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«Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game (Web Novel) - Chapter 1396 The Consultation Fee

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Chapter 1396 The Consultation Fee

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“I only have 4%?”

“It’s not low. Normally, a team has eight people. It’s not appropriate to give more. Besides, you’re a newbie, so the team is responsible for preparing materials.”

Cheng Ke looked Fang Heng up and down again and raised three fingers. “Of course, if you’re rich, I can help you buy some dust of evil thoughts from outsiders. It’s only a 3% handling fee.”

“No need. I don’t have money.”

Fang Heng shook his head.

Cheng Ke narrowed his eyes. Greed appeared in his eyes as he stared at Fang Heng and said, “Alright then. The consultation fee will be 5,000 King of Gods’ points. We won’t accept direct transactions. Items of equivalent value will do.”

Fang Heng turned his head and stared at Cheng Ke, “Five thousand? Asking me for money?”

“Of course, what I just told you is confidential information. It’s only reasonable to charge a small consultation fee, right?”

Fang Heng looked away from Cheng Ke.

“Hey, Brother, don’t tell me you want to go back on your word. We’ve always been doing business in this area and have a lot of influence. I don’t care about this little money, but if word gets out and I don’t receive money, it’ll be very difficult for us to do things in the future…”

Cheng Ke’s tone gradually became unfriendly.

Fang Heng noticed that the players around him, who were more than 20 meters away, had taken a few steps closer to them, intentionally or unintentionally, as if they wanted to surround him.

“Is that so? So, are you going to make a move?”

Cheng Ke moved closer and whispered in front of Fang Heng, “Of course not. We are all very civilized. Moreover, I’ll give you a piece of information. It’s best not to make a move in this area. However, you have to consider it carefully. We only need to release a little news, and naturally, no team will allow you to join in the future.”

“Moreover, my boss will definitely not be happy when he hears about this. His temper is not very good, and I’m not sure what he will do. It’s best to think about it. A person can’t survive here alone…”

“If you don’t attack, don’t block the way.”

Fang Heng interrupted Cheng Ke and walked past him, heading toward the central Tower of Bones.

Cheng Ke was stunned.

He looked at Fang Heng with disdain.

The player who could pass the pre-assessment and enter the talent advancement area were either strong or had a lot of resources. There were also players who were so arrogant that they did not take others seriously, but there were not many.

But it didn’t matter.

Soon, they would suffer.

At that time, they would be beaten up by reality and obediently come to the door to admit their mistakes.


Just as he was thinking, Cheng Ke suddenly froze.

He realized that Fang Heng’s walking direction didn’t seem right.


Wrong way?

Cheng Ke noticed that Fang Heng was actually walking straight to the Tower of Bones in the center?!

In front of the Tower of Bones, dozens of necromancers noticed someone approaching and turned their faces to Fang Heng.

The other players in the square also looked at Fang Heng.

The necromancy attendants did not move, but two red soul fires appeared under their hoods.

Fang Heng strode to the entrance of the Tower of Bones.

In an instant, the entire talent advancement area fell silent. Everyone stared at Fang Heng’s every move.

Cheng Ke’s face turned slightly pale.

What was going on?


How was he able to enter the Tower of Bones?

Chen Ke had been here for nearly a decade, and as far as he could tell, only five people had managed to enter the Tower of Bones. Without exception, these five people were either top-tier players or the leaders of top powers.

It was over.

He seemed to have offended an extraordinary figure.

However, Cheng Ke couldn’t understand how a player could enter the Tower of Bones on his first visit.

In the past, the five of them had only managed to gather the dust of evil thoughts after going through a lot of trials and tribulations. They had only been allowed to enter the Tower of Bones after they had upgraded their invitation cards to the highest tier.

Who would have thought that this kid could actually enter the Tower of Bones directly?

Under everyone’s gaze, Fang Heng pushed open the door of the Tower of Bones and stepped in.

Seeing Fang Heng enter the Tower of Bones, everyone from the Federation was shocked.

Zheng Yuping was shocked.

“Captain…Captain…” Kou Ming’s voice trembled as he said, “He should be Fang Heng, right?”

The others also looked at Zheng Yuping.

Everyone had the same thought.

Other than Fang Heng, there shouldn’t be anyone else who had this ability and met the relevant conditions, right?

“Yes… It’s a little strange.”

“Hmm,” Zheng Yuping replied softly. He was once again filled with extreme suspicion.

Something’s not right!

He was certain that there were restrictions to entering the Tower of Bones.

Using the dream crystals in the high-level game world to level up could allow one to quickly reach Level 30, but it would not allow the person to enter the highest-level Tower of Bones or the second-highest-level Tower of Withering.

However, the person in front of him had indeed entered the Tower of Bones.

There were two possibilities.

The first possibility was that the person was not Fang Heng, but merely looked like him.

The second possibility was that Fang Heng had used his own strength to accumulate a huge amount of resources in the intermediate game world in less than a month and successfully cleared the intermediate game world.

He heard that Fang Heng had been helping the Necromancer Association in the real world to clear the aura of the death realm.

Where did he have the time to clear the game?

Zheng Yuping clenched his fists.

Was there really such a terrifying player?

Beside him, another team member swallowed his saliva carefully and asked, “Captain, do we, do we need to report to the higher-ups to pay attention to Fang Heng’s unusual movements?”

“Yes, investigate thoroughly.”

Zheng Yuping nodded.

He had to report it.

If it really was Fang Heng, then it would be too terrifying.

In just a few months, he had gone from a newbie to a World Lord, and after half a month, he had cleared the intermediate game world.

The reason why he entered the Tower of Bones this time was most likely to increase his talent.

It was hard to imagine what kind of terrifying existence he would become in the future.

“Inform the higher-ups immediately and find a way to contact Fang Heng to confirm his identity.”

Because he was too agitated, Zheng Yuping’s originally calm breathing became heavier. He said in a deep voice, “Everyone, cheer up. If it’s really him, there might be hope for our talent advancement this time.”


Inside the Tower of Bones, Fang Heng stopped at the entrance. The tower was densely covered with balls of dark blue soul fire that could be seen with the naked eye.

The soul fire slowly floated and swam. The light it released illuminated the surroundings.

Raising his head, Fang Heng observed the decorations in the tower.

The overall layout of the tower was a little strange. After the entrance was a vast hall. The center of the hall was empty. If one stood at the bottom of the hall, one would be able to see the top of the tower at a glance.

On the right side of the entrance was a wooden staircase built against the wall.

The stairs circled around the wall, and there was a wooden door at every interval.

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