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«Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 1701: Yun Luofeng’s Past (4)

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Chapter 1701: Yun Luofeng’s Past (4)

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Under those people’s contemptuous stare, the little girl stood quietly in the street. Her pale little face appeared particularly helpless, and her small figure looked pitiful.

Yun Xiao’s heart ached, and he walked quickly toward the little girl.

He just wanted to stay by her side even if she couldn’t see him…

That would be enough.

Master, come back!

At that moment, an angry voice rang in Yun Xiao’s mind, and then the picture in front of him suddenly broke and turned dark. Before he could figure out what had happened, he saw Little Bug glaring at him.

“Didn’t I tell you that you couldn’t walk around? If I hadn’t found it in time, you would have been left in that place forever.”

Yun Xiao remained expressionless. He thought for a while and asked, “Was that a real fantasy?”

A real fantasy could reflect the ideas at the bottom of a person’s heart.

He had been trying to find out about Yun Luofeng’s past ever since she told him she didn’t belong to this world and told him about her past life. So he went back to Yun Luofeng’s past…


The real fantasy was also dangerous. Anyone who entered it would be stuck there forever and live in that world like a ghost.

“Master, what did you see just now?” Little Bug cast a doubtful glance at Yun Xiao. He realized that Yun Xiao was trapped in the real fantasy because he sensed his killing intent, so he wondered what Master had seen to make him so angry.

“If… there is a place that doesn’t belong to this space-time, can I go to that place?

How could he let those people off who hurt his Feng’er so badly?

“I think it’s possible.” Little Bug thought for a while and said, “As long as there is really such a space-time, there is a way to get there. But I don’t know what that way is.”

“What if… I want to go back to someone’s past?”

“The past cannot be changed. You can go to that space-time, but you can’t go back to the past.”

It meant that he could find his way to China, but not to Yun Luofeng’s past. Indeed…

If he changed the past, then he and Yun Luofeng may not even be able to meet.

“It doesn’t matter that I can’t go back to the past. I just want to kill those people. That would be enough!” Yun Xiao smiled. It was the first time Yun Xiao had smiled since Yun Luofeng left him. However…

Little Bug felt a chilly killing intent, and his fat body couldn’t help but shudder. He wondered who had offended his master. It seems that person would be doomed!

“Young man, wait for me.” Then the old man came out. He said with a smile, “Little guy, thank you for helping me out.”

When Little Bug felt that Yun Xiao was trapped in the real fantasy, he also paid attention to the old man. Of course, he was not that gentle to the old man and just patted him awake with his paws.

Thinking of this, Little Bug couldn’t help but curl his lips disapprovingly. Why was it so easy for human beings to fall into fantasy? Was it because they were too sentimental?

In fact, Yun Xiao had noticed that something was wrong when he saw the little Yun Luofeng. However, in order to learn about Yun Luofeng’s past, he would rather risk his life to know what had happened to her…

However, after learning about her past he felt even worse, as if he had been stabbed by a knife in the heart. It really hurt.

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