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«God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1053: Beast King

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Chapter 1053: Beast King

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Wan Huayu had a very powerful protective charm on her. She took a hit from Firegold Raven Beast King directly and wasn’t that badly hurt.

She quickly recovered after taking a medicine pill.

Firegold Raven Beast King’s golden eyes were like amber. He stared deeply at the purple-clad elder. “There’s finally a truly strong cultivator.”

“Princess, leave here. I will take care of it.”

The purple-clad elder’s expression was serious. Every wrinkle was pulled taut. He viewed the Firegold Raven as a great enemy.


The elder shook his arms at the same time. Two puffs of purple smoke flooded out of his sleeves. Bright bolts of lightning zipped through the smoke, crackling. A large mass of the beasts nearby were turned to dust.


Firegold Raven Beast King extended a finger. A bright flame flew out of his fingertip. It pierced the purple Qi and went straight for the elder’s forehead.

The light was as thin as a needle, but it contained horrifying penetrative strength.

Wan Huayu wanted to help the elder. She took out a Hundred-pattern Saint Weapon shield and sent it out. However, the shield created from Xuan ice metal was pierced immediately and sliced like tofu.

“Princess, you aren’t its match. Hurry and retreat to a few hundred feet away.”

The elder’s hair and beard were all flying. His cultivation was amazing. A jade hoop flew out of his right wrist. The hoop was the size of a stone mill. It spun gradually and stopped the firelight.


A shred of light flew out of all of Firegold Raven Beast King’s fingers, enveloping all the space within a few hundred feet. Any creature below the pinnacle of the Ninth Level of the Half-Saint Realm would definitely die if they tried entering the zone.

Zhang Ruochen pulled Huang Yanchen to a very far place. He didn’t want to get involved in this fight in case there were unpredictable troubles.

The beasts and human Monks in the north were in a stalemate.

The hole in the city wall wasn’t very big. A few savage beasts had rushed in. In terms of number, the humans had an advantage. They pushed the beasts to the north of the city, not allowing them to reach the other three zones.

Other than Firegold Raven Beast King, five more Beast Kings also broke into Yingsha City. They were from five different beast tribes.

Of them, the Golden Scorpion King was the strongest. It was like a golden mountain. Each step it took would shake the ground.

It wasn’t clumsy. Instead, it was very fast and sensitive. It killed at least 1,000 elite human Monks.

The Golden Scorpion King’s defensive abilities were terrifying too. Zhang Ruochen used the Life-Death Mirror and hit it with a beam of light but couldn’t even get past the outer level.

The Golden Scorpion King noticed Zhang Ruochen. Knowing that he was a strong human, he spat out a noxious cloud of inky black smoke that surged toward Zhang Ruochen.


Everything on the ground corroded into black, including the dirt.

As for the humans, they turned into puddles of thick blood. Not even a single bone was left.

Zhang Ruochen wore the Ten Saints Blood Armor and didn’t fear toxins. He retreated to the distance and immediately contacted Sikong One and Two. After confirming their location, he used a physical technique to rush over.

Everyone was grouped together. The weaker Monks, such as Han Qiu and Murong Yue, stood in the center. The stronger ones, such as Sun Dadi and the six high-level Half-Saints of the Murong Clan, stood on the outside.

They’d already killed hundreds of beasts. The ground was littered with corpses. Their results were obvious.

When Zhang Ruochen returned, he immediately entered the heart of the battle ring. “We won’t have any results by being stuck in Yingsha City,” he said. “Now is a very good chance. We must take advantage of the chaos and break through. We can only find endless Genius Treasures by entering the Blue Dragon Void World so everyone can become truly strong cultivators.”

Sun Dadi struck his staff, splattering a firegold raven’s blood. He laughed. “Just what I want. I wanted to break through long ago. I’ll lead the way now.”

He rushed to the forefront of the team, sweeping his metal rod side to side. Any beast that caught the rod was split into pieces.

Boom, boom.

In an instant, dozens of huge beasts fell under his rod.

Blackie climbed to Sikong Two’s head. Standing at the highest point, he commanded everyone. “All corpses of Grade Six beasts should be dragged to the center of the team and stored in the spatial ring.”

“The blood and soul of a Grade Six beast can be used to create pills for improving physique. Once we produce it, everyone will get a share.”

A moment later, Blackie added, “Creating Divine Origin Pills requires the blood and soul of Grade Six beasts too as the lead.”

Blackie was knowledgeable in creating pills and formations. No one doubted its words.

Usually, it wasn’t easy to find a Grade Six beast. Now, it was different. There were Grade Six beasts everywhere, including corpses on the ground. It was practically a waste if they didn’t collect them now.

At the same time that they killed beasts, everyone quickly collected the corpses and dragged them to the center of the team.

“Living Grade Six beasts can be captured,” Zhang Ruochen said. “Give them to Zhao Shiqi and let him control them into battle beasts.”

To avoid other human Monks discovering the secret of the spatial ring, Han Qiu used a dark rule to cover the entire team. They formed a black hole that was dozens of feet wide.

This way, no Monk could peek into their secret.

From afar, they could only see a black hole moving gradually out of the city. They couldn’t see Zhang Ruochen, Huang Yanchen, and the others inside the dark zone at all.

Even the savage beasts would lose their vision after breaking into the dark zone.

The Way of Darkness was one of the Nine Ancient Ways. Naturally, it was extraordinary. It was equivalent to the Way of Time and Space. However, Han Qiu’s cultivation was still very low. She couldn’t produce the true might of the Way of Darkness.

They were going against the current of savage beasts and ran into more and more. It looked like a little boat going against a flood.

Even with Sun Dadi’s strong combat ability, they could only push forward slowly.

“I’ll help open the way.”

Zhang Ruochen flashed to the front of the team. He stood with Sun Dadi and started attacking the beasts viciously.

With the two working together and rushing forward, they finally picked up speed.

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