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Chapter 1395 Recognise

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Being able to reach Level 30 meant that he had surpassed 99% of the players in the game and was considered one of the top players.

The difficulty of leveling up was too high.

Usually, most players who reached Level 30 would choose to enter the high-level game world in advance and use the high-level dream crystals that dropped in the high-level game world to exchange for low-level mutation crystals to level up.

This would ensure a certain level of efficiency.

It seemed to be efficient, but doing so would cause the subsequent stages of talent advancement to be partially restricted.

According to the leveling ratio of the dream crystals, the talent advancement would fluctuate, and the highest talent advancement could only reach E-S level.

These were the game settings that the Federation had developed over the years and were classified as top-level secrets.

Of course, for ordinary players, it was already a good thing to have an A-level talent advancement.

As for the other way to level up, one could only rely on his own strength to take one step at a time, slowly accumulating the mutation crystals and slowly grinding them down!

He would need to use a huge amount of resources to accumulate so many crystals!

Among them, the most difficult was the Tier 3 mutation crystal required to level up to Level 30.

Usually, Tier 3 mutation crystal could only be dropped by BOSS-level creatures in the intermediate game world, and they were bound to souls!

This kind of level-up requirement was a nightmare for ordinary players!

Regardless of which method was mentioned, it was extremely difficult to reach Level 30 in a short period of time.

Kou Ming sized Fang Heng up and asked softly, “Captain, do we need to make contact with Fang Heng? He has a good relationship with the Eastern Federation, right? I heard that he helped the Necromancer Association as well.”

“Yes, there’s no hurry. Let’s confirm if it’s him first and then we’ll see what happens.”

Zheng Yuping stared at Fang Heng in shock.

Fang Heng!

Could it really be him?

He looked too similar!

However, Zheng Yuping’s rationality told him that this was very abnormal.

Level 30 in half a month?

Even if Fang Heng used the first method, using the high-tier dream crystals to transform into the mutation crystals to obtain the effect of rapid level-up, it would not be done in a short period of time.

Because Fang Heng had a special identity.

World Lord!

This meant that Fang Heng had to first obtain the coordinates of the entrance to the high-tier world and also obtain the high-level dream crystal in the advanced game world.

It was definitely not an easy task!

Kou Ming looked at Fang Heng’s movements and couldn’t help but frown. “Captain, it’s a bit troublesome. Ryan Mercenary Group’s gang has gone over, but they don’t seem to recognize Fang Heng.”

“There’s no need for that. Let’s wait and see. If that person is really Fang Heng, we can handle it ourselves.”


Just as everyone from the Federation was sizing up Fang Heng, a player with a rather friendly appearance walked towards Fang Heng from not far away.

“Brother, is this your first time here? I’m Cheng Ke. I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

Fang Heng glanced at the person who spoke to him and replied, “Yes, I just arrived.”

“Alone? No friends brought you here? Do you want me to introduce you to this place?”

Fang Heng looked around and his gaze finally stopped on the Tower of Bones in the center. He said, “Yes, I received a guidance mission. You too?”

“Of course, most of the people who can stay in this area are those who have accepted the talent guidance mission. I’ve been here for more than ten years. I’m very familiar with this area. There’s almost no one I don’t know. If you encounter any problems or troubles in the future, you can come to me.”

Cheng Ke seemed very reliable. He even patted on his chest as he spoke, looking very reliable.

“Is that so?” Fang Heng’s eyelids twitched. He thought of the dust of evil thoughts he had obtained in the undead storm and asked, “Do you know what the dust of evil thoughts can do?”

“You want to test me?” Cheng Ke smiled and pointed at the towers. He said, “Do you see those towers in front? You’re here for them too, right?”

Fang Heng looked at the Tower of Bones and the four surrounding towers and nodded.

“From the shortest to the tallest, the four towers over there are the Tower of Nightmare, the Tower of Ruins, the Tower of Decay, and the Tower of Withering.”

“Players who accept the guidance mission will receive the corresponding entrance card after completing part of the prerequisite mission. According to the level and completion of the prerequisite mission, the initial invitation card will usually be the shortest Tower of Nightmare Tower and the Tower of Ruins.”

“Then, every tower has a corresponding teacher. After completing the guidance mission issued by the teacher, you can obtain a talent upgrade. Of course, to put it simply, the higher the level of the tower, the more powerful the teacher inside is, and the stronger the increase after the talent upgrade. How about it? Am I making it sound simple enough?”

Fang Heng nodded and continued, “You still haven’t told me the use of the dust of evil thoughts.”

“The dust of evil thoughts is used to charge and level up the invitation card, from low to high, level by level, slowly level up from the lowest level of the Tower of Nightmare. There are also some special missions that use the dust of evil thoughts.”

“Other than that, the dust of evil thoughts is also a tool required for some talent missions.”

Fang Heng understood and pointed at the white tower in the middle.

“You haven’t mentioned the tower in the middle.”

“Don’t even think about the one in the middle. It’s the highest-level tower in our talent advancement area. It’s called the Tower of Bones. There’s something wrong with the teacher inside, so the mission given is impossible to complete. Just pretend that he doesn’t exist. In the past, there was a person who spent three to four years to level up his invitation card to the highest level and enter the Tower of Bones. In the end, he received an impossible mission that can’t be given up.”

Cheng Ke had a gloating smile on his face as he said in an exaggerated tone, “The people who were tricked are all dumbfounded. Those who were at the same time as him had already graduated from Level 30, but he’s still stuck at Level 30.”

Fang Heng asked with narrowed eyes, “What mission is it?”

“I don’t know.” Cheng Ke shrugged and explained very quickly, “You know the rules.”

“In short, the missions related to these towers all require the dust of evil thoughts. The difficulty of obtaining the dust of evil thoughts is also extremely high. Other than trading and snatching, you can only obtain it from the resentful creatures in the undead storm.”

Cheng Ke then shifted his gaze to the crowd in the square.

“Do you see the people here? They all came earlier than you. Some of them have already been here for a few years. They have formed small teams to search for the undead storm and kill the resentful creatures. They are very experienced, so following this group of people will help you familiarize yourself with the environment here. I can help you find a team to join. You are a newcomer, so one operation will probably help you obtain 5% of all the dust of evil thoughts. However, you can give me 1% as a middleman fee. How about it?”

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