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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 3107 Battle For the Divine Boats (3)

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Chapter 3107 Battle For the Divine Boats (3)

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Jiuyin Ling suddenly said. She raised her head, looked at the spiraling cluster of spiritual treasures, and slowly said, “It's very likely that the Chaotic Nether River is a kind of entrance. Only by entering the Chaotic Nether River can one be sensed by many divine tombs. These spiritual treasures have extraordinary intelligence. I feel that they exceed the level of spiritual treasures. Could it be that the gods are observing us through the spiritual treasures and choosing an inheritor?”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “The gods have already perished. How can they observe us?”

Feng Yu said, “Not necessarily. Although the gods have perished, their divinity remains. These spiritual treasures have the ability to guide people. They might be looking for people who are compatible with the divinity. However, they clearly don't choose people randomly. Perhaps we have to win their approval before we're chosen. But if we don't do anything, how can we win their approval?”

Han Fei frowned. “Then why did the spiritual treasures take Feng Xingliu and the others away?”

Le Renkuang suddenly said, “Aren't you thinking too much? Perhaps it's just that their trial ground is different from ours. It's impossible for us to directly obtain the inheritance, right? Since we're all going to take trials, there will be dangers of death. Then what's the difference from now?”

“That's true.”


Everyone accepted Le Renkuang's explanation. At this moment, the star tomb suddenly began to tremble. Everyone saw a figure as huge as a mountain appear in the void. The figure was blurry and his face couldn't be seen clearly. It looked similar to when Eldest Senior Brother was giving a lecture.

However, this suppressing pressure was far inferior to that of Eldest Senior Brother. It should be a simple projection.

A divine voice suddenly descended. “On the path to godhood, the strong walk alone. The divine paths are limited and cannot be shared by everyone. In one day, the graveyard will descend. When divine paths appear, you can approach them with the divine boats. The rest will lose the opportunity to tread on a divine path. Stay here and share the opportunities.”



They were all Monarchs and not fools. Someone immediately said, “I don't think it's right. Every small boat corresponds to a divine path. It clearly means that we should kill each other and compete for the small boats.”

Someone echoed, “That's right. Who doesn't want to see divine paths? Stay here and share the opportunities? Although this divine tomb has many opportunities, compared to one person monopolizing it and enjoying the divine inheritance alone, who is willing to stay here? Therefore, this is clearly forcing us to kill each other. We are all Monarch realms. What good will our death do to these long-dead gods?”

“That's right. We can't believe that. The spiritual treasures hovering above our heads must be observing us. I guess they're probably testing our temperament.”

Although they said that, the people of the major forces had already gathered together quickly, fearing that there would be a conflict.

The leader of the Ancient Demon Race asked, “Crown Prince of the Divine Capital, what do you think?”

The crown prince smiled faintly. “First of all, this must be a trial. Since it's a trial, there has to be a winner and a loser. Passing the trial, you can naturally go to the Graveyard of Gods. However, who can be sure that you can reach the Graveyard of Gods by taking this so-called divine boat? What if this is just a temperament test and those left behind will reach the Graveyard of Gods? After all, this star tomb can move.”

Upon hearing this, many people clearly hesitated. Indeed, what this divine phantom said might not be true.

The corners of the crown prince's mouth curled up slightly. “That's a good question. I need to consider it…”

The leader of the Ancient Demon Race chuckled. “What's there to consider? Those who can board the divine boats are definitely the strongest. The gods are not stupid. If they don't pass the opportunity to the strong, will they choose to pass it to the weak? You want to mislead us? Here, the Ancient Demon Race, the Divine Demon Forest, the Primordial Divine Academy, and the Flying Immortal Tower are all forces of the Central Sea Divine Realm. Your Divine Capital Dynasty is alone. If you don't leave, who will? Do you still need to consider?”

The leaders of the Ancient Demon Race and the Divine Demon Forest were gathered together, and there were a total of 800 people. As for the Divine Capital Dynasty, there were only 279 people in total.

The crown prince of the Divine Capital narrowed his eyes slightly. “What's the meaning of this? There's no need for us to have a conflict, right? If you want a divine boat, you can spar with the others to decide the winner. Why do you have to put on such a posture?”

The leader of the Ancient Demon Race sneered. “Spar? Is this a place for sparring? Only the dead won't cause trouble… Besides, over the years, your Divine Capital Dynasty has been disobeying the order of the Central Sea many times. Do you think we will let you go even without the competition for these divine boats?”

The corners of the crown prince's mouth curled into a strange smile. “Oh? It seems that you don't even bother to hide it! Chu Tianlang, killing a thousand enemies will cost eight hundred of your own. There aren't many people on our Divine Capital Dynasty's side, but there are still many. Can you afford the price of mutual destruction?”

Han Fei and the others were watching the show from the side. Only then did they know that the Ancient Demon Race's guy was called Chu Tianlang.

Feng Yu said, “I've heard of him. He's an Immortal-level expert. I didn't expect him to enter the God Ferrying Ancient Land personally at the risk of his life.”

“Immortal Level?”

The God Ferrying Ancient Land did not restrict the strength of those who came in. Anyone below the Great Monarch level could come in. Anyone who came in would have their strength suppressed to the Sky Opening Realm. Although Chu Tianlang had the strength of an Immortal, he was in the Sky Opening Realm as everyone else except for his body and soul defense.

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