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«Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start (Web Novel) - Chapter 959 Resolution! Boldness! Dilemma!

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Chapter 959 Resolution! Boldness! Dilemma!

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Chu Feng was ruthless this time.

At most, I’ll only bid for this treasure at this five-star treasure appraisal meeting!

The more you want to disrupt me, the more I can’t let you have your way!

I want to see how much Star Domain Essence there is in your Human Imperial Palace!

I dare to risk it all. Do you dare?!

At this moment, Chu Feng’s crazy aura caused everyone around him to look sideways.

In the private room on the second floor, Huangpu You couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

He had never expected Chu Feng to be so decisive.

What was even more unexpected was that Chu Feng, who was only an itinerant cultivator, could actually offer eight million?!

Where did he get his confidence from?

Huangpu You did not believe that Chu Feng would be stupid enough to bid randomly.

Offending the Sky Treasure Pavilion would be a huge problem.

Thus, Chu Feng definitely had something to rely on!

Now, there were only two options left in front of Huangpu You.

First, give up! Let Chu Feng obtain this seventh-grade Spiritual Abode at a sky-high price of eight million and suffer a huge loss. That would be a worthwhile trip.

However, the consequence was that after Chu Feng obtained this Spiritual Abode, his strength might soar in a short period of time!

His threat to the Human Imperial Palace would greatly increase!

He even threatened the arrangements of the Human Imperial Palace in the Lost Continent!

That was something Huangpu You did not want to see.

The second option was to fight Chu Feng to the end.

Huangpu You believed that in reality, the wealth in Chu Feng’s hands was definitely incomparable to a behemoth like the Human Imperial Palace.

Not to mention the 30 million drops of Star Domain Essence, other rare treasures could be converted into Star Domain Essence at any time!

How could he, Chu Feng, compare?

Therefore, to Huangpu You, the only thing he needed to consider was… whether it was worth it!

Huangpu’s eyes kept flickering.

He seemed to be thinking.

Beside him, the golden-robed figure could not stand it anymore.

He said anxiously, “You’er, don’t be rash!”

“8 million drops of Star Domain Essence is not a small number!”

“There are still many precious treasures behind. If we compete too fiercely with Chu Feng, even if we win in the end, we’ll probably lose all the opportunities after that. It’s not worth it!”

“If there’s really no other way… give up!”

The voice of the golden-robed figure echoed in the private room, but Huangpu You seemed to have turned a deaf ear. However, the ferocious glint in his eyes became even more intense.

Suddenly, he growled like a beast.

“Fight! We must fight! And fight to the end!”

“We must stop Chu Feng! We must not let him have the chance to become stronger again!”

“If Chu Feng dares, why wouldn’t I, Huangpu You, dare?!”

The golden-robed figure was furious.

“You’er! Don’t be blinded by hatred!”

“I know that you’ve been brooding because you’ve been embarrassed by Chu Feng. However, this matter is very important. I will definitely not let you go too far just because of your rage!”

Huangpu You suddenly raised his head and muttered, “I’m very rational now!”

“My decision has nothing to do with face! After the sacrificial technique was revealed, do you think I still care about this?”

“I just feel that the crazier Chu Feng is, the more it means that there’s a need for us to disrupt him!”

“I have a feeling that if Chu Feng succeeds today, this child will definitely be the greatest obstacle in our trip to the Lost Continent!”

The golden-robed figure wanted to say something else, but just as he opened his mouth, he was interrupted by Huangpu You.

“Third Palace Master!”

“Before we left, the Great Palace Master said that I, Huangpu You, would be in charge of this operation! You, the Third Palace Master, will only assist…”

His determined voice echoed in the private room.

Silence. One could hear a pin drop.

The golden-robed figure was stunned.

Clearly, he did not expect Huangpu You to dare to speak to him like this!

For a moment, he did not know how to speak.

“I will bear all the consequences of what I do today!”

At this moment, Huangpu You had truly displayed the decisiveness of a peerless genius.

Even when facing a Divine Lord expert, he would not give in at all!

Because he knew that if he retreated now, he might never have a chance to make up for it in the future.

He knew Chu Feng’s talent all too well…

Therefore, he could not retreat!

The golden-robed figure continued to remain silent.

Huangpu You did not care and continued, “Third Palace Master, I’ve offended you this time.”

“I can also promise you, Palace Master, that I will set 15 million drops of Star Domain Essence as my bottom line!”

“If Chu Feng can really take out 15 million, then the heavens are blessing him. I, Huangpu You, will admit defeat!”

In Huangpu You and even everyone’s thoughts, it was impossible for an itinerant martial artist to have more than 15 million drops of Star Domain Essence!

Even a large clan like the Heavenly Essence Clan would find it difficult to take it out in one go!

Huangpu You’s actions had already overestimated Chu Feng.

It could be seen how much Huangpu You valued Chu Feng.

Hearing Huangpu You’s determined voice, the golden-robed figure could only sigh and shake his head.

“Forget it, forget it. From now on, it’s the world of you young people. Do as you see fit.”

“Since Big Brother asked you to be in charge of everything, he must have his reasons. Although I’m strong, sometimes I’m indeed not bold enough.”

“I don’t agree, but I’ll hold my objection. I’ll fully support you from now on.”

Huangpu You was overjoyed.

“Thank you for your help, Third Palace Master!”

As he spoke, he shouted impatiently at the hall, “Our Human Imperial Palace, 8.1 million!”

It was still only an additional 100,000, but the effect this time was completely different.

Everyone was shocked.

No one dared to laugh at him anymore.

Not everyone could have such boldness!

Hearing this voice, the smile on Chu Feng’s face slowly dissipated.

A hint of seriousness flashed across his eyes.

“I think… I’ve underestimated you.”

Chu Feng sighed.

When did Huangpu You become so bold?

Now… it’s my turn to be in trouble!

Chu Feng frowned.

He suddenly felt that he had boasted a little too early…

There were indeed many ways to make money, but all of them were quite risky!

For example, the countless undead in his hands!

They were all popular items.

Unfortunately, although there were many liches, their price was too low.

One was only about one to two hundred drops of Star Domain Essence.

The lich army in his hands combined was probably only one or two million.

It was completely not enough to compete with Huangpu You!

The remaining… Terror Knight?!

This was definitely a treasure that could make everyone go crazy!

The legendary top-grade talented undead!

It contained the existence of the divine light of heaven and earth!

Cultivated with a Spiritual Abode, it would be something that countless experts would go crazy over!

Even if it was only in the Spirit Realm now, the price of each one was probably at least tens of thousands of drops of Star Domain Essence!

Unfortunately, if Chu Feng dared to take it out for auction, one or two was probably nothing, but if hundreds or thousands of them appeared at once, even a fool would know that there was something wrong!

Then Chu Feng would be in big trouble!

He could mass produce the divine light of heaven and earth?

Even a Master God, no, a Great Emperor might not be able to protect him!

Chu Feng was immediately in a dilemma.

He calculated in his heart.

Other than the undead army, what else could he do?


That was a way.

But there was no time…

So… what should he do?!

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