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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2823 War Commander Luo Xiaobai (4)

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Chapter 2823 War Commander Luo Xiaobai (4)

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Luo Xiaobai naturally knew this. She took a step forward and glanced at the dense mass of human powerhouses in front of her. Her voice was crisp and cold. “I know that many people are unconvinced by me, but I don't care. I can give you a promise. Under my command, within 50 years, the human race will have more than 10,000 Sky Opening Realm powerhouses and more than 1 million Sea Establishing Realm powerhouses. If I can't do it, I'll voluntarily give up my position as the war commander of the human race.”


“Is she crazy?”

“Fifty years?”

“How is it possible? The breakthrough tide has already passed.”

“This is too unbelievable. Even Master Human Emperor can't do it, right?”

“Where does she get her confidence from?”

“Crazy, crazy. I definitely don't believe it. The human race has been in the Sea Realm for 52 years. Including the strong masters that the Human Emperor subdued in the Sea Realm, even if we've experienced a breakthrough frenzy, there are only 1,700 people in the Sky Opening Realm. If she wants 10,000 Sky Openers in 50 years, this means that she has to make at least 8,300 people to enter the Sky Opening Realm. How can there be such a fast cultivation method in this world?”

Han Xuan also looked at Luo Xiaobai in shock. She really dared to speak! Although there were many peak-level Sea Establishers in the human race now, it was not easy to make a breakthrough. As for a million Sea Establishers, this was also quite difficult. Now there were less than 300,000 Sea Establishers. In 50 years, another 700,000 Sea Establishers? At least, Han Xuan didn't dare to say that.

However, no matter if Luo Xiaobai could do it or not, the name Luo Xiaobai would spread throughout the human race today. Her promise would be the hope of the entire human race and everyone would look at her. The pressure on her was obvious.

Luo Xiaobai continued, “However, as the war commander of the human race, my orders are above everything else. There's no reason but only acceptance. I'll tell you when I should tell you, but don't ask if I haven't. Any passive combatant will be punished by military law. The basic rules of military law will be pasted under the statues of the Human Emperor in the various cities in three days. Everyone can read them on their own. I'm done.”

It seemed that Luo Xiaobai had changed a lot!

Han Fei guessed that this must be Luo Xiaobai's temperament honed from the battlefield in the Sky Crater World, so Luo Xiaobai didn't need to deliberately reveal the aura of a war commander.

After Luo Xiaobai finished speaking, Han Fei continued, “Now, dismiss on the spot. We'll inform you if there are battles.”

A moment later.

Han Fei and Luo Xiaobai walked in the air towards Ginkgo City.

Han Fei said, “That's a bold promise. Do you need me to give a sermon? I think a concentrated sermon might work out well.”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head. “Not for now. I learned in the Sky Crater World that war is the fastest and most stable way for an individual to grow up. How can one comprehend the Great Dao without experiencing life and death? You and I both understand this principle.”

Han Fei said, “But if too many people die, I'm afraid there will be many people who suspect you.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “That's my business.”

Han Fei smiled. Luo Xiaobai was keeping him in suspense. Then he asked, “Huh? Why are we in Ginkgo City?”

As she spoke, Luo Xiaobai had already arrived under the ginkgo tree. She reached out and picked up a chubby big starfish.

“Hey, hey! What are you doing? What are you doing?”

Seeing that it was Han Fei, the Hexagon Starfish rolled his big eyes crazily and shouted, “Starfish is cultivating. Starfish is extremely hardworking. Starfish is really not greedy for these yellow leaves…”

“Huh! Luo Xiaobai, why are you pinching me? Let go…”

Luo Xiaobai glanced at Han Fei. “I heard that he doesn't cultivate well?”

Han Fei nodded. “You're right.”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “How soon can he open the sky?”

Han Fei glanced at the Hexagon Starfish and said without thinking, “I think he can do it now.”

Upon hearing the word “open the sky”, the Hexagon Starfish twisted crazily. “No! Starfish doesn't want to open the sky! Starfish doesn't want to transcend the tribulation! Starfish is not ready yet…”

Han Fei smiled. “Do you need his help?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded. “As the commander, I'm the enemy's first target and the best bait. But I'm only in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm after all. I can't really put myself in danger, so I need some help.”

Han Fei nodded quickly. “I see. This guy will definitely open the sky in a month. By the way, I'll introduce you to my other special friends later.”

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