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«God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1586: Way of Truth Surged

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Chapter 1586: Way of Truth Surged

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“Eight Poles of Heaven and Earth, Only Me. Break!”

Zhang Ruochen wielded his finger as if it was a sword.

Zhang Ruochen had read ‘Empress Chi Yao’s Sword Eight Notes’ and comprehended the second level of sword intent. He performed that sword intent.

Meanwhile, Divine Fire Jingmie formed sword light, flying out of his fingertip and piercing through the claw of that golden Roc. Suddenly, the golden waves dispersed in the heaven and earth.

The dividing self of Golden Roc Prince was still standing on the square under the white cliff across from Zhang Ruochen, but he looked surprised. “You’ve tamed Divine Fire Jingmie. Who are you?”

What was Divine Fire Jingmie?

It was a flame that could only be born inside a God’s body, and he would only bestow it upon the outstanding descendants.

Gods all had a long life, so they had many descendants. Only the talented ones could get the flames of Divine Fire Jingmie. Even if they obtained them, not every monk was able to tame them. Only the supreme talents could get them.

Golden Roc Prince saw Zhang Ruochen use Divine Fire Jingmie, so he suspected he was a new deity.

There were indeed monks who tamed Divine Fire Jingmie, but they were so rare that it was negligible.

If that human man was indeed a deity valued by a God, Golden Roc Prince needed to rethink his decision.

Zhang Ruochen gradually calmed himself down. He tried to stay low-key, yet he didn’t expect his emotions to be out of control, or that he’d made himself an enemy of an incredible being.

The side effects of Joy and Anger Pill were screwing him over.

Zhang Ruochen wasn’t scared of Golden Roc Prince, as it wouldn’t be a big deal to offend him. After all, he also had his trump card as well, so even the true body of Golden Roc Prince wouldn’t be able to hurt him. However, he didn’t want to expose himself, after which he would have to give up the dragon soul and the elephant soul and flee from Heavenly Capital Saint Market.

Zhang Ruochen had kind of figured out the power of Golden Roc Prince after that exchange of moves, and he was sure that he could deal with the prince.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Why should I tell you? Who do you think you are?”

Golden Roc Prince hated the way Zhang Ruochen reacted. He got angry again and decided to teach him a lesson even if Zhang Ruochen was the descendant of a God.

“Stop! What are you doing? This is a dojo of Thousand Pistil Field. If anyone dares make another attack, he’ll be escorted out and never come back to Hundred Flower Palace.”

A Heavenly Fire Demonic Butterfly flew out and separated Zhang Ruochen and Golden Roc Prince’s dividing self.

Zhang Ruochen recognized her; it was Demonic Butterfly Princess. He said calmly, “Your highness, I’m also a guest of Hundred Flower Palace, but I was attacked by two madmen. Is this how Hundred Flower Palace treats its guests?”

Demonic Butterfly Princess knew how overbearing Golden Roc Prince was, and she knew what Li Hai and Li Shan had done. She’d been irritated by them for a long time, so she was pleased to see them beaten. She only suppressed that because she didn’t want to offend Golden Roc Prince.

Demonic Butterfly Princess said, “They’re of Golden Wing Roc Clan from Ocean Cloud Field, not from Thousand Pistil Field.”

“I see.”

Zhang Ruochen pretended to be surprised and said, “You guys won’t allow the creatures from other large fields to offend your honored guest, will you?”

“Of course not.”

Demonic Butterfly Princess almost burst out into laughter as she found this the perfect opportunity to expel Li Hai and Li Shan. She then went to question Golden Roc Prince, and asked two monks from Thousand Pistil Field to throw Li Shan and Li Hai out.

Golden Roc Prince looked very serious. He wanted to stop it, but looking at the ethereal woman standing on the edge of the square who was staring at him. He then suppressed his anger and tried to look like a gentleman.

“These two were being reckless and caused trouble to Hundred Flower Palace. They should be expelled from Hundred Flower Palace.”

After saying that to Demonic Butterfly Princess, Golden Roc Prince immediately walked to that ethereal woman and tried to apologize to her. That woman didn’t even want to listen to him. She walked into the square, found a spot, and sat down, starting to comprehend the pictures on the cliff.

Golden Roc Prince knew that the fairy was very disappointed in him, so he got more furious at Zhang Ruochen. He glared at Zhang Ruochen before leaving the square.

Li Hai and Li Shan were dragged out of the palace, and that prince couldn’t just leave them like that, otherwise he would be laughed at by others.

Is she the Hundred Flower Fairy, Ji Fanxin?

Zhang Ruochen stared at that woman in white who was sitting in the light rain, but all he saw was a beautiful shadow.

The light rain formed a phantom of a Divine Reflection Lotus like an aesthetic fairy lamp.

The woman in white was sitting at the center of the phantom of Divine Reflection Lotus. Her hair waved in the air, and she looked peaceful, regal, and divine. She was someone who could only be appreciated from afar instead of being approached.

“Even someone like Golden Roc Prince behaves himself in front of her. That Fairy Ji is indeed incredible.”

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t feel any energy ripples coming from Ji Fanxin, but his instincts told him that she was way more powerful than Golden Roc Prince, and he couldn’t rival her even if he used all his trump cards.

Zhang Ruochen then came to an empty spot, sat down, and started to comprehend the pictures of the Way of Truth left by Datura Flower Goddess.

Zhang Ruochen lit up a Honghua Vine before comprehending.

He then released saint Qi to form a dome to prevent the scent of the Honghua Vine from getting out.

The monks around them were all tempted by the Honghua Vine.

It was a valuable that could help monks comprehend the ways.

They were certainly rich enough to buy a Honghua Vine, but there wasn’t a market for it.

“Divine Fire Jingmie and a Honghua Vine. That human man might be a force to be reckoned with.” All the descendants of Gods thought so, so none of them tried to expel Zhang Ruochen again.

Also, they didn’t want to look rude in front of Ji Fanxin.

The pictures of the Way of Truth left by Datura Flower Goddess was a flower ocean. Zhang Ruochen saw that the flower ocean looked like that planted by Ji Fanxin.

If so, Ji Fanxin’s attainment in the Way of Truth must be extraordinary.

Zhang Ruochen stopped thinking about this irrelevant stuff and devoted his attention to comprehension.

There were more than one hundred thousand saint flowers in the pictures, and those saint flowers looked like light spots, which reminded Zhang Ruochen of the Visualization Pictures in Truth Godly Palace.

He tried to treat the two saint flowers as two light spots.

“It indeed looks like the second Visualization Picture.” Zhang Ruochen was pleased. If he could comprehend the second picture here, he didn’t need to go refine in Truth Godly Palace.

Perhaps it was because he’d gained one ten-thousandth of the Mysteries of Truth, but Zhang Ruochen could feel the rules flowing around him after immersing himself in the picture.

After three hours, Zhang Ruochen found a way to comprehend the second Visualization Picture. The most important thing wasn’t the two spots, but the ripples coming out of them when they moved.

Those ripples were a Rule of Truth.

He was misled by the first Visualization Picture, so he hadn’t thought of that until now.

Zhang Ruochen suddenly burst into laughter. “I see, I see…” Because of the saint Qi dome, none of the people outside heard him.

However, Zhang Ruochen was sitting in the light dome, sometimes laughing but sometimes yelling in anger, which drew lots of monks’ attention, including the nine Heavenly Fire Demonic Butterflies.

They stopped near Zhang Ruochen, standing in a line and staring at Zhang Ruochen. They cheered when they saw him laugh.

“He laughed again! He laughed harder this time!”

“I thought he was going to yell in anger this time.”

“Does he have a split personality? His emotions are so unstable. It’s kind of surreal.”

“Perhaps he’s gone mad? Do you want to give him a warning so that he won’t get worse?”

“I’m not going to do it. Look at the way he laughs. What if he hits me?”

Some monks only found Zhang Ruochen to be mentally ill.

The descendants of Gods all frowned, as none of them wanted to get involved with that seemingly mad man.

Zhang Ruochen spent most of the month comprehending the pictures of the Way of Truth, and it was more efficient than he thought.

He was able to mobilize ninety-eight Rules of Truth, making his saint spell three times stronger.

Zhang Ruochen attributed it to that one one-thousandth of the Mysteries of Truth. After all, he comprehended faster than in Truth Godly Palace.

The benefits of the Mysteries of Truth were so huge that Zhang Ruochen wanted to gain more.

“It should be easy for me to cross the second level of the ocean domain.”

Fairy Extreme King sent Swallow to Zhang Ruochen for good news before he wanted to go try Ocean of Truth again.

“Have the dragon soul and elephant soul at the saint king level arrived in Hundred Flower Palace?”

Zhang Ruochen immediately followed Swallow to Fairy Extreme King.

He was practicing palm techniques during the time also, and as long as he could merge the dragon soul and the elephant soul into his arms, he would reach the initial completion of Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm.

The initial completed eleventh palm could rival an ordinary mid-class saint spell.

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