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«Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 2527 - Couldn’t Hold It Back Anymore(1)

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Chapter 2527: Couldn’t Hold It Back Anymore(1)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

It seemed like Yan Wan’s former wives all died suddenly not long after their labours. After they had gone, Yan Wan would once again marry a new woman. The appearance of Liang Shi Shi seemed to indicate that Yan Wan was ready to abandon Yan Hai.

Compared to the schemes and the intrigues of the Upper Realm, Qiao Chu and the others suddenly felt that the past Twelve Palaces were seriously weak as hell!

“Little Xie, what are you going to do?” Hua Yao raised his eyes and looked at Jun Wu Xie. Now that Jun Wu Xie had taken over Yan Hai’s identity, if Yan Wan was really going to do something, she would be the one to deal with him.

Jun Wu Xie didn’t hastily respond him. With her eyes slightly looking down, it seemed like she was thinking about all the information she obtained.

A few moments later, Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes and glanced over Qiao Chu and the others who were all waiting for her to speak.

“As for now, leave him alone.”

“Huh?” Jun Wu Xie’s answer got Qiao Chu and the rest of them stunned.

They had already vaguely gotten what was Yan Wan planning to do, but Jun Wu Xie still wasn’t going to take any action?

“Our main point now is to transfer the Night Regime and the Ghost Army here as soon as possible, as for Yan Wan… we’ll just have to roll with the punches.” Jun Wu Xie spoke casually. Compared to her plan, any actions that were coming from Yan Wan were just some easy cases that couldn’t even be brought up to the spotlight.

If it was the real Yan Hai, maybe he would have to suffer some loses, but the Yan Hai now was her, Jun Wu Xie.

With the only little capability Yan Hai had, she was in fact not worry at all.

Everyone looked at each other with a very subtle feeling arising inside them at the moment.

These evil plots and tricks were probably just some kind of child’s play in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes. In terms of tricks and stratagems, there weren’t really many people in the entire Three Realms that were able to compete with her, and moreover… she had the power of the Double Spirit Rings and the unparalleled medical skills holding in her hand, what else did Jun Wu Xie still need to be afraid of?

Thinking about this, everyone couldn’t help but found out that the worries they previously had were sort of preposterous.

Since Yan Wan had handed over the duties of arranging the departure time of the ships to Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Xie certainly wouldn’t hold any bits back. The early morning on the second day, she had arranged a new batch of ships to set off for the hunts. Not only the number of the crew members had been doubled, but also the size of the ships. The scale of the voyage was exceedingly huge.

The excuse Jun Wu Xie used was that they had found the activity region of the Sea Spirit Beasts during the previous hunting time, and they should set off as soon as possible so that they were able to hunt more Sea Spirit Beasts.

Upon hearing it, Yan Wan responded with derision. Although the Sea of Death was a vast area of ocean, the regions that they were able to reach were very much limited as they needed to return within a month. Such large number of crews being sent off would only cause the problem of congestion. But even though Yan Wan knew about it, he didn’t speak a word regarding the problem.

The Sea Spirit Beasts in the Sea Spirit City would be sent to all places in the Upper Realm. Though there were still quite an amount of stock left in the city, once the supplement wasn’t able to keep up with the high demand, it would soon cause a lot of trouble. By the time, the other authoritarians in the Upper Realm would definitely get into this matter, and Yan Wan could just push “Yan Hai” out and make him the scapegoat. There was no need for him to do anything and all the problems could be easily solved.

Therefore, Yan Wan had let Jun Wu Xie do anything she wanted to. The only thing he did was just to ask someone to monitor the movements of Yan Hai’s mansion and report to him immediately if there was anything suspicious found.

And two months had eventually passed with the situation remaining unchanged. Within the two months, Jun Wu Xie had dispatched more than a hundred crews to the sea, but what everybody didn’t expect was that, no matter how confident these crew members were when they left the city, they had all failed to hunt for the Sea Spirit Beasts, not even one beast was brought back!

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