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«God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1740: The Powerful Zhang Ruochen

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Chapter 1740: The Powerful Zhang Ruochen

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It was as if Ye Honglei just saw her saving grace. A joyous expression appeared on her face and she flew toward Zhang Ruochen as a red streak.

If someone else had come, they probably wouldn’t be able to change the situation—even if they were Wan Zhaoyi or Xue Wuye.

But Zhang Ruochen might really be able to compete with the terrible sword-wielding man. At the very least, helping her escape wouldn’t be hard.

She’d heard of Zhang Ruochen’s legends in the Truth Heavenly Domain.

“These cultivators are all very strong, especially the leader,” Ye Honglei said to Zhang Ruochen telepathically. “They’re practically undefeatable in the same realm. We must go to the space transfer formation to have a chance to escape.”

However, Zhang Ruochen didn’t escape. His eyes were sharp. There was an aggressive aura.

Ye Honglei grew anxious. “The Tianluo Dojo is already destroyed. This can’t be changed. They have more people and they’re so strong. There’s no need to go up against them.”

But next, she discovered with a shock that this horribly strong sword-wielding man and the dozen black-clothed cultivators acted like they’d run into a great enemy. They gathered together.

Wang Xu’s Xu Moon Blade released a great amount of Sword Qi. It formed a territory that surrounded him tightly. The other cultivators all took out saint weapons. Some held staffs and others held rune scrolls.

What were they afraid of?

Zhang Ruochen?

With the sword territory as defense, Wang Xu grew calmer. “Zhang Ruochen, weren’t you already driven out by the god of Kunlun’s Field? How come you’re in their dojo?”

“Then, why are you in their dojo?” Zhang Ruochen asked. “Don’t you know that the Truth Godly Palace’s rules state that you’ll pay with your life if you kill in another world’s dojo?”

“What proof do you have that we killed them?” Wang Xu asked.

Zhang Ruochen pointed at Ye Honglei. “There’s a witness before you. It’s not hard to collect battle marks as evidence.”

“Destroying another world’s dojo is already a great crime. Plus, you broke in and killed people.” Ye Honglei took out a scroll and opened it.

Next, an image was projected onto the scroll.

It was the broken Tianluo Dojo. With Wang Xu as the leader, a dozen Ruiya Field cultivators stood across from her. There were many bloody corpses on the ground.

“This scroll is enough to sentence you.”

After a pause, Ye Honglei continued, “But we don’t have to. As long as you retreat from the Tianluo Dojo, I can give you this scroll.”

In the end, Ye Honglei was still afraid of them and was worried that they wouldn’t be able to escape. She’d recorded this image to save her life.

Wang Xu took her words as a joke. He sneered without speaking. How could Zhang Ruochen let them leave?

The Ruiya Field cultivators radiated with stronger and stronger saintly might. They were all gathering power.

In the night sky, an owl saint beast flew over. Its two claws grabbed a strangely-shaped figure.


It let go and the owl saint beast tossed the creature onto the ground.

Wang Xu’s eyes narrowed. “Yu Tu.”

The thing called Yu Tu lay on the ground on its last breath. “Lord…that…that owl is…very…”

Before it could finish, the creature died and its body turned into vapor.

Only a pile of black dirt was left behind.

The owl beast closed its wings and landed on the ground. It appeared beside Zhang Ruochen and said arrogantly, “It’s just an earth elf. How can it fool me?”

“What’s going on?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“That creature is a rare earth elf,” Blackie said. “Earth elves are when special dirt or rock grow a mind and come to life.

“That earth elf was very powerful too. It was already a Saint King. It could move quickly through mountains and rivers, unaffected by formation runes underground. its aura is also very weak. You can only discover it if your Spiritual Power is close to the Supreme Saint Realm.

“It was unlucky to meet me. My eyes are the eyes of a Supreme Saint. I can see it even if it hides thousands of meters underground.”

Zhang Ruochen grew thoughtful. “The Tianluo Dojo was attacked as soon as the cultivators left through the space transfer formation. It seems that this earth elf had been hiding and sent the message to Wang Xu… Oh no, I’m afraid the cultivators of Kunlun’s Field fell into a trap set up by Heaven Field.”

“Haha, the cultivators of Kunlun’s Field will all die tonight.”

Wang Xu grasped his sword with both hands. Four layers of saintly light appeared on the blade and he struck down at Zhang Ruochen.

Not only was the Sword Qi extremely fierce, it was also very fast.

Ye Honglei was forced to keep retreating. Now, she finally realized that the man hadn’t used his full power earlier. This was his true strength!

Was this really a first step Saint King’s power?

Zhang Ruochen wasn’t afraid. Sparks flew from the defensive Fire God armor on his right arm and fist.


He punched forward.

In the distance, a fiery star seemed to appear before Zhang Ruochen.

Wang Xu’s full-power attack was undone so cleanly. He instead sped back to escape the incoming wave of fire.

“How can Zhang Ruochen be so strong?”

Wang Xu yelled, “What are you waiting for? Attack together!”

The black-clothed cultivators of Ruiya Field all attacked. Some used saint weapons, some cast spells and techniques, and others threw out their runes.

This commotion was like heavenly judgment.

The entire sky above the Tianluo Dojo was covered in the light from the saint spells and techniques.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t escape. He just shook his head and used the Spatial Move to attack instead.

“Zhang Ruochen!” Ye Honglei cried. She prepared to use an enchantment to help him.

After all, she wouldn’t be able to escape if Zhang Ruochen died.

Blackie stopped her with a smile. “Don’t worry about him. They’re just nobodies. Zhang Ruochen can handle them by himself.”


Ye Honglei felt that Blackie was exaggerating. Merely that sword-wielding man was definitely not a nobody. It would be difficult to find anyone who could counter him in all of Kunlun’s Field.

But next, Ye Honglei saw something that she’d never be able to forget.

Like a death god, Zhang Ruochen rushed before the dozen black-clothed cultivators and punched. Blinding fiery fist power was unleashed, sending everyone flying.

The cultivators who hadn’t reached the Saint King Realm were crushed by the fist force, turning into specks of fire.

The Saint Kings weren’t well off either. They used defensive tactics, but they still spat out blood. They fell onto the ground like seven or eight scarecrows.

Only two or three could stand up.

This was because their own cultivations were strong. They were at least fifth step Saint Kings, so they were able to bear it.

Zhang Ruochen knew time was tight, so he acted very quickly. He used the Spatial Move and appeared before one fifth step Saint King. He slammed a palm over.

The flaming palm print grew larger in the fifth step Saint King’s eyes.


The palm print fell down. The fifth step Saint King was slammed into ground flesh before he could escape.

Then Zhang Ruochen attacked a sixth step Saint King. The man knew he was much weaker than Zhang Ruochen. In this critical moment, he actually said, “Zhang Ruochen, this is Kunlun’s Field’s dojo. You can’t kill—”

Zhang Ruochen’s fist broke through the Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapon armor and penetrated the man’s body. The bodily injury wasn’t fatal, but Zhang Ruochen’s punch had shattered his saint soul.

When that sixth step Saint King’s corpse fell slowly to the ground, the remaining fifth step Saint King was pale from fear. His legs kept trembling.

He looked toward Wang Xu.

Now, he could only hope that Wang Xu could delay Zhang Ruochen so he could escape.

Ye Honglei’s jaw dropped from shock. The group of black-clothed figures who were like the Grim Reaper earlier were as weak as children before Zhang Ruochen.

After coming to the Truth Heavenly Domain, she’d heard many legends about Zhang Ruochen. She knew he was strong, but she didn’t think he would be this strong.

When she first met Zhang Ruochen, she’d just viewed him as a talented youth. She didn’t even think that he was better than her.

Now, Ye Honglei had become the powerful and intimidating Evil Way leader as desired, but that talented youth was at a level that she had to look up at.

One was better than the last.

Blackie laughed. “See? There are very few people in the same realm who are qualified to be Zhang Ruochen’s match. Only a world leader like Wang Xu can take a few hits.”

“Zhang Ruochen made up for his shortcoming in the Way of Truth. I’m not his match in the same realm anymore.”

Wang Xu felt very bitter. He had a strong feeling of failure.

However, he didn’t escape. He acted very calm. Holding the Xu Moon Blade in one hand, and with a scroll hidden in his other palm, he proclaimed, “Zhang Ruochen, we fought twice earlier and I failed each time. This time, I will not lose again.”

Zhang Ruochen walked over. “With your abilities, it’ll be impressive if you can take five hits from me. You can only defeat me if you have other hidden cards.”

Wang Xu added the rules of light to his legs.


He turned into a streak of light and rushed instantly to the top of Zhang Ruochen’s head. He sent out the scroll that he had hidden.

Wang Xu formed a fingerprint. He pointed down and a demon blade broke out of the flying scroll. It unleashed terrible power that ripped apart the sky and struck down at Zhang Ruochen.

“This Sword Emperor Rune’s power can kill a seventh step Saint King. You won’t be able to survive at your peak state, let alone being restricted to the first step Saint King Realm now.” Wang Xu’s cold eyes had a smile in them. He felt that he’d determined the result.

Last time in the Yin and Yang Palace, Wang Xu had been injured by Zhang Ruochen’s Hundred Steps No Life Rune and this affected him greatly.

Thus, he spent about half of his savings to buy this Sword Emperor Rune just for Zhang Ruochen.

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