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«Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 3011 - Joint plan 1

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Chapter 3011 Joint plan 1

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Long Yao was in a bad mood these past few days. His original plan to suppress Jun Wu Xie was destroyed. Not to mention that Jun Wu Xie was able to show her talents in the competition, which completely attracted the attention of His Lord.

When he thought that it wouldn’t be long before Jun Wu Xie would become the same Knight of Destruction as himself and he would no longer have the chance to touch her, his mood turned bad as if he had eaten a fly.

Amidst the mess, he unconsciously came to Su Ruiying’s house .

“Yo, what kind of wind is blowing Lord Long over today? Your presence has flourished in my residence.” Su Ruiying wore a crimson skirt and slowly walked to the hall . Looking at Long Yao’s uncertain face, her red lips were very scary.

Long Yao glanced at Su Ruiying.

To be honest, Su Ruiying’s facial features were really not good-looking. Even if she did not have those scars, she was not beautiful. Su Ruiying carried a gloomy mood all day long. Even as a Knight of Destruction, he subconsciously wanted to avoid her.

But today, Long Yao couldn’t hide anymore.

“You still have the mood to tease me? I heard that you invited that kid Yan Hai to your house yesterday as a guest, why? Don’t tell me that you like his nice features and fell in love with him?” Long Yao said sarcastically.

Su Ruiying laughed softly. Under the chair and table beside Long Yao, her one hand supporting her chin, pretending to be amorous and said: “Why? You can’t be jealous right?”

Su Ruiying looks ugly with that big mouth of blood basin. Even with her charming expression, her face was like a ghost searching for dead souls. Long Yao looked shocked and chilled, but he could only endure it.

“Nonsense, don’t think I don’t know about your small scheming movements these days. There were a lot of people who died in Sacred City previously. All of them are good looking people. Isn’t this just your preference? What about if I tell to His Lord about this … ”

“You with the surname Long! What do you want?” The smile on Su Ruiying’s face faded in an instant. She was instructed to control many souls, but those souls were not available to her. As for her hobby of making soul puppets had been concealed from the outside world, if this matter reached the ears of His Lord, this matter would not be easily dealt with.

Even if she was Su Ruiying, she had to take things more seriously now.

Long Yao looked at Su Ruiying who changed her face, chuckled, and crossed his legs and said, “I didn’t think about anything, I just wanted you to do something for me.”

Su Ruiying glared at Long Yao fiercely. If it were not for Long Yao’s strength that was comparable to hers, she really had the idea of ​​killing him.

“Tell me directly!”

Looking at Su Ruiying’s anger, Long Yao also knew what was meant by sufficiency. He immediately said: “It’s no big deal. You should also know what happened between me and Yan Hai, so …”

Su Ruiying sneered: “Are you afraid of Yan Hai’s revenge? You think too much. Don’t forget, when Yan Hai becomes a Knight of Destruction, he would have already forgotten everything, so no matter what history you have with him, he would no longer remember the past. ”

In Su Ruiying’s view, Long Yao’s worries were simply superfluous. In fact, when Long Yao laid his hands on Jun Wu Xie, it was a huge mistake. Long Yao’s ambitions, Su Ruiying was very clear about it. It’s just that she couldn’t be bothered as it was none of her business.

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