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Chapter 1394 The Tower of Bones

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After bidding farewell to the team, Fang Heng and Elisa stepped into the mage tower together.

The necromancy attendant guarding the door carefully checked Fang Heng’s invitation card and Elisa’s identification before allowing them to pass.

After entering the teleportation area on the second floor of the mage tower, Elisa helped Fang Heng pay the teleportation fee, and the two of them stepped into the teleportation channel one after another.

A game prompt flashed across Fang Heng’s retina.

[Hint: The player has used the teleportation channel. The player has entered the city of Catantul.]

Stepping out of the teleportation passage channel, Fang Heng slowly opened his eyes.

On the second floor of the mage tower, looking out of the window, one could see that the entire city was shrouded in a thick ghost fog.

This was Catantul in Pnoze, the base of necromancy in the intermediate game world.

“Fang Heng, let’s go.”


Fang Heng retracted his gaze and nodded before leaving with Elisa.

Necromancers could be seen gathered in twos and threes on the first and second floors of the mage tower. Many of them were whispering to each other.

“Fang Heng, this is Catantul. Those who are able to enter here have all passed the necromancy assessment. At least they are elementary necromancers who have gone through layers of screening assessments. There are also many people like you who are here to seek guidance. There are many hidden masters among them. Our strength might be nothing here, so we should try to keep a low profile.”

Fang Heng felt that he was not a very arrogant person. He immediately nodded and said, “Yes, alright.”

The two of them left the mage tower together. As soon as they stepped out, Fang Heng felt a familiar mist of the undead assaulting his face.

Elisa pointed at the tall white tower in the west of the city, a hint of fear flashing in her eyes, “Fang Heng, do you see that? The tallest white building is the Tower of Bones.”

Fang Heng also looked in Elisa’s direction.

It was a white tower. The top half of the white tower had already been submerged in the black ghost fog, making it impossible to see its full appearance.

The white tower seemed to be built with the bones of an unknown creature. Even standing there, Fang Heng could still vaguely feel the intimidating aura emitted by the tower.

There were two towers on the left and right sides of the white tower. However, they were much shorter than the Tower of Bones.

“That area is the area for talent advancement. You need special proof to enter. I’ve never gone in to take a look before, but I heard that very few people can enter the Tower of Bones. There’s only one every few years. Most necromancers who seek guidance usually choose to enter the other towers.”

Elisa looked at Fang Heng carefully and lowered her voice, “Well, Fang Heng, I have to go home first. My cousin is waiting for me at my new house. She’ll be anxious to find me if she waits too long. Do you have a place to stay here? My new house is quite big. You can stay here for a few days and move out after you settle down.”

Elisa’s eyes were filled with anticipation as she continued, “My cousin is a very nice person. She will be very happy to meet you.”

Fang Heng felt that he would not stay in Punoze for long.

Complete the guidance mission as soon as possible, obtain the talent upgrade mission, and then quickly complete the intermediate necromancy level upgrade.

Time was tight, and there was no need to waste it.

“I want to take a look at the Tower of Bones first. I’ll come back to you after I’ve settled down.”

“Okay, then.”

Elisa was a little disappointed. She took out a pen and paper and wrote a note for Fang Heng, “This is the address of my new home. You are welcome to my home.”

“Yes, I will.”

Fang Heng put away the note.

Elisa took two steps forward, turned around, and said, “If you can’t find a place to stay, you must come and find me.”


Fang Heng nodded and said goodbye to Elisa before walking towards the Tower of Bones.

At the entrance of the talent advancement area in the Western region of the city, several necromancy attendants stood at the entrance, their eyes gently sweeping across every necromancy scholar passing by.

Their gazes lingered on Fang Heng for a few seconds before they looked away.

The Western region’s talent advancement area wasn’t considered big.

After entering the area, Fang Heng realized that there were four towers beside the Tower of Bones. He could only see three from afar, and the other two were even shorter, making it impossible to see them clearly from afar.

There was a large square in front of the five towers, surrounded by some relatively low buildings. Many players gathered in groups in the square and chatted softly.

The moment Fang Heng stepped into the square, many malicious gazes swept across him.

In the crowd, a few players from the Federation were originally discussing something. One of them noticed Fang Heng and immediately had a thought. Following that, his gaze was fixed on Fang Heng, unable to move away. His eyes revealed doubt and surprise.

“Kou Ming, what are you looking at?”

Kou Ming’s eyes were still focused on Fang Heng. He asked in a low voice, “Captain, that person looks very familiar. Look, is he Fang Heng?”

Fang Heng?!

Everyone was stunned.

Fang Heng was the World Lord of the elementary game world. Kou Ming, who used to be in the investigation department, had memorized the information of all the highly dangerous people in the game and recognized him at first glance.

Zheng Yuping, the captain of the Federation’s enforcement team, stared at Fang Heng.

Recently, Fang Heng’s name had become extremely well-known in the Federation.

After all, the Zombie Apocalypse and the Vampire Apocalypse were the two game worlds that were most closely related to ordinary players. Fang Heng had thus become the focus of the Federation.

“Yes, seems like him.”

“Why is he here?”

“From the information we gathered, he should have the necromancy skill, hence it’s possible that he will appear here.”

Another player was in disbelief and whispered, “But…He had already reached Level 30 and accepted the talent guidance mission?”

One had to know that the players who entered the talent advancement area were all here to receive a second talent upgrade.

The requirement for the second upgrade was for the player to reach Level 30.

How long had it been? He remembered that Fang Heng had just become a World Lord of the game world not long ago, right?

He had reached Level 30 just like that?

It was too fast!

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