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«Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start (Web Novel) - Chapter 962 The Name of a Grandmaster, Subduing the Army Without Fighting!

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Chapter 962 The Name of a Grandmaster, Subduing the Army Without Fighting!

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After learning that the person standing behind Chu Feng was Grandmaster Mo, all doubts instantly disappeared.

They would be stupid to doubt a grandmaster.

However, the old man’s phantom in midair covered his face with both hands, as if he was too ashamed to face anyone.

“Hey, old man, why are you covering your face? Remember to come over and pay later!”

Chu Feng shouted loudly.

“Got it…”

Helpless, Old Mo could only agree.

However, he looked like he wanted to die.

His reputation might be ruined by that little bastard Chu Feng!

If this brat went crazy and shouted a sky-high price that he could not afford in the end, it would be really embarrassing!

He might even be tied up and forced to repay his debt by forging!

How unfortunate…

The old man really wanted to cry.

“Kid, is there anything else? If not, I’ll hang up first!”

With that, the old man fled.

Chu Feng did not care. After all, he had already achieved his goal.

He looked at Huangpu You with a smile.

“Brother Huangpu, are you satisfied with the proof I gave?”

Huangpu You’s face flushed red, but he could not say a word.

Chu Feng smiled lightly and looked at Third Master Bao.

“Third Master Bao, can we continue the auction now?”

Third Master Bao immediately said, “Of course!”

Chu Feng being able to invite that eccentric old man over shocked him greatly.

With the endorsement of a blacksmith grandmaster, not to mention 10 million, even if it was 30 million or 50 million, no one would doubt it.

Needless to say, the title of Grandmaster Blacksmith was worth this price!

Third Master Bao smiled and said loudly, “Now, the highest bidder is Chu Feng. 12 million drops of Star Domain Essence. Is there any higher bid?!”

As he spoke, he had already turned his gaze to Huangpu You.

The others were also discussing.

Everyone below pursed their lips.

“Higher? Who’s stupid!”

“Is this any different from burning money?”

“He has a blacksmith grandmaster behind him. How can we compete?”

Huangpu You was also dumbfounded.

Just now, even if Chu Feng had directly revealed tens of millions of Star Domain Essence, he, Huangpu You, would not be afraid!

At most, he would just continue competing!

At this point, both sides were already in a killing frenzy.

However, Chu Feng had taken another path and actually invited a true celebrity!

That was a blacksmith grandmaster who was as rich as a country!

Huangpu You did not know the old man’s exact wealth.

In fact, just like Chu Feng before, he subconsciously thought that such an existence definitely had endless wealth!

In reality, everyone had similar thoughts.

The old man was a grandmaster. How could he lack money?

Tens of millions or hundreds of millions were probably nothing, right?

In that case, what was the point of continuing to compete?

Huangpu You immediately became discouraged.

He seemed to have aged thousands of years in an instant.

Looking at Third Master Bao’s gaze, he only shook his head, disheartened.

“I give up.”

Just as he finished speaking, everyone booed like a tsunami.

Huangpu You was already hated by everyone because of the sacrificial method.

Now that they had finally seen him suffer, why didn’t they take the opportunity to trample on him?!

Huangpu You snorted coldly. He was furious, but he could not flare up. He could only return to the private room and sulk.

As the winner of this auction, Chu Feng felt that he could not be happy.

He had obtained the item.

However, the price he had to pay had increased by three to four times!

Only then did Chu Feng begin to feel his heart ache.

That was 12 million drops of Star Domain Essence!

It was spent just like that?

Damn Huangpu You!

Chu Feng gritted his teeth in hatred.

In this competition, he would be unhappy to lose, but he was also unhappy even though he won. It was really interesting.

The only one who was happy was probably the Sky Treasure Pavilion.

Didn’t they see that Third Master Bao’s face was about to crack from laughing?

The Sky Treasure Pavilion had made a fortune!

Third Master Bao could not wait to get someone to send the seventh-grade Spiritual Abode to Chu Feng.

“Um, Young Friend Chu Feng, I’ll give you the item first. Old Mo is too busy. When he’s free, he can come over and pay. There’s no hurry.”

When everyone heard this, they didn’t know what to say.

Good lord, wasn’t this obvious bootlicking?

Didn’t the Sky Treasure Pavilion set the rule of immediate payment?!

This was only the beginning, and he was already breaking the rule?

So the rule did not apply to everyone!

Third Master Bao could not be bothered with the boos from the crowd.

What do you guys know!

Old Mo was a top-notch blacksmith!

The Sky Treasure Pavilion had been craving him for a long time, but Old Mo could not be bothered with them previously. No matter how much money they offered, they could not invite them!

If he did not take advantage of this opportunity to bond with that guy, what was he waiting for?!

So what if Old Mo was delayed and did not come to pay the bill?

With his proud personality, how could he not forge a Master God weapon after this?

No matter how he looked at it, the Sky Treasure Pavilion would not lose out!

Third Master Bao was overjoyed.

He couldn’t wait for Old Mo to forget about this!

Chu Feng looked at the dazzling top-notch Spiritual Abode in his hand and the corners of his mouth twitched.

He did not expect the old man to have such a high status among everyone.

He was just thinking about how to gather the money first.

Great, this was settled once and for all.

Anyway, the debt was on the old man. In other words, he still had eight million drops of Star Domain Essence!

That would be great!

Chu Feng’s eyes lit up. He thought that he would not have the chance to participate in the next auction!

He did not stand on ceremony. He instantly gave a nice speech to express his gratitude.

Anyway, the old man was paying for him and he didn’t need to pay anything, so he naturally had to make the Sky Treasure Pavilion happy.

He was just short of selling the old man to the Sky Treasure Pavilion!

Happily putting the seventh-grade Spiritual Abode into his storage space, Chu Feng had a satisfied expression.

Third Master Bao’s face was also flushed.

Great, everyone was happy!

Huangpu You and Old Mo were probably the only ones who wanted to cry…

“Alright! Let’s continue appraising!”

Third Master Bao shouted and focused everyone’s attention on the stage.

“After the exciting competition just now, I believe everyone has developed a strong interest in the next item!”

“Next, I announce that the second item has appeared!”

“A top-notch technological creation from the Heavenly Book Academy, Destruction Yuheng!”

As he spoke, three round black balls slowly appeared in Third Master Bao’s hand.

Terrifying patterns crawled all over the surfaces of the black balls.

Third Master Bao was intoxicated as if he was looking at a work of art.

“When such a small ball erupts, it’s comparable to the full-strength attack of an ordinary Greater God. If they’re caught off guard and three of them explode together, even a top-notch Greater God will have a chance of being killed! It can be said to be the top-grade Yuheng!”

“This time, the Sky Treasure Pavilion has asked many times before the Heavenly Book Academy is willing to offer three. The price for each is 500,000 drops of Star Domain Essence. The starting price for three is 1.5 million!”

Third Master Bao’s tempting voice echoed in the entire hall…

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