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«God of Fishing (Web Novel) - Chapter 2630 Thousand Silk Monarch Willow (2 in 1)

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Chapter 2630 Thousand Silk Monarch Willow (2 in 1)

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“There are really demon plants here?”

Han Fei's expression changed slightly. In such an extremely harsh environment, the existence of demon plants was unimaginable.

Besides, this demon plant looked extremely aggressive and could endure. When so many disc starfish were chasing him, it didn't attack. But when he spent a lot of effort to get rid of most of the disc starfish, it suddenly attacked and killed more than 2,000 disc starfish in an instant.

Even without the Demon Purification Pot, Han Fei knew that this Thousand Silk Monarch Willow couldn't be a demon plant in the Sky Opening realm.

At this moment, the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow was not only going to attack the disc starfish, but also wanted to kill him.

Seeing that the black hair was almost in front of him, Han Fei's fingertips burst out with All Great Daos in One Sword. The sword contained the Great Dao of invincibility and the Dao of Slaughter God as he slashed the black hair.

“Puff! Puff! Puff!”

After the slash, the hair was twisted. Although nearly half of it was broken, a small part is still attached to Han Fei.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Han Fei saw that the hairs circled his hands, feet, and body countless times and tied him up. At this moment, the water droplets on the hairs suddenly opened into skins and wrapped Han Fei up.


At this moment, Han Fei didn't dare to be negligent. He had been at a disadvantage after the first round of confrontation. He hadn't even seen the true form of the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow and was almost eaten by this thing. How could he accept this?

The thin skin that enveloped Han Fei was quickly riddled with holes of various sizes like paper being burned by flames. Then, a black-and-white mist enveloped the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow.

This was naturally the swallowing power of Little Black. The Twin Divine Technique could be used to escape, but not only could it be used to escape.

Little Black and Little White were no weaker than him. The black mist was like a corrosive mist, swallowing everything it saw.

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow also felt that something was wrong and tried to pull back its hair, but it was too late. The water droplet-like things on the hair had been swallowed clean by Little Black.

And Han Fei didn't flinch. According to the Demon Purification Pot, this Thousand Silk Monarch Willow only had the strength of the Dao Proving Realm. Although it wasn't weak, it wasn't too strong. With his strength, he should be able to fight it.

Han Fei grabbed these black hairs and was about to trace them, but in the next moment, these black hairs broke apart one after another, and the remaining black hairs disappeared into the void.

The demon plant escaped?

The black mist didn't chase into the void, because it couldn't break the void barrier here. However, the target of these black hairs wasn't just him, but also the disc starfish.

Therefore, when Han Fei found that the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow was about to retreat, he certainly wasn't happy. He turned around and slashed at the tentacles that were swallowing the disc starfish.

“Humph! You want to run after you attacked me? Dream on.”

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow also discovered Han Fei's purpose. This person actually still wanted to fight it to the death. It was very decisive. It stopped devouring immediately and exposed the disc starfish again and rushed at him.

Han Fei's face slightly changed. Was this the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow's String Puppet Technique?

In an instant, thousands of invincible fist marks shot out, and those disc starfish launched a series of explosions at Han Fei.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow didn't seem to care about these disc starfish at all and just treated them as tools for self-detonation. Han Fei didn't expect this at all and was directly covered in dust by the serial explosions.

Besides, the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow had no intention of stopping at all and surrounded Han Fei.

More importantly, there were nearly 2,000 disc starfish here.

“Bloody hell.”

The Star Sea Mystic Sand immediately turned into a ball, locking Han Fei in.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

More than three hundred disc starfish surrounded Han Fei's Star Sea Mystic Sand ball.


After all, all these disc starfish had entered the Star Transformation Realm. More than three hundred of them detonated themselves collectively. Even the Star Sea Mystic Sand, which was a Chaotic Spiritual Treasure, was blown into pieces.

Enshrouded in the Star Sea Mystic Sand, Han Fei's black-mist body was blasted into vomiting a mist of blood by the shock.


Han Fei hurriedly summoned two masses of liquid divine brilliance and fused his twin bodies. Then, he turned around and ran. Thousands of Star Transformation Realm cultivators were detonating themselves crazily. Wouldn't he be blown up if he didn't run?

Although this kind of self-detonation couldn't seriously injure him, it would consume a lot of his spiritual power.

But when Han Fei fused his twin bodies, the black hair came again, but this time it was different. The black hairline was filled with a light blue luster.

“F*ck, a soul attack?”

This time, Han Fei had no time to think. He activated the Great Dao and activated the World Annihilation Fist. He knew that the Star Explosion Fist couldn't shake this dual attack, but the World Annihilation Fist could destroy this soul attack.


In the quicksand sea, the rapidly circulating sand sea blew out a vacuum area of more than three thousand kilometers. The thousands of hairs were shattered, but Han Fei still took a round of self-detonation from the disc starfish, causing the Star Sea Mystic Sand on Han Fei to shatter.

Fortunately, the Star Sea Mystic Sand covered Han Fei's body again in the blink of an eye.

Han Fei's eyes were cold. “Do you really think you can break my defense? I'd like to see how many hairs you have.”

At this moment, Han Fei no longer cared about the consumption of his spiritual power. The Star Sea Mystic Sand left his body and turned into tens of thousands of sand blades, each shining with golden light and red light. With the enhancement of the Art of Invincibility and the Dao of Slaughter God, he collided with the disc starfish.

A hundred seconds later, when all the disc starfish died, Han Fei punched open the Quicksand Sea and flew into the sky. He was going to walk on air.

Flying across the quicksand sea was a very dangerous thing, because the quicksand sea itself would extract the power of his Great Dao and absorb his speed, but at this moment, Han Fei couldn't care less.

After fusing with Little Black and Little White, he was full of killing intent. He no longer cared about consumption and was no longer stingy with the power of the Great Dao. He exerted all his strength. Under the drag of the Quicksand Sea, his speed of more than thirty times the speed of light was only about twenty times.

But even so, it was still very fast. The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow might be an overlord-level powerhouse in the Quicksand Sea, but that was the Quicksand Sea after all. Han Fei didn't believe that its speed could exceed twenty times the speed of light.

Besides, since the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow could attack him, it meant that it wasn't far away from him.

Following the direction indicated by the Vast Ocean Navigator, it only took Han Fei less than six seconds to find the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow. Han Fei grinned. “Not bad. You attacked me from tens of millions of kilometers away. If you were at the periphery of the Storm Quicksand Sea, the result would be disastrous.”

Boom ~

Han Fei punched through the quicksand sea and sank into it. At this moment, what came at him was actually a tide of tens of thousands of mine demon fish.

“Shoot ~”

Han Fei retreated quickly and shouted, “Freeze!”

At that moment, the Extreme Cold Pearl was activated, and the Carefree Level attack barely slowed down the fish tide army. Han Fei had already held the giant hammer in his hand, turned into a shadow, and launched an ultimate hammer strike.

The only thing Han Fei could win against a Monarch was strength.

Boom ~

Han Fei's body went soft. This blow consumed too much energy, but it should be able to disperse the fish tide.

Sure enough, facing Han Fei's terrifying blow, the fish tide exploded.

“Dharma Idol World.”

Han Fei didn't attack these fish tides immediately. Even if he killed all these fishes, so what? This was just a school of fish controlled by the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow, and it wouldn't hurt the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow itself.

Therefore, Han Fei activated his Dharma Idol and activated the Great Dao.

This was not enough. With a thought, Han Fei borrowed the power of Puppet City.

At that moment, Han Fei's body swelled. On his two fingers, All Great Daos in One Sword condensed. He turned into a sword shadow and instantly broke through the school of mine demon fish, rushing towards the quicksand sea where the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow was.

At this moment, Han Fei was somewhat excited. This was the first time in his life that he had fought a Dao Prover with his own strength and methods.

Although he didn't want to fight this battle, the other party had really gone too far. If he didn't solve it now, God knew what kind of trouble this thing would cause him later.

At this moment, the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow seemed to be anxious. He didn't expect this person to be so tough as to chase him from above the Quicksand Sea against the huge pressure. Didn't he know that this would consume a lot of spiritual power? Once his spiritual power was exhausted, he would be doomed.

Even at this moment, the Emperor Sparrow said, “If you want to fight, at least give me some time to recover. I'm afraid both you, Little Black and Little White have consumed a lot of energy in this battle.”

Han Fei said, “The opportunity is fleeting. I can't care so much.”

At this moment, tens of thousands of strands of hair intertwined into dozens of thick green vines that met the attack.

Han Fei grinned and roared, “Kill!”

“Puff! Puff! Puff!”

Seven hair vines were broken in a row, and Han Fei's sword was finally exhausted. However, Han Fei was not without gains, because at this moment, he saw the true form of the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow.

It was a green tree that was as green as sapphire. It was no more than ten meters tall, but its roots were twenty meters long, looking extremely strange.

“Outsider, let's talk nicely. I'll let you pass.”

At this moment, Han Fei received a voice transmission from the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow. However, Han Fei shouted coldly, “F*ck you. I can still pass if I kill you.”

Han Fei opened his mouth and spat out a sword beam. It was too late for the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow to mobilize the fish tide. The remaining three hair vines intertwined again, overflowing with green light, and the law of strength was attached to them.

He said, “Outsider, you can't kill me if you just use external forces to forcibly increase your strength.”

Han Fei didn't answer.

Seeing that the hair vine was about to reach him, Han Fei put on a smile. “Steal~”

Everything that Han Fei had done was for this moment. The blood sword he spat out was just a trick to make the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow mistakenly think that it was his strongest blow.

But in fact, Han Fei's real goal was the Void Stealing Technique. He was improving himself so crazily not to fight the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow head-on, but to prevent himself from being counterattacked when he used the Void Stealing Technique.

The first stealing was to steal the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow's current actions.

The second stealing was to steal the power of laws around the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow.

The third stealing was to steal the consciousness of the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow.

Sure enough, in the next moment, the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow's attack suddenly stopped, and a green light bloomed on Han Fei's body. It was the law of strength.

Almost in an instant, Han Fei understood the law of strength. Because in the Storm Quicksand Sea, the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow had the most contact with the law of strength and the law of wind. The Great Dao of Strength was the foundation for understanding strength. The power of the Great Dao belonged to the Heavenly Dao.

However, the Great Dao was fused with the heavens and was the basic Dao of the world. It was universal. Anyone who comprehended the Great Dao of strength had the same combat power and combat techniques.

However, the law was different. The law didn't focus on the generation of force, but on the additional characteristics of force. This was one of the fundamental differences between the Great Dao and the law.

The strength had many features. For example, when a seedling breaks through the soil, it shows the toughness of strength. For example, when a sword or a saber cuts, it shows the sharpness of strength. For example, when a huge power pressed down, it shows the pressure of strength.

When one proved Dao his, they could transform their Great Dao into a specific characteristic, and a law would be thus produced. This law far exceeded the basic Great Dao.

At this moment, Han Fei understood why it was difficult to comprehend laws in the Sky Opening Realm. It turned out that it was really a qualitative change that only happened after Dao Proving. Laws were transformed from Great Daos.

Unless there was such a transformation method in the Sky Opening Realm, one couldn't possess the power of laws.

Of course, now was not the time to consider this. After extracting the power of the law of the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow, his consciousness was stolen too.

However, Han Fei still suffered a backlash when he stole the Monarch's consciousness. It was just that the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow's realm was too low and it had just proved Dao. Han Fei's continuous enhancement allowed him to completely withstand this backlash, although his head was a little dizzy.

However, this consciousness stealing wouldn't last long, no more than ten seconds.

In these ten seconds, he would either kill the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow or turn it into his puppet.

However, neither the Walking Dead Puppet nor the Soul Controlling Law Seal could control such a Monarch in such a short time.

Although he had a strong killing intent just now and felt that it was suicidal for the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow to attack him, he didn't think so when he completely suppressed this Dao Prover.

Dao Provers were already paramount existences in the Sea Realm. They were already overlords. It would be a waste if he just killed an overlord like this.

At this moment, Han Fei extended the Void Lines and quickly buckled the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow while it was still unconscious.

When the Void Lines buckled the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow's soul power, Han Fei was already bleeding from his seven orifices. Although the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow's consciousness had temporarily crashed, it could still resist external forces controlling its soul.

Therefore, when the Void Lines buckled the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow, Han Fei's soul was injured by the backlash.

Fortunately, the passive defense of the soul had limited resistance.

After Han Fei persisted for about six seconds, he finally temporarily controlled the other party's soul.

Immediately, Han Fei took out a wisp of soul and extracted a wisp of the other party's vital essence. Different from humans, demon plant-type creatures” vital essence was similar to humans” essence blood.

Han Fei summoned the wisp of soul and the vital essence and forcibly used the other party's soul as the sacrifice to sign a master-servant contract.

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow seemed to have realized something wrong. It struggled crazily instinctively, making Han Fei bleed hard from all seven orifices.

But in the end, the contract was successfully signed.

“Puff ~”

In the next moment, the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow came back to itself, and Han Fei also spewed out a mouthful of essence blood.

When the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow saw that Han Fei was only ten meters away from it, it was really startled and immediately wanted to stab Han Fei to death. However, in the next moment, its soul was extremely painful, and it found that it couldn't do anything to Han Fei.

“Outsider, what did you do to me?”

Han Fei grinned and activated the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique, covering his body with healing divine light.

Looking at the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow that was struggling, Han Fei sneered. “You and I have signed a master-servant contract. Now you are my servant. If you dare to attack your master, you will die.”


At this moment, the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow quickly shrank from a tree to a two-meter-tall bamboo pole man. This Thousand Silk Monarch Willow actually grew legs and feet.

However, his feet, like two large discs, were firmly sucked to the ground.

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow ran away, but as soon as it ran a hundred kilometers, its body froze, because its instincts told it not to run and not to leave its master behind.

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow turned pale in shock, and its long hair danced wildly. It only fell into a trance. How did it suddenly become someone;s servant?

Besides, the person in front of it was only in the Perfected Star Transformation Realm. How could he become its master?

Han Fei pushed away the quicksand that had resumed its natural rotation, walked to the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow, and said indifferently, “You should have felt that your soul was controlled just now. Perhaps your impression is not clear, but let me tell you again that you have become my servant. Now, you have two choices. One is to blow yourself up. I can't control this. If you want to die, it's your business. Or, be loyal to me and become my servant. In this way, maybe I will set you free someday in the future.”

Pop! Pop!

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow's eyes and mouth appeared on the trunk, looking very strange.

“Don't lie to me, Devouring Tooth.”

At this moment, tens of thousands of strands of hair returned, trying to pierce through Han Fei. However, all the strands stopped ten feet away from Han Fei. No matter how hard the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow tried, the strands of hair couldn't take another step forward. Now, it couldn't even touch Han Fei. Once killing intent arose in its heart, it would immediately be bound by the contract.


Dozens of the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow's hair exploded, which was the result of its trying to break free.

At this moment, Han Fei put his hands behind his back and said proudly, “The winner takes all. Who said that a Monarch can certainly beat a Sky Opener? I don't have much patience. I'll give you a hundred seconds to consider. Think carefully. Either die or submit. Choose.”

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow was silent for a long time. Fifty seconds later, Han Fei said casually, “Half of the time has passed.”

Han Fei's reminder seemed to pull the Thousand Silk Emperor Liu back to its senses.

It said, “Will you set me free?”

Han Fei smiled contemptuously. “That depends on your growth level. Do you think you're very powerful? When I prove Dao, if you can't follow in my footsteps, you won't even be qualified to stay by my side as a servant. Then I won't need you anymore.”

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow wanted to slap Han Fei. Am I not qualified to be a servant? I'm a Monarch!

Han Fei added, “I can subdue you even though I'm only in the Sky Opening Realm. How many people in this world do you think can do that? Do you think you can resist me if I prove Dao?”

Although the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow resisted in its heart, it had to admit that Han Fei was very strong. Just now, its hair couldn't even break his defense. It controlled the disc starfish to blow themselves up, but it still failed to kill him. Instead, they were all killed by him.

Furthermore, this person walked above the Storm Quicksand Sea, broke through the tide of demonic fish alone, and cut off his thousands of willow whips in a row. This kind of person couldn't be simple.

He knew that if Han Fei proved his Dao, it was very likely that it wouldn't even be able to withstand a single blow of his.

However, how could it, a Monarch, still grow if it became a servant? This would be the biggest mountain on its path of cultivation.

But if it didn't submit, what would it face?

Thousand Silk Monarch Willow: “Why should I believe that you will set me free?”

Han Fei snorted coldly. “You have no choice but to believe me. Also, you're not qualified to bargain with me. I'm already showing you the greatest kindness by not killing you. If you weren't useful to me now, I would've killed you without hesitation. After all, few people dare to attack me without being killed.”

The Thousand Silk Monarch Willow sensed Han Fei's momentum, which was domineering but not pretentious at all. The other party's killing intent was strong, and it was obvious that countless souls had died under his hands.

While the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow hesitated, Han Fei said casually, “There are only ten seconds left.”

“Okay! I'm willing to be your servant.”

In the end, the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow surrendered. It was afraid of death. It had already weathered through the slow path of cultivation. If it chose to blow itself up and die for dignity, what was the point of its long efforts? To have its dreams come to nothing?

Han Fei seemed to have guessed the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow's choice. He just nodded casually. “Now, block this quicksand sea and guard me. Don't move with the sand.”

Han Fei sat cross-legged and recovered as if no one was around.

This battle was not easy at all. Han Fei had used almost all his methods. If it weren't for the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow being careless and the Void Stealing Technique, he could only escape.

Of course, if the puppet army of Puppet City could be released, they could still crush the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow. However, this was the Storm Quicksand Sea. Puppet City couldn't be released at all, nor could he connect his Origin Star. So he had to rely on his own strength.

It could only be said that he was lucky this time. If the Thousand Silk Monarch Willow was stronger and reached the Carefree Level, he would only have one outcome, which was to run. There was no other choice.

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