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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2828 Decapitation Operation in the City of Origin (5)

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Chapter 2828 Decapitation Operation in the City of Origin (5)

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An Mo said, “My lord, not exactly. Blah, blah…”


After An Mo finished speaking, An Liudao was a little surprised. “Are you saying that Luo Xiaobai called for reinforcements from the front line battlefield?”

An Mo nodded. “Yes! Luo Xiaobai said that reinforcements would come in six hours, but we should be faster. My lord, there's no time to lose. Luo Xiaobai seems not bad.”

However, An Liudao suddenly interrupted An Mo. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Was Luo Xiaobai very strong?”

An Mo said, “Not exactly. Nothing special has been shown so far, but she can indeed cross realms to fight. Also, she has a lot of treasures and five Dao Lock-level guardians. Those five people seem to be ferocious beasts and are very powerful. In just a moment, the five of them swept through sixty to seventy people including An Yuan.”

“Are you sure they don't have any more trump cards?”

An Mo said, “I'm not sure about that, but I guess not, because more than 50 human cultivators brought by Luo Xiaobai died in this battle. The astronomical changes are obvious. They should be completely dead. If it weren't for her five guardians, I'm afraid they would have all died by now. But I can't guarantee it. It's possible that the human race used more than 50 Sky Openers to put on a show.”

An Liudao shook his head. “No! You haven't fought the human race before, so you don't know their fighting style. They are a group of people who value friendship very much. On the battlefield, even if their partners only have a bone left, they will snatch it back if they can. If Luo Xiaobai has a trump card, she shouldn't be indifferent to the deaths of so many Sky Openers. Unless she is a heartless person… Wait for me for a moment.”

An Liudao left his Origin Star, and within a hundred seconds, he took six teleportation arrays in a row to the front line battlefield.

At this moment, nearly 50,000 soldiers were fighting in the front line, or to be exact, they were training their soldiers. This had been a tacit agreement for decades that they would hone themselves through war. In the past, it had been like this between the City of Scavengers and the City of Wanderers. Now that the human race had come, it was the same game.

Seeing An Liudao, someone hurriedly went forward and bowed. “Commander-in-chief, why are you here?”

An Liudao frowned slightly. “Why is the scale of the fight so large?”

The man said, “My lord, we don't know what's wrong with the human race. They suddenly sent ten times their original manpower to fight a group battle. How can we admit defeat? So we can only fight them!”

An Liudao's expression changed slightly. Ignoring this person, he unfolded the Heavenly Cicada Wings and instantly disappeared.

After a while, An Liudao's eyes flashed. “Sure enough, there are strong void fluctuations behind the human race. It seems that someone has indeed gone to reinforce them. Haha… Since we want to kill the war commander of the human race, why don't we destroy the front line too?”


An Liudao disappeared and reappeared in the Sea of Stars.

On his Origin Star, a thousand Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators were sitting cross-legged quietly. These people were here only to prevent accidents from happening. Usually, they didn't have to go out to fight.

At this moment, An Liudao said, “An Mie, come out. Take a hundred-person team and follow An Mo to quickly attack and kill Luo Xiaobai, the war commander of the human race. The rest of you, come out and follow me to destroy the front line of the human race.”


Someone was surprised. “Destroy the front line of the human race? Are we declaring war on the human race?”

“The Great Monarch has returned?”

An Liudao shook his head. “This is an order from the Elder Council. Once Luo Xiaobai's potential is confirmed, she must be killed. Even if it means starting a war, our City of Origin must not let the human race have another Monarch.”

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