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«God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1807: Encountering the Immortal Vampires

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Chapter 1807: Encountering the Immortal Vampires

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The gold-armored giant stood in front of Zhang Ruochen and Ji Fanxin with an overpowering aura. “You two have one last chance to leave this planet. Or else, die.”

“By taking the law in your own hands, aren’t you afraid that Emissaries Vigilants will find out and inflict heavenly punishment on you?” said Zhang Ruochen.

“Luoshui is a strange place beyond your imagination. The Emissaries Vigilants will not see this place,” said the gold-armored giant.

Zhang Ruochen nodded. “There is an abundance of sacred herbs and underground minerals on this huge planet. Yet the prince of Dizu wants to keep everything to himself. Isn’t this overly avaricious of him?”

It was worth noting that the sacred herbs on this planet could directly boost the number of precepts in a cultivator’s body. Anyone who had control of this thing could nurture a large number of Saint Kings.

But the thing was, Luoshui belonged to the Kunlun Realm.

Zhang Ruochen was not too happy at seeing the cultivators from other macroworld occupy this land of treasure.

“This place belongs to His Highness and Dizu Divine Dynasty.”

While speaking, the armor of the twenty-seven gold-armored imperial guards glowed. Lines of inscription appeared and joined into one.

Zhang Ruochen hissed. On his right arm, the Fire God’s Gauntlet and Fire God’s Bracers ignited and turned into a cloud of fire.


Waves of fiery fire spread in all directions as his hand struck the ground.

The twenty-seven gold-armored imperial guards were forced to retreat, their formation disintegrating in an instant.

Zhang Ruochen followed immediately with a serial rapid move, striking out with his palms at the gold-armored imperial guards, sending them flying like the poor scarecrows.

Those fearsome imperial guards turned into sitting ducks in front of Zhang Ruochen.

The gold-armored giant furiously roared as he raised his golden poleax and struck down from above Zhang Ruochen’s head. Behind the giant, thunder, and lightning intertwined with loud bangs and rumbles.

But Zhang Ruochen did not dodge. He used the source power of the Fire God’s Gauntlet and struck with both his palms. A faint divine power rushed out and collided with the golden poleax.

He intercepted it.


A powerful saint shock wave burst out between Zhang Ruochen and the golden poleax, sending the earth trembling and rocks and gravel flying.

The dozen gold-armored imperial guards that remained were instantly sent flying backward and crash-landing several miles away.


Zhang Ruochen had used all his strength and barely to parry the poleax of the gold-armored giant.

It showed, in terms of strength, the gold-armored giant could challenge a Nine-step Saint King.

On the other hand, the gold-armored giant also realized that this little human in front of him was not someone whom he could easily defeat. So he summoned even more power and retracted the thunder and lightning on his back to his arms.

From Zhang Ruochen’s perspective, he was seeing a stream of thunder and lightning charging at him.

He immediately performed a Dimensional Shift and disappeared from the spot.

The poleax impacted the ground, creating a ten-mile-long crack in the earth. The lightning busting out of the poleax was purple, looking like a dragon traversing within ten miles in the vicinity.

Zhang Ruochen reemerged above the gold-armored giant and struck down his palm in full force. The strike made a dent in the golden armor and sent half the giant’s body into the ground.

But the gold-armored giant had a solid defensive capability. He just took the blow from Zhang Ruochen with a hiss and some minor injuries.

“Power of Dimensions!”

The eyes of the gold-armored giant moved in his sockets. From a gemstone the size of a millstone in his chest, golden Sanskrit text flew out and covered an area of several thousand feet across.

The dimension within this area instantly stabilized multiple-fold.

This made the use of Dimensional Shift and Dimensional Fissure much more difficult. In fact, several times more difficult.

The gold-armored giant dragged himself out of the ground. Like a golden hill, the earth shook with every step he took.

“Make it quick! The other three gold-armored giants will arrive soon.” Ji Fanxin looked into the horizon and quickly warned Zhang Ruochen.

“Got it.”

Zhang Ruochen no longer held back. He summoned the Ancient Abyssal Blade and charged at the gold-armored giant.

In a state of frenzy, the gold-armored giant sent out flashes of lightning. The earth under his feet started to melt. A shock wave of the sacred power burst out of his golden poleax at full Six-Radiance strength as he struck the poleax at his enemy.

Sensing the danger, Zhang Ruochen did not want to take this attack head-on. So he dodged.

As he came within 200 feet of the gold-armored giant, the Ancient Abyssal Blade and he became one. Sword Way Xuangang turned into a light beam and hit the gemstone in the giant’s chest.


The gemstone shattered as the Ancient Abyssal Blade penetrated the golden armor.

The giant must have not expected that his golden armor was penetrable. His express changed, and he quickly summoned all the lightning he could to his chest.

But the Ancient Abyssal Blade continued to sink half a foot deeper into his chest.

Forged from natural materials, the Ancient Abyssal Blade was a Seven-Radiance Thousand-Inscription Sacred Artifact-class weapon. Its penetrating ability had increased. Ordinary Six-Radiance Thousand-Inscription Sacred Artifact-class weapons would shatter instantly when clashed with the Ancient Abyssal Blade.


Sacred blood oozed out beneath the golden armor.

Again, the Ancient Abyssal Blade sank another half a foot into his chest. The gold-armored giant struggled.

More sacred blood flew out of his body.

Zhang Ruochen suddenly pulled out the Ancient Abyssal Blade and flew back before landing a thousand feet away.

The gold-armored giant fell on the ground, going down on one knee as he pressed his hand on his chest, panting relentlessly as if he had just come back from death.

Zhang Ruochen hissed. “I don’t mean to make the prince of Dizu my enemy. But if anyone dares provoke me again, do it at your own risk.”

After saying so, Zhang Ruochen and Ji Fanxin left before the gold-armored giant’s eyes.

After a while, Eunuch Que and the other three gold-armored giants arrived. Seeing the battle marks at the scene, they were all stunned.

“That man and woman are so fearsome that even you are not their match?”

The gold-armored giant with magic marks on his face said, then took out a golden pill and handed it to the giant half-kneeling on the ground.

After taking the golden pill, the gold-armored giant dragged himself up slowly. “He is terrific. His sacred sword forged from natural material could penetrate my golden armor and body. I would have died had he not held back his sword.”

The other three giants listened on and were startled.

The golden armor and body were the two things that they were very proud of.

With this golden armor and body, they could go wherever they wanted and do whatever they wished. Only Nine-step Saint Kings of the Greater Precept World could defeat their defense and strike fear in them.

“By the looks of things, there is something more to the man and the woman than meets the eye. Let us wait for the prince. Only then we will deal with them. Our biggest enemy right now is the Fourteen Prince,” said Eunuch Que.

“Why didn’t you kill those gold-armored imperial guards and that giant? You must understand that the prince of Dizu will not allow any other cultivators in his territory,” said Ji Fanxin.

“Right now, the 14th Prince is the prince of Dizu’s biggest rival. I am afraid that he will not have time for me. But had I killed those golden armored imperial guards, I would have instantly become their public enemy No.1. When fights break out between us, the 14th Prince would be the biggest winner,” said Zhang Ruochen with a smirk.

“Harvest the sacred herbs and enhance our cultivation base first. Had I been in the Seven-step Saint Kinghood, I wouldn’t have been bound by my limitations.”

As soon as his voice trailed off, 128 spiritual power-clones of his flew out of his body into the black mountains.

A while later, those spiritual power-clones returned with the sacred herbs.

Zhang Ruochen mobilized the Divine Purification Flame, refined the sacred herbs into translucent liquid droplets, and consumed it.

He immediately felt the number of precepts in his Sea of Qi grew rapidly.

It increased to over 2,000 precepts in under an hour.

He enjoyed the process. If this process could continue, he would definitely attain Seven-step Saint Kinghood in half a month.

Just when he thought so, a sharp pain hit him on his brow, his expression changing.

“One of the spiritual power-clones has shattered! Who—who did this?”

He quickly pulled back his spiritual power. If a few more spiritual power-clones got destroyed, it hurt his spiritual power badly.

Zhang Ruochen performed a Dimensional Shift at once.

He wanted to find out what really had happened to that spiritual power-clone of his.

After traveling about a hundred miles, he came under a blood-red cliff.

The cliff measured about ten-thousand-feet high, growing with huge stalagmites and mushroom rocks, the structure of which was nothing but strange. On the cliff were groups of light, and each group was shrouding a sacred herb in its light.

Zhang Ruochen immediately knew that if he could harvest all of them, then refine and consume them all, it would definitely give a big lift in his cultivation base.

But he was not in a hurry. Instead, he released his spiritual power to scout the surroundings carefully. His spiritual power-clone must have encountered something dangerous before it was shattered.

He found something strange behind a mushroom rock.

Those things were well concealed. Zhang Ruochen could not even notice the presence of them with his 57th order of spiritual power. Instead, he only discovered them using the Spatial Domain.

“Reveal yourselves! No point hiding anymore!”

As Zhang Ruochen walked up the front of the mushroom rock, vines of silver color grew out from behind the rock and quickly covered the entire space.

“Don’t attack. We are the gold-armored imperial guards of the prince of Dizu.”

A man and a woman slowly emerged from behind the mushroom rock.

“The gold-armored imperial guards? Did you two destroy my spiritual power-clone?” Zhang Ruochen stared at the man and woman with a strange look in his eyes.

Had he not read the book Immortal Vampire Secrets before, these two people would have bluffed their way through.

But with his knowledge of the Immortal Vampires, only a transformed vampire emperor of Supreme Sainthood could have fooled him. No Saint-Kinghood Immortal Vampires could evade his eyes.

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