a successor so far. What a pity…”

Han Fei laughed in his heart, and the old turtle also said in Han Fei’s mind, “Bullsh*t. The Dao in this person is in chaos. How does he have the cheek to claim his heart is connected to thousands of Great Daos. Bah, even I dare not be so shameless… This person is really shameless.”

Han Fei was even more amused. He had never believed that in this lawless ocean, there would be someone who was so selfless.

Hearing this guy’s lies, Han Fei knew that this person’s purpose was not simple. He actually wanted to fool him.

But Han Fei said solemnly on the surface, “Master Wendao, you’re very loyal to the Sea Clan, so I’m very touched by your words. But why did you come to me? Although I think I’m not bad, I’m still far away from Lord King Fish Dragon.”

Yu Wendao turned gloomy. Nonsense, if I could use the Fish Dragon King, why would I come to you?”

Yu Wendao said solemnly, “Few people can catch my eye. If I hadn’t noticed that you are talented, I wouldn’t have wanted to take you as my heir.”

With that said, Yu Wendao didn’t seem to be in a hurry. Instead, he handed a jade slip to Han Fei.

He said, “Not everything can become my heir. Not everyone can practice this technique either. Try it… If it doesn’t work on you, I won’t take you as my disciple.”


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