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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2827 Decapitation Operation in the City of Origin (4)

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Chapter 2827 Decapitation Operation in the City of Origin (4)

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On the human side, there were only 27 people left at this moment. All of them looked at this scene speechlessly. They didn't hate Luo Xiaobai much. However, although Luo Xiaobai had prepared a trump card, there was already such a huge sacrifice before the war even started. They just felt that this war commander didn't deserve her position!

Besides, it was rather careless of her to expose their whereabouts.

Luo Xiaobai said unhurriedly, “This place is only a little more than a day away from the front line of our human race. Besides, the human race's teleportation array has been under construction. Although it hasn't been completely completed, it will only take six hours at most to come here.”

With that said, Luo Xiaobai took out a jade slip and crushed it. Then, she said indifferently, “Let's make a bet. In six hours, will you break through the array and kill us, or will human reinforcements arrive?”

An Ye sneered and bombarded the array. “Your array can't even last half an hour. Six hours? I think you're kidding.”

Luo Xiaobai casually took out 100,000 God Sealing Spears and said indifferently, “The Human Emperor gave me a lot of these things. Do you want to try them?”

An Ye's expression changed immediately. What the hell is this? Doesn't this level of array cost money? Taking out 100,000 spears at once? Is this human emperor out of his mind?

When the 100,000 God Sealing Spear appeared, An Yuan's heart turned cold. They were doomed!

In less than ten seconds, An Yuan was slapped to death by Wang Xiaojiu's claw. He left quite peacefully without any pain.

Wang Xiaojiu was still mumbling. “Why don't we kill our way out now! I think if there are only 50 people on the other side, maybe we can make it.”

Upon hearing this, An Ye shouted, “Stop, stop attacking.”

An Ye wasn't stupid. They could destroy 200 of the 100,000 God-Sealing Spear Arrays on average every time they attacked together. If they wanted to destroy 100,000 of them, they would have to attack at least 500 times with all their strength.

But the five guys inside weren't weak. They were all Dao Lock-level powerhouses. If they attacked with all their strength five hundred times, with these five guys in the array, nearly half of his men might die.

Besides, 500 full-strength attacks were too time-consuming. If it were just ordinary attacks, they could bombard 500 times in an instant, but in the face of such a level of array, they obviously couldn't. In addition, Luo Xiaobai had already called for reinforcements. Although she said six hours, it was possible that human reinforcements would come faster.

An Ye shouted, “Humph, your human race doesn't even have high-level combat power on the front line battlefield. Who are you fooling?”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “If we don't have high-level combatants, why did we fight for decades?”

“That's because…”

An Ye suddenly stopped. The human race and the City of Origin had been fighting tentatively for decades. The strong masters of the City of Origin had always said that it was unknown whether the Great Monarch was alive or not, so they couldn't be too aggressive. Otherwise, if the Human Emperor and the Master of Silence joined forces and attacked, the war would continue to escalate, and the consequences would be very serious.

It was for this reason that the war between the City of Origin and the human race was actually just stalling for time. They had no intention of really starting a war.

However, he couldn't tell Luo Xiaobai about this. Otherwise, wouldn't it be equivalent to telling her that it was unknown whether our Great Monarch was alive or not? Come on, beat us!

Cold sweat broke out on An Ye's back. He almost fell for Luo Xiaobai's trick and told her the truth.

An Ye snorted coldly. “It's just a training exercise. Doesn't your human race have the same purpose? If your human race sends out high-end combat power, heh, aren't you afraid that our City of Origin will also send out high-end combat power?”

That being said, An Ye wasn't sure if the human race had any high-level combatants. Therefore, he said via voice transmission, “An Mo, go back to the front line through your Origin Star immediately and tell everything here to Commander An Liudao. In addition, tell him that Luo Xiaobai is indeed difficult to deal with. If we don't kill her today, she will definitely become a big problem in the future. Tell him that I need reinforcements…

A person beside An Ye suddenly disappeared.

Luo Xiaobai said indifferently, “It's a technique to cross domains with Origin Stars.”

An Ye sneered. “So what? Like I said, you will die today.”

Luo Xiaobai didn't speak but just waited quietly. An Ye snorted coldly and didn't attack either. He thought to himself, Anyway, it will only take a hundred seconds at most for my reinforcements to arrive. I don't believe you won't die then.

Yingyue, Xu Meng, and the others were all very nervous at this moment. The result of this trip was far beyond their expectations. They had thought that something would happen, but they didn't expect it to directly trigger a war of this scale.

They didn't even understand why Luo Xiaobai was so calm.

On the other side, An Mo returned quickly.

“Commander-in-chief, something has happened. Please reinforce us quickly…”

An Mo's Origin Star had long been refined and placed beside An Liudao. This was a habit of some big clans.

The reason why the human race didn't do this wasn't that they didn't want to, but that the high-level combat power of the human race hadn't gone up yet. An Mo was a Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator. but on the human race's side, there weren't any Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators yet, and there were only a few people in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm. It was meaningless to use this technique.

An Liudao immediately appeared. “What's the matter? I saw that the life tablets of An Yuan and the others were all shattered. Were they tricked? Was Luo Xiaobai the bait?”

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