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«Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 3094 - Of Dreams And Illusions 3

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Chapter 3094 Of Dreams And Illusions 3

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The black aura was gradually beginning to dissipate, starting with Jun Wu Xie’s head and moving to the rest of her body. She could see that it was being replaced with a golden glow…

Fei Yan suddenly felt a strong force near him as he was running.

It was not unfamiliar to him, he had already felt it previously at the palace.

The proximity of this force seemed to indicate the fall of Qiao Chu and the rest. Fei Yan’s heart was so painful that he could hardly breathe, but he did not dare to stop running.

He had been holding back tears for a while but could not hold them back any longer. As he continued running, the wind wicked the tears from his face, lost forever.

Faster, even faster!

Fei Yan berated himself for not being strong enough to bring Jun Wu Xie further away faster!

He could not see it but he could feel the oppressiveness of the force and no matter how fast he ran, he could not increase the distance between himself and the force.

When the force finally appeared from behind him, Fei Yan’s legs suddenly stopped.

It was eerily quiet that it made his hair stand.

“You can’t escape. How can humans fight with gods?” The God of Destruction appeared in front of Fei Yan, his handsome face had been distorted by hatred, leaving nothing good to speak of.

His original golden eyes were bloodshot and looked like a stranger’s. He kept staring at Jun Wu Xie, his murderous intent blindingly obvious.

“God? What God? I don’t believe in such things.” Fei Yan took a deep breath, having nowhere else to run finally allowed him to relax. He carefully put Jun Wu Xie down and although he could not see what was in front of him, stood in front of her as a shield.

“If all gods are as greedy and cruel as you, then I believe that people would not only stop believing in them but would take great pleasure in killing them!” Fei Yan chuckled to himself.

“Ah? You’re still so indignant. No matter, it won’t be long before you suffer the same fate as your friends, unable to move or talk. Resistance is futile, just give up Jun Wu Xie now and maybe I will allow you to suffer less.” The God of Destruction stood there and half smiled. His prey had nowhere to run to and he was in no rush to kill it yet.

He took pleasure in allowing his prey to feel the crushing weight of hopelessness before they died.

“In your dreams!” Fei Yan roared defiantly.

The God of Destruction’s eyes flashed cold and said, “Stupid humans…always overestimating themselves.”

As soon the God of Destruction’s words left his mouth, a golden bolt of light left his hands and flew towards Fei Yan like lightning!

Although Fei Yan could not see, he could feel the danger coming towards him. But the attack was so fast that he could not take any evasive maneuvers.

Just as Fei Yan was bracing himself to meet his end, that force suddenly vanished!

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