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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2633 Divine Tomb (2 in 1)

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Chapter 2633 Divine Tomb (2 in 1)

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“Charge in? We don't even know what's behind this void door.”

What Liu Qiansi said was true. Han Fei only knew that this void gate was the entrance to the God Burying Ridge, but he didn't know what was in the God Burying Ridge.

However, he felt that this should be part of the old turtle's plan.

Ever since he easily brought out the Godfiend Formless Technique, he had found it magical. He felt that the Godfiend Formless Technique was too easy and simple.

However, when he entered the Circle of Death, he found that the difference between cultivating the God Demon Formless Technique and not cultivating it was like heaven and earth. The demonic sound that Liu Qiansi was afraid of and the powerful mine demons everywhere not only couldn't hurt him, but also helped him grow.

Han Fei guessed that the old turtle must have foreseen this situation.

Since he had anticipated it, he should be able to go to the God Burying Ridge.

Furthermore, Li Luoluo had once confessed that they had actually all been to the God Burying Ridge, but they hadn't found the place where the Demon God died. This indirectly proved that they could enter the God Burying Ridge.

Furthermore, Li Luoluo had also clearly said that the center of the Storm Ridge was the entrance to the God Burying Ridge. The other party didn't lie about this at all.

Han Fei's heart did a flip. “Whatever it is, we have to go in.”

Han Fei had his own trump cards. He could still be willful at least twice. Therefore, at this moment, Han Fei said, “Let's charge.”

There was nothing Liu Qiansi could do! He didn't know why he met Han Fei, this lunatic and gambler, although the other party was obviously here for this place.

The appearance of a void door here was indeed beyond his expectations. However, wouldn't it be too risky to rush in like this?

Unfortunately, Liu Qiansi had no say now. If Han Fei said so, he could only charge.

Swish ~

Liu Qiansi rushed out and brought Han Fei to the door of the void in an instant. After a slight pause, he plunged into the door of the void.

After entering, Liu Qiansi said, “The mine demons outside don't seem to have any reaction. They actually let us in.”

Han Fei said, “They're cultivating.”


Liu Qiansi couldn't understand it, but Han Fei knew that they were waiting for the demonic sound. After losing their soul consciousness, they knew that absorbing the demonic sound would make them stronger.

Therefore, these mine demons were all waiting for the arrival of the demonic sound.

The only thing that surprised Han Fei was that he didn't encounter any Monarch-level mine demons along the way. Logically speaking, if the mine demons here heard demonic sounds every once in a while, their strength would be growing rapidly, so there should be a lot of Monarch-level mine demons here.

But now, the facts were right in front of his eyes. There were no Monarch-level mine demons.

Suddenly, their eyes lit up. In the next moment, they saw a scarlet world where the air seemed to be full of mania.

The baleful aura was mixed, the energy was chaotic, and the raging storm, mixed with the law of wind, swept across the world.

“Primordial Ancient Land.”

Han Fei was shocked. Yes, this was a primordial ancient land.

In the past, in the Yin-Yang World, under the Steps into the Sea, there was a primordial ancient land, but that was nothing compared to this.

At this moment, Liu Qiansi and Han Fei were burnt by the raging energy storm.

Liu Qiansi immediately activated the law of strength and set up a barrier of strength around his body, extinguishing this energy fire.

Thousands of strands of Liu Qiansi's hair shot out, but in the next moment, Han Fei saw that these strands of hair couldn't break through the void. Furthermore, once the hair was out for a long time, it would start to burn.

Liu Qiansi was immediately horrified. “The space here is abnormally stable, and even the void can't be broken through. And the energy fire here is difficult to extinguish. Once I stop circulating the power of the law, we will immediately fall into a state of fire burning.”

Han Fei took a slight breath. “It can't burn us to death. Let's wait and see.”

Han Fei didn't need to release his perception to know how far his perception couldn't penetrate. It was difficult to release his perception at the periphery of the Storm Ridge, let alone in this primordial ancient land.

Han Fei looked around but didn't find any enemies. There was only chaotic energy and chaotic killing intent.

“I'm coming out.”

At this moment, the Emperor Sparrow took the initiative to speak. This place was simply his perfect cultivation ground.


When the Emperor Sparrow appeared, Liu Qiansi didn't feel anything. He naturally thought that it was Han Fei's Companion Spirit. However, when the surrounding baleful aura surged into the body of the Emperor Sparrow, Liu Qiansi realized that this person was the fiercest.

Even he didn't dare to absorb this kind of primordial murderous aura. If he wasn't careful, he would lose his mind and become crazy. It was simply one of the most dangerous challenges on the path of cultivation.

Liu Qiansi said, “There seems to be nothing here.”

“Do you believe what you said? As a Monarch, you shouldn't show fear.”

As he talked, Han Fei took out the Vast Ocean Navigator again, but it didn't turn.

“Huh? The old turtle isn't here?”

Yes, Han Fei's first question was not to ask where the Demon God died, but to find the old turtle. He felt that the anomaly in the Storm Ridge a few years ago was related to the old turtle.

Therefore, he thought that the old turtle should have arrived earlier than him, but it turned out that the old turtle wasn't here.

Once again, Han Fei thought to himself, “The place where the Demon God perished.”

This time, the Vast Ocean Navigator pointed to the west, which was very clear.

Han Fei was slightly puzzled. Li Luoluo said that she had searched the God Burying Ridge for a long time but didn't find anything. However, with the Vast Ocean Navigator, he accurately found the location of the Demon God. It seemed to be too easy.

Liu Qiansi asked hesitantly, “Are we still going in?”

Han Fei shouted, “Let's go!”

In fact, Liu Qiansi had taken the initiative to ask this question. His heart was actually filled with curiosity. This was a world he had never stepped into. This kind of place represented not only danger, but also huge opportunities.

It was unknown how big this place was, but Liu Qiansi didn't dare to walk fast. In less than ten minutes, Han Fei and the others encountered the first creature in the primordial ancient land, a ghost-like thing floating in midair. It couldn't even be called a creature.

The Emperor Sparrow suddenly said, “A baleful demon. The baleful intent condensed into a demon. Many strong masters died here in the past. The remnant souls of these strong masters scattered in the world, and some of them didn't dissipate very cleanly, so they condensed into a baleful demon. To deal with a baleful demon, you can only use the power of your soul. The only thing you have to be afraid of is to never let the baleful demon enter your body. Try it.”

Liu Qiansi didn't know the Emperor Sparrow, but from the way this person talked to Han Fei, he felt that these two people didn't seem like a master and his Associated Spirit.

Otherwise, why would an Associated Spirit speak to its master in such a tone?

Han Fei nodded slightly. This time, he took action personally and unleashed the power of his Yang Soul, instantly colliding with a baleful demon pouncing on him.

When the baleful demon saw Han Fei's fist mark, its body turned incorporeal and almost completely disappeared. However, when Han Fei unleashed the Soul Suppressing Roar, the other party paused for a moment and a hundred punches had already struck the baleful demon phantom.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The baleful demon probably didn't expect that someone would grasp its weakness so quickly, so its soul was shattered by Han Fei almost immediately.

At this moment, information popped up in Han Fei's eyes.

[Name ] Baleful Demon

[Introduction ] In the places with abundant baleful aura in the primordial era, the souls of the strong can't dissipate in time and are swallowed by the baleful spirit to form a baleful demon. The baleful demon is heartless and painless and can't die naturally. The baleful demon has a wisp of the remnant soul of the strong and can have the techniques and combat techniques of the strong when they're alive. But the best result for a baleful demon is to possess someone. Once it successfully possesses someone, it can hide in the depths of his heart. Every time the host's emotions fluctuate greatly, a baleful demon will appear and absorb these emotions as an opportunity for them to grow.

[Level ] 109

[Quality ] Advanced

[Realm ] Perfected Star Transformation Realm

[Battle Technique] Possessing Evil Qi, Evil Qi Impact, Chaotic Evil Qi

[Collectible ] Baleful Pearl

[Absorbable ]

[Note ] The only way to deal with baleful demons is to destroy their soul.

“Huh! The baleful demon is actually not strong.”

Han Fei discovered that this baleful demon was not very resistant to beatings. Just as he was slightly puzzled, the baleful demon turned completely incorporeal, turning into a blood-colored fog, trying to envelop Han Fei.

Han Fei retreated quickly and protected himself with the Star Sea Mystic Sand. With a flip of his hand, the Infinity Water turned into a torrent of knives, containing an invincible will and killing intent as they slashed at the mist.

“Puff! Puff! Puff!”

The baleful demon phantom in the mist was dimmed by this slash and almost disappeared, but just when Han Fei felt that he was about to kill this baleful demon, a pair of blood-colored eyes suddenly flickered.

At that moment, Han Fei suddenly felt a cold breath on his back.


Han Fei was shocked. When did this thing attach to him?

“Gulp… Wake up.”

At the moment when Han Fei felt a chill down his spine, the voice of the Emperor Sparrow entered Han Fei's mind.

In the next moment, Han Fei came back to his senses and found that half of the baleful demon had been swallowed by the Emperor Sparrow, and the cold aura on his back had disappeared.

Han Fei immediately realized that he was caught in an illusion.

“It's not an illusion. It's the Chaotic Evil Qi of the baleful demon. Once you believe it, he will really appear on you and immediately possess you.”


Han Fei's forehead was sweating. It was f*cking dangerous. He had clearly suppressed this damn thing in all aspects, but he was still almost possessed. If it weren't for the Emperor Sparrow, wouldn't he have been possessed now?

The Emperor Sparrow said, “It's not that exaggerated. Even if you're possessed by a baleful demon, as long as your Dao heart is firm and your soul is strong, he can still be obliterated. It's just a little troublesome.”

Han Fei's face slightly sank. He had just met the first baleful demon and he had almost been tricked. If there were too many of them, how could he resist them?

As a bystander, Liu Qiansi saw this scene the whole time. He also saw the baleful demon suddenly lying on Han Fei's back and felt his heart skip a beat.

This wasn't because he was a Monarch so he could despise these baleful demons, but because even a guy as strong as Han Fei had almost been possessed. It was really scary.

Besides, he also knew that this was just a damn baleful demon. God knew how many of these things there were in this damn place. He couldn't perceive them with his perception, so he didn't even know where these things would suddenly appear from.

Of course, while Liu Qiansi was shocked by the existence of the fiend, he was also very curious about the Emperor Sparrow. This Associated Spirit looked so strong. It even dared to swallow a baleful demon. It was simply crazy.

Han Fei glanced at Liu Qiansi. “Let's go! Continue forward.”

Liu Qiansi didn't say anything. He could tell that Han Fei had come prepared. Along the way, the demonic sound couldn't do anything to him, the mutated mine demons couldn't do anything to him, and the baleful demons couldn't do anything to him either. He was almost possessed by a baleful demon, but he forgot it in an instant and continued to walk deeper into the primordial ancient land.

At this moment, no matter how stupid Liu Qiansi was, she knew that Han Fei definitely had a clear goal on this trip. It might be a great opportunity.

If this was the case, did it mean that he might also obtain this opportunity? Thinking of this, Liu Qiansi stopped complaining and carried Han Fei forward.

Han Fei still stood with his hands behind his back, regaining his casualness. He said, “I have a feeling that something is wrong. Although the journey is already dangerous, I feel that something is missing. Why are there no Monarch-level mine demons in such a dangerous place?”

The Emperor Sparrow: “Perhaps it's just not the time to encounter them.”

Liu Qiansi said, “No matter if it's the Storm Quicksand Sea, the Circle of Death, or here, it's not small. If we go straight to where we want to go, the probability of encountering a Monarch-level mine demon is not high. If a mine demon wants to reach the Monarch level, it needs at least many level-eight minerals, or a level-nine mineral. Such high-level minerals are extremely rare no matter where they are.”

Han Fei nodded slightly, thinking that what Liu Qiansi said made sense.

Therefore, Han Fei put away the doubts in his heart and said to the Emperor Sparrow, “Don't you still lack two Dao Locks? Why don't you eat more baleful demons to nourish yourself?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “I can make up for it even if I don't eat it. The murderous aura in this world is rich. If I stay in this environment for a long time, I'll have five Dao Locks at most in three months. However, it doesn't matter to me if there are Dao Locks now.”

Han Fei: “Yes! It matters.”

“What do you mean?”

Han Fei said, “The problem is me. If I don't solve the problem of the human race, it's impossible for me to prove Dao. And if I liberate the human race, I have to improve my combat power as much as possible. And if I don't prove Dao, you won't be able to prove Dao. Therefore, in the huge challenges and dangers in the future, the five Dao Locks will definitely be stronger than the three Dao Locks. It's the same for you, Little Black, and Little White.”

The Emperor Sparrow was silent for a moment before saying, “Actually, I think your goal is too ambitious. Has it ever occurred to you that even if you've done your best, a Great Monarch suddenly appeared in the Chaotic Wasteland? Then how are you going to deal with it?”

Han Fei said, “That's fine. A Great Monarch will be dealt with by a Great Monarch. I'll just do my job.”

“Alright! By the way, as for Li Luoluo, if you go out this time, don't contact her for the time being.”

Han Fei asked, “Why?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “The Seven Ultimate Divine Spider is very smart. She didn't attack me, probably not just because of you. Didn't you say that you felt something was wrong along the way? If this feeling is very strong, you have to believe this feeling.”

Han Fei was stunned. “You mean, Li Luoluo did something here?”

“It's hard to say.”

Han Fei and the Emperor Sparrow were chatting as if no one was around, but Liu Qiansi felt terrible when he heard their conversation. Why were the two of them talking about Great Monarchs? More importantly, from Han Fei's tone, it seemed that he had a very strong Great Monarch behind him.

At this moment, Liu Qiansi even felt lucky that he didn't kill Han Fei. Otherwise, if a Great Monarch-level powerhouse came to him to avenge Han Fei, he probably would be slapped to death.

Two hours later, after they killed more than 300 baleful demons with the help of the Emperor Sparrow, they finally came to a place of mountains.

Yes, at first glance, this place looked like desolate mountains. But when Han Fei approached one of them, he found that there was a strong aura of death on this mountain. However, in addition to the aura of death, there seemed to be treasures enshrouded in these mountains, as if there were treasures hidden in the mountains.

However, it wasn't realistic to dig mountains to hunt for treasures, because there were dozens of baleful demons on any random mountain. There was even a soaring sword aura on the mountain. It was clearly a Monarch-realm sword aura and contained unknown law power.

Liu Qiansi was dumbfounded. “Well, there are so many Monarch-realm laws enveloping the mountain. Some of the law powers even make me dare not approach.”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “It's a Monarch Graveyard. It seems that this primordial ancient land was just an ancient battlefield. A large number of Monarchs died here. Their bodies were sleeping here, and the power escaping from their bodies became like this.”

“A Monarch Graveyard?”

Han Fei and Liu Qiansi couldn't help but cry out. Both of them looked at the endless mountain and were dumbfounded, thinking how many Monarchs had died here!

“Gulp ~”

Han Fei swallowed and tapped the ground with his foot, asking Liu Qiansi, “Can you tell what level of Monarchs are buried in this graveyard?”

Liu Qiansi: “…”

Liu Qiansi was lost for words. “They've been dead for so long. There's no way to tell, is there?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “It's simple. It depends on the size and the dense light escaping from the mountain. For example, this mountain is only more than 20 kilometers long. The halo on it is dim. It's obvious that the Monarch buried in it is in the Dao Proving level, not the Carefree Level. As for that one, it's more than 50 kilometers long. There are 70 or 80 baleful demons on it. Although the halo isn't dim, it's not strong. The Monarch buried in it was probably in the mid-Carefree Level. Look at that one, it's more than 180 kilometers long. The surrounding mountains are all smaller than it. It looks like the moon surrounded by stars. The Monarch in it is definitely at the Immortal Level.”

“An immortal-level Monarch died here?”

The corner of Han Fei's mouth twitched. As far as he could see, there were two Immortal-level Monarch Tombs within a radius of ten thousand kilometers.

Han Nan couldn't imagine what kind of war had happened here in the past to cause so many Monarchs to die.

“Wait a minute ~”

Han Fei suddenly said, “Li Luoluo said that they couldn't find the location of the Demon God, but according to this explanation, the bigger the mountain, the stronger the dead. Doesn't that mean that as long as we find the largest mountain, we can confirm the location of the Demon God? The land where a god died is not something these mountains can compare to, right?”

“A god?”

Liu Qiansi screamed and trembled in disbelief. He knew that Han Fei was here for a purpose, but he didn't know that they were here for a god's tomb. Wasn't this f*cking crazy?

Even the tomb of an ordinary Monarch looked extremely dangerous. How dangerous must a god's tomb be?

Liu Qiansi felt that he was doomed. Although he was a Monarch, his heart wasn't that big. And Han Fei, his master, was so bold. It seemed that Han Fei was here to dig up the god's tomb! So he was just a tool for Han Fei to dig up the tomb?

As for Han Fei, he seemed to be having a headache too. Was there really a Divine Tomb? Judging from the situation, even if there was a Divine Tomb, he wouldn't be able to break in, right?

Taking a few deep breaths, Han Fei felt that he had to use the Vast Ocean Navigator to find the divine tomb first. Whether it worked or not, he had to take a look first. If he couldn't take the opportunities here now, could he not do it in the future? When he proved his Dao, he would be able to dig most of the Monarchs” tombs here, right?

However, Han Fei didn't know why Li Luoluo didn't dig up this graveyard. If she really dug it up, she would definitely gain a lot.

When the Vast Ocean Navigator stopped spinning, there happened to be an immortal-level tomb on the way to the Divine Tomb.

Han Fei thought for a moment and suddenly said, “Let's get in.”

Liu Qiansi asked, “How do I get in?”

The Emperor Sparrow: “It's a little difficult. There are easily more than a hundred baleful demons over there. How many do you think you can resist?”

Han Fei said, “Then let's slip in. That Monarch is only at the Immortal Level. I don't think he can recognize our disguise.”

Then, Han Fei looked at Liu Qiansi. “Can you turn into a stick?”

Liu Qiansi asked, “Don't I look like a stick now?”

Han Fei said, “You'd better turn into a stick easy to hold. Look at your two disc-like feet. Have you ever seen a stick with feet?”

Liu Qiansi: “…”

Liu Qiansi shook his body and turned into a cyan stick, exactly the same as a long stick weapon.

With a thought from Han Fei, Little Black and Little White appeared.

Han Fei said, “Little Black, open your mouth.”

After a while, a pure black fish swam between the cracks of the mountain. From time to time, the fish opened its mouth and absorbed the power of a strange law.

Liu Qiansi asked, “What kind of fish is this? How can it swallow laws?”

Han Fei asked, “Are you the master, or am I?”

Liu Qiansi: “You are.”

Han Fei said, “Then shut up. The less you know, the better.”

Although Little Black could swallow the power of the law, he could only swallow a little. Otherwise, if the noise was too loud, it would alarm those baleful demons.

Three days later, the bell-like booming continued, and in the God Burying Ridge, the sound was even louder than outside.

Little Black moved quickly and finally came to a small slope between Carefree Level tomb mountains as guided by the Vast Ocean Navigator. This slope was only ten kilometers long and had no luster at all. The mountain was dark and there was nothing here.

More importantly, even the baleful demons didn't bother to come here.

After Little Black spat out Han Fei and the others, Han Fei, the Emperor Sparrow, and Liu Qiansi stared at the five-kilometer-long hill in a daze.

The Emperor Sparrow: “Is your navigator broken?”

Liu Qiansi asked, “The god lives here?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes at him. “You think it's too small? Should I build a bigger one for you?”

Liu Qiansi: “…”

Han Fei said, “The Vast Ocean Navigator can't be wrong. I finally understand why Li Luoluo and the others can't find it. Who the hell can find it? There are tens of thousands of tomb mountains here. Normal people would definitely look for the biggest mountains! Who would pay attention to such a small mound? If it weren't for the bump, who would think it was a mountain?”

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