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«Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2190: Another Story of Huaxia (31)

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Chapter 2190: Another Story of Huaxia (31)

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The man on the other side of the line said something to Zhao Meixue and hung up the phone.

When she hung up the phone, her eyes twinkled with a cold flash, and she smiled coldly. “Men are really stupid. Nangong Chuan is stupid, and so is he. I can manipulate them like they are idiots!”

“Who’s there?”

All of a sudden, Zhao Meixue seemed to hear a sound. She turned her head immediately only to see a little hamster galloping past her. She frowned, “How could there be a hamster in the villa? It seems that I need to have someone to clean up the villa.”

She didn’t pay much attention to the little hamster. After all, the little hamster couldn’t understand human language, so it wouldn’t know what she was talking about. However…

Why did the thing in the little hamster’s mouth look like a recording pen?

At the thought of this, Zhao Meixue shook her head. I must be wrong. How could a hamster run around with a recording pen in its mouth? That is simply impossible. Zhao Meixue didn’t think about it anymore. She walked towards the second floor with her heels clattering on the ground and the sound resounded throughout the empty villa…

The Spring Snow Restaurant.

There were many luxury cars parked at the gate, so when Yun Luofeng and the others got out of the taxi, they immediately attracted many people’s attention.

“Dad, Sister Luofeng.”

It was the first time that Fu Qing had gone to such a high-end restaurant. She was a bit nervous and flinched because she felt she was being watched like an animal in the zoo.

“Luofeng, well…” Fu Ru was also stunned. “Did you order the Spring Snow Restaurant? I remember the box here can’t be booked unless you book it a year in advance. How did you manage to order one?”

Yun Luofeng smiled. “Nangong helped me book it.”


Fu Ru blinked in astonishment. When did Nangong become so powerful?


Thinking of the several tens of thousands of yuan left in his bank account, Fu Ru clenched his teeth and still walked in. Those tens of thousands of yuan should be enough to pay for today’s meal. I should take the opportunity to celebrate my student’s return and let Qing’er enjoy a good meal!

Of course, Yun Luofeng didn’t know what Fu Ru was thinking. She took Yun Nianfeng and Yun Chutian by hand, Yun Xiao followed her, and they went towards the restaurant.


At that moment, the sudden sound of squealing tires came from behind them. Yun Chutian, who had been walking beside Yun Luofeng, followed the others’ eyes with some curiosity, and then her beautiful eyes were full of amazement.

It was a red sports car. It quickly came to a stop, and then the door of the sports car was opened and a man and a woman came out. The man was a handsome man in a black leather jacket, and the woman next to him had a tee dress and people could see her breasts when she bent over.


Yun Chutian, who was amazed, immediately covered her eyes with her little hands when she saw the woman was so scantily clad.

“Don’t look, Brother Nianfeng, don’t look!”

They had been in Huaxia for so long, and seen a lot of people wearing sexy outfits, but… this woman was too scantily clad. No wonder Yun Chutian had such a reaction.

Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao looked at each other. It seemed that the two little guys got along better than they expected…

When Yun Chutian grew up, she would definitely be her daughter-in-law.

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