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«God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1443: Fight Again

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Chapter 1443: Fight Again

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Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“No matter who you are, it’s nothing to me.”

Zhang Ruochen put away the spatial whirlpool. He returned to land, walking over the waves.

So what if this woman was the Spiritual Flame Demonic Concubine? Anyone could be an enemy on the merits battlefield.

Zhang Ruochen had something more important to do for now, so there was no need to offend such a powerful enemy. After this, he’d have to be careful about her.

“So cold.”

The Luosha Princess smiled and caught up, saying, “You’re pretty strong. How about you join the Great Devil Ten Square Field?”

Zhang Ruochen ignored her. He stabbed the Abyss Ancient Sword into the dirt beside the table and prepared to sit back down in his chair.


A fragrant breeze blew past. The next moment, the Luosha Princess sat in the chair before him. She blinked at him. “If there’s a seat, you should let the girl sit first, right?”

“You’re a girl?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

The Luosha Princess smirked. “Guess!”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t feel like arguing with her. He took another chair out of his spatial ring and placed it across from the Luosha Princess. He reached out for the flagon on the table.

But the Luosha Princess was extremely fast. She grabbed the flagon before him. Placing it before her nose, she sniffed. “Good wine! Do you have more cups?”

“That wine is fierce,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Smiling, the Luosha Princess said, “I was afraid it wouldn’t be fierce enough.”

After studying her, Zhang Ruochen flicked his fingers. A midnight cup flew out of the spatial ring.

“Thank you.”

The Luosha Princess caught it and poured a cup. Then she brought it up and took a sip. Her brows furrowed instantly and she coughed. “What is this wine? How is it so fierce?”

“Dragon Fire Wine.”

Zhang Ruochen also poured a cup and drank it all calmly.

Seeing this scene from the battle footage, all the cultivators were confused.

“What’s going on? Weren’t they fighting viciously earlier? How come they suddenly stopped and sat at a table to drink together?”

“This isn’t right! Zhang Ruochen never hesitates when killing. The Luosha Princess isn’t a benevolent person either. How could they suddenly stop fighting and even chat like they’re so happy?”

The cultivators of the Hell Blade Field hated Zhang Ruochen. “He must’ve sided with the Luosha,” one said. “Otherwise, how could the Luosha Princess let him go?”

“Are you all stupid? Zhang Ruochen has never met the Luosha Princess before. It’s possible that he doesn’t even know who that woman is.”

“The Luosha Princess doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to kill Zhang Ruochen. What does she want?”

The cultivators who hadn’t entered Zuling Field were even more anxious than Zhang Ruochen. They felt like the Luosha Princess would attack and kill him at any moment.

But they waited for a long while and she still didn’t attack.

The food on the bronze table was quickly devoured. More than half were eaten by the Luosha Princess and nine-headed bird.

Zhang Ruochen was observing the princess quietly the entire time. He wanted to see through her. He discovered that the girl seemed nice but was actually very mysterious. She didn’t have any flaws in her guise.

Qing Mo walked over timidly. She hesitated, but she still said, “Lord… Can you give the Luosha blood and souls back to me now?”

Zhang Ruochen took out his spatial ring and gave it to Qing Mo.

Qing Mo hurriedly accepted the spatial ring and checked the items. Confirming that nothing was missing, she let out a relieved sigh. Smiling, she said, “I knew that you didn’t actually want to steal my things.”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t have big emotions. “Chi Yao shouldn’t have let you come to the merits battlefield.”

“I’m a member of Kunlun’s Field,” Qing Mo said seriously. “I should do something for Kunlun’s Field.”

“She basically sent you to your death by having you come to the merits battlefield. An empress like this doesn’t deserve your loyalty. Why don’t you follow me from now on?”

Qing Mo considered Zhang Ruochen’s words and shook her head.

The Luosha Princess’s eyes brightened. “Why don’t you follow me?” she said temptingly. “You can have as much Luosha blood and souls as you want, as long as you make me good food every day.”

“Really?” Qing Mo asked.

“Of course,” the Luosha Princess said. “Why would I lie?”

Beside her, the nine-headed bird nodded firmly like a chicken pecking at corn.

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes darkened. “Qing Mo, you should be careful about unknown people.”

“What, you think I’m lying to her?”

The Luosha Princess rolled her eyes. She took out a very exquisite little box and opened it. A mass of white light spilled out. Countless treasures hovered in the white light.

Qing Mo gaped. “You killed this many participants?”

Even Zhang Ruochen was a bit shocked by this.

“What do you think?” the Luosha Princess said, a bit proud. “As long as you agree with me, half of these bottles are yours.”

Qing Mo shook her head. Instead, she hid behind Zhang Ruochen and said a bit fearfully, “You killed so many participants. You’re definitely not a good person. What if… What if you killed me?”

“Good person? There are no good people in this world.”

The Luosha Princess closed the box and smiled. “Think it through. My words count as long as the merits battle hasn’t ended.”

Then the Luosha Princess glanced at Zhang Ruochen. “I sensed a bit of murderous Qi from you earlier. You don’t want to kill me and take the items, right?”

“What’s the point of continuing to pretend?” Zhang Ruochen asked. “Don’t you want to kill me?”

The Luosha Princess shook her head. “We’re both spatial cultivators. It’s fate to meet. Why must we fight and kill? Why can’t we discuss the way and improve together?”

Zhang Ruochen didn’t feel like pretending with her anymore. He stood up and said, “Qing Mo, follow me.”


The Luosha Princess turned serious. Her entire aura seemed to have changed. “Actually, I stayed here because I want to cooperate with you and do something.”

“Why should I cooperate with you?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“Don’t you want to know where that friend of yours went?”

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes overflowed with cold light. “What do you mean?”

The Luosha Princess squinted. Then she took out a communication rune and tossed it at Zhang Ruochen. “This is the communication rune that you sent out, right?”

This was the rune that Zhang Ruochen sent to Mu Lingxi when he arrived at Whale River Territory.

Zhang Ruochen grasped it tightly. “You actually intercepted the communication rune I sent out. No wonder I never got her reply.”

The Luosha Princess met his eyes and smiled. “Is it hard for a spatial cultivator to intercept a communication rune?”

“It’s not hard, but it’s not easy either. If you want to intercept it, you have to be nearby the communication rune. In other words, you were close to me the moment I sent it out.”

Zhang Ruochen paused and then continued, “When did you get your eyes on me?”

“When you attacked the Luosha army,” the princess said.

Zhang Ruochen added Holy Qi into the rune again. The jade scroll instantly shone with dazzling light and flew toward the night sky.

“Come back.”

The Luosha Princess reached out and cast the Spatial Twist.

The rune that had flown back instantly reversed and flew back.

Zhang Ruochen stepped out. He reached both hands out and cast the Spatial Twist too. The rune turned again and flew into the distance.

The Luosha Princess’s eyes hardened. Looking annoyed, she waved a finger and cast a spatial crack.


Seeing the spatial crack destroy the communication rune, the Luosha Princess finally smiled proudly. “As long as I’m here, you’ll never send the rune out.”

“Are you trying to anger me?”

“Do you want to fight?” the Luosha Princess asked in return. “You’re an early True Saint. You’re not my match yet. When you reach the later stage or peak, you might be able to force me to use my true abilities. As for now, why do something so meaningless?”

Zhang Ruochen activated the Hundred Saint Blood Armor. It covered his entire body and blinding bloody light flew out crazily. One hundred Saint images charged out of the armor and stood around Zhang Ruochen.


Condensing the Power of the Hundred Saints, he punched.

Blue Divine Fire Jingmie poured out of his arm, transforming into a huge fire dragon.

The Ten Thousand Saints Blouse on the Luosha Princess started absorbing the surrounding energy. Then she sent out a white arm, crashing with Zhang Ruochen’s fist.


The ground underfoot shattered and kept collapsing.

When Zhang Ruochen activated the Hundred Saint Armor, Qing Mo, the nine-headed bird, and Holy Carnivorous Flower all escaped into the distance. But they were still affected and tossed up by the incoming shockwaves.

In an instant, the ground within hundreds of miles became tattered. The air was filled with chaotic energy.

At the center of the battle, Zhang Ruochen and the Luosha Princess both used the strongest spatial tactics. The space disintegrated. The ground seemed to turn into islands that hovered in the broken space. They kept breaking apart and getting devoured.

The Luosha Princess stood on a hovering island, beautiful and unaffected by the dust. “Continuing to fight won’t produce any results. Why don’t you calm down and we have a nice chat? We might really be able to work together.”

“You want to work together? You used the wrong tactic from the start.”

Zhang Ruochen’s long hair flew up straight. Like a young demon god, he grasped the Abyss Ancient Sword. Activating the power of time, he drew a circle.

The time flow in the space where he and the Luosha Princess were slowed down.


When time recovered, Zhang Ruochen’s sword had already stabbed toward the Luosha Princess’s heart.

Shock flashed past the Luosha Princess’s eyes. Her body twisted like a snake. The Ten Thousand Saints Blouse wrapped around the Abyss Ancient Sword and made it move to the side.

Then she transformed into a blue streak of light and rushed into the sky.


Zhang Ruochen moved the sword hilt to the right.

The corner of the Ten Thousand Saints Blouse had wrapped around the sword’s tip. Pulled by this strong force, it actually fell from the Luosha Princess’s body.

Instantly, the Luosha Princess felt a chill. Large patches of snow-white skin were exposed before Zhang Ruochen. Only an ivory undershirt and pants still clung to her beautiful figure.

Thankfully, this space had become shattered, making the battle footage turn black. Otherwise, countless cultivators would have spit out blood upon seeing the Luosha Princess’s full, curvaceous, snowy-white body.

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