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«Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 3096 - Killing A God 2

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Chapter 3096 Killing A God 2

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“Kill a God? You? Do you even know how you’ve managed to survive till now? What are you going to use to kill me? Hahaha!” The God of Destruction laughed loudly in spite of his unease, hoping to dispel those feelings with his bravado.

Jun Wu Xie looked unwaveringly at the laughing God of Destruction.

“It was Ye Jue! It was him that helped you survive till now! But it’s a shame that he died trying to save you…”

“Your abilities are exhausted.” Jun Wu Xie interrupted him, not allowing him to continue.

The God of Destruction was stunned, he did not expect her to react that way. Her calm demeanor seemed to indicate that Ye Jue’s death meant nothing to her.

“You really don’t feel anything for Ye Jue’s death? Ah…you’re really cold hearted.” The God of Destruction chuckled.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the God of Destruction and said matter of factly, “Everything you say is to try and hurt me, what do you want to talk about? Wu Yao’s death? Or that you’ve hurt my friends? Or maybe…you want to use my loved ones to threaten me?”

Jun Wu Xie’s calm tone when dissecting the God of Destruction’s plan was as if she was talking about something that was unrelated to her.

Her attitude was definitely not what the God of Destruction expected.


Way too calm.

The God of Destruction had a realisation, no matter how much he tried to anger Jun Wu Xie, she would not react. It was as if she had been transformed into an iceberg, looking at everything objectively.

“Truly cold.” The God of Destruction narrowed his eyes and grit his teeth.

This was not the result he wanted. He had wanted Jun Wu Xie to fall into endless suffering, not to be indifferent to everything.

Jun Wu Xie wordlessly raised her hand and removed the Face of Selvan from her ear.

The Face of Selvan were disguised as earrings and were small and icy to the touch. Jun Wu Xie held it in her palm and it started to exude a warm and gentle silver glow, turning into an exquisite mask.

Jun Wu Xie continued to look at the God of Destruction indifferently and put the mask on her face.

“The winner is king, that is the rule you’ve set in the Three Realms…well then, who will be the winner today?”

The silver glow from the Face of Selvan combined with Jun Wu Xie’s own golden aura to create a single ray of light that covered her entire body. When the light subsided, Jun Wu Xie was wearing a pale golden suit of armour that had a silver insignia on it, the insignia was faintly discernible, like flickering light.

A pair of golden wings suddenly spread from behind Jun Wu Xie!

And surrounding these wings were golden flames!

A strong divine power could be felt all around. The God of Destruction’s eyes opened even wider when he saw Jun Wu Xie put on the Face of Selvan.

The Face of Selvan was the most important of all Jun Wu Yao’s precious weapons.

“Enough with the idle chat, let’s fight!” Jun Wu Xie had no interest in dragging it out any longer and charged at the God of Destruction even before she had finished speaking those words.

The God of Destruction did not know how to react to Jun Wu Xie’s sudden transformation and when she was rushing towards him, it felt to him like an unstoppable force!

“Jun Wu Xie, don’t be too arrogant!” The God of Destruction grunted and a golden flame suddenly surrounded his body!

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