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«Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 3012 - Joint plan 2

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Chapter 3012 Joint plan 2

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Above the Knights of Destruction, there was an existence that could never be surpassed. No matter how powerful they were, it was absolutely impossible to cross the chasm.

Therefore, in Su Ruiying’s view, Long Yao’s ambition was like a joke. Their current status had reached its peak. There was no possibility of climbing higher. Long Yao chose to find Jun Wu Xie and ask for trouble.

However, Long Yao did not think so.

“Whether the memory will be erased, this is only known to himself. Don’t forget that even for me, some images still flash in my mind occasionally.” Long Yao somewhat pointed this at Su Ruiying.

Erasing one’s memory seemed terrible. For the memory to be completely cleared, it had certain difficulty. Even Su Ruiying could not guarantee perfection. After a long time, there would still be fragments of memory left in their minds, flashing from time to time. However, those fragments cannot be connected like scrolls of pictures.

“Oh? What do you mean?” Su Ruiying raised her eyebrows slightly.

Long Yao turned sideways, whispering in Su Ruiying’s ear.

Su Ruiying’s face changed slightly, and the look in Long Yao’s eyes became strange.

“You know, Yan Hai is His Lord’s fancy, if you do this …”

Long Yao interrupted: “I also know where the puppets in your house came from.”

Su Ruiying gritted her teeth and didn’t expect such a secret thing was still discovered by Long Yao. After weighing the pros and cons, Su Ruiying took a deep breath and said, “Yes, I can meet your requirements, but only once. In the future, if you dare to threaten me with this matter again, I will fight you, and I will not make you feel good. ”

Long Yao raised his hands slightly and said, “You can rest assured that as long as you get things done this time, I will forget everything about you in the future.”

“Remember your promise today.” Su Ruiying said coldly.

“That’s for sure.” Long Yao smiled.

Su Ruiying got up, “Send off the guest.”

The ghoul masked man came out from the side and stood respectfully in front of Long Yao. Long Yao also knew the current affairs and knew that Su Ruiying had reached the edge of her limit. His own goal had been achieved. Naturally, he did not want to agitate Su Ruiying further. He honestly followed the ghost-face man and left Su Ruiying’s house.

As he walked to the door, he glanced at the rickety old man who was standing at the door holding a broom, and cast his lips with disdain

“Your Lord Ying’s taste has always been so strange. What’s so good of having these immortal things all day long.”

The ghoul masked man didn’t dare to speak, but just stopped and stood aside.

Long Yao felt bored and quickly left.

The ghoul masked man retreated back and saw Su Ruiying, who was sitting in the hall with a gloomy face. His heart tightened.

“Bastard! Who does Long Yao think he is? To actually dare threaten me !!!” Su Ruiying was furious and smashed the cup on the table. Her ugly face twisted with malevolence.

“Lady Ying, please calm down. Lord Long has always been rude. He only restrained himself in front of Lord Chi Yan. This time he really caught something against us. My Lady, please be patient and endure for a while.” The ghoul masked man advised.

“Hmph! He dared to threaten me this time, well, just wait for it. I will make him regret this in the future!” Su Rui cursed out angrily.

The ghoul masked man cautiously said: “So Lord Long’s request is …”

“Promised.” Su Ruiying took a deep breath, “Yan Hai can only blame himself for his bad luck. Before that, he had grudges with Long Yao that bastard. I can’t help him.”

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