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«Genius Detective (Web Novel) - Chapter 911: The Civil Affairs Bureau

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Chapter 911: The Civil Affairs Bureau

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Translator: Azza

When Lin Dongxue arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau, she realized that there were a lot of people. She regretted not picking a non-holiday day to come. Chen Shi said, "Since we’re already here, let’s queue up! It's just a matter of taking a photo and stamping a seal. It’ll be over soon enough. "

"There’s no sense of ceremony at all. It’s too far from what I had imagined." Lin Dongxue said disappointedly. The two sat in the waiting area with their ticket number. "Did you bring your identification documents?"

"Household register card and ID card. I’ve brought them both."

"Check again."

Lin Dongxue took Chen Shi's ID card, which had just been made, and the name on it was still Chen Shi.

Lin Dongxue glanced at the ID, then looked at Chen Shi in person before smiling. "I still feel like I’ve lost out. Song Lang was a bit more handsome."

"He was not just a bit more handsome, he was too handsome. It's also very troublesome to be too handsome."

"Haha, you don't have this trouble anymore."

"Has your elder brother been doing well in the Political Department?"

"He's gotten quite used to his new job. He just complains to me that sitting in the office is sometimes too leisurely, and that he wants to return to the second team."

"Don't even think about it. I, as the new captain, won't let him come back."


"Because…" Chen Shi smiled bitterly. "Being adored like an idol by a bachelor in his 30s gives me a lot of pressure. When he was just discharged from the hospital, he ran over to look for me before his bandages were even removed and talked for the whole afternoon. That kind of resentment over being kept in the dark and his suffering while pining for me over the past four years almost caused me to go crazy."

"Do you know how my older brother woke up?"

"Tell me the story."

"The day after Zhou Xiao was arrested, which was also the day after you were arrested, I was very sad, so I went to look for my brother. I said to him who was in a coma. “Elder brother, Old Chen is Song Lang. You need to wake up quickly!” Suddenly, his eyelids began to move, and his heart rate accelerated. The doctors and nurses rushed in as if they had gone crazy, checked this and that, and told me that he had recovered consciousness. It was practically a medical miracle!"

"Oh my God, you’re not lying to me, right?"

"If I lied to you, then I’m a puppy." Lin Dongxue said emotionally. "He missed you so much, but fortunately he’s my elder brother, not my elder sister."

Chen Shi, who understood this sentence, smiled knowingly. At that moment, a couple who was about to get married was arguing, and the quarrel was fierce, attracting all eyes inside the hall.

Lin Dongxue jeered, "If they’re quarrelling before they’re even married, wouldn't it be worse after they get married?"

"How many times have we quarreled with each other?"

Lin Dongxue counted on her fingers. "One, two, three, four, five… it was your fault every time!"

Chen Shi displayed a shocked expression. "Was it my fault every time?"

"I hope that after getting married, you can treat me better, and speak after using your brain a little first. According to scientific research, the brain area that controls sadness in women is three times larger than in men, so women get emotional easily and must be cajoled."

"Understood, my dear wife!"

The quarreling couple seemed to realize that they were affecting others, and their voices gradually became quieter, seemingly resolving the quarrel by themselves.

The two sighed with emotion because of this. Married couples have love-hate relationships. They’d quarrel at the head of the bed and make up at the end of it. Of course, sometimes they made up on the bed.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, Lin Dongxue suddenly looked at Chen Shi, and Chen Shi also looked at her. The two often looked at each other for no reason, and then laughed at the same time. This time, it was the same. Chen Shi smiled and asked, "What's wrong?"

Lin Dongxue smiled and answered, "We’ll be man and wife legally in five minutes. You can make a phone call now or something to settle your messy relationships."

"Nonsense. I don't have any messy relationships. Men and women are equal. If you want to make a call, you can do it too."

"I probably don’t need to do this."

"Am I really so dissolute and unruly in your eyes?"

"Yeah, you always make people feel that you’re not serious, especially after you became the captain. Are some of these things that a criminal police captain should be saying? What ‘As long as you can solve the case, you can do it however you want.’, ‘I don't care who was in the wrong since I insist on protecting my own subordinates anyway.', 'Today's meeting is mainly nonsense, so everyone can just sleep.’ The second team is going to be led astray by you, do you understand? Pay attention to your influence, Great Captain Chen."

Chen Shi smiled awkwardly. "I'm really not good at being a leader, but I have still made some progress. When Song Lang was the captain of the team, he was even more unrestrained than I am now… However, I have to speak frankly. During Song Lang’s time, the whole team’s crime solving rate was very high. Every year, there would be police from sister cities coming over to learn from us. We were the vanguard within the entire public security team."

"How arrogant… Why do you always say ‘Song Lang’ and never say ‘Previously, I…’?"

"Probably because I subconsciously feel that Song Lang is already another person. Chen Shi belongs to the present and belongs to you."

Caught off guard by this endearment, Lin Dongxue's cheeks blushed. She said, "As the captain, you should still be a little more careful. Honestly, I sometimes break out in a cold sweat on your behalf."

"I have told the chief that my being the captain is only temporary. Once a person with both integrity and talent appears in the future, I will immediately make way for that worthy person."

"Be more mindful! Did you hear what I said?!" Lin Dongxue frowned as she emphasized.

"Yes, yes, my dear wife."

Suddenly the hall became raucous. The man who had just been arguing was punching and kicking the woman, slapping her while he grasped her hair. "You capricious, stinking woman. Today, you must tie the knot with me."

"No way, why are they fighting again? Go over and take care of it, Mr. Captain." Lin Dongxue said.

"No. I don't care. Do fights between husband and wife also come under the department of the criminal police? What's more, this criminal police officer is off duty today." Chen Shi was firm.

"If you don't go, I'll go. Look at how pitiful that woman is!"

"Just watch the commotion quietly."

Before Lin Dongxue could go forward, the people around the couple had already persuaded him to stop. The man was flushed and swollen with rage. He panted as he explained to the people around him how the woman had given him trouble while the woman remained silent as she sobbed softly.

Lin Dongxue expressed her dissatisfaction with this abusive man. "Why would anyone marry this kind of man? What if she got beaten to death in the future?"

"You can't control other people's affairs, especially between husband and wife." Chen Shi said.

This couple was ahead of them in the queue. Their number was called and they went in to get their marriage certificate. They came out five minutes later, holding a bright red certificate. The woman had a bright smile on her face which was swollen from being beaten. They asked a young man to help them take photos. The two of them held their certificate and beamed with happiness.

Lin Dongxue was so flabbergasted that she was almost speechless and Chen Shi expressed his opinion. "The conflict between husband and wife is a bad debt, and no one is absolutely right or absolutely wrong."

"Domestic violence is definitely not right!"

"Of course. One should never use violence."

"We’re next. I’m so excited!"

"I’ve finally tricked you into my grasp!"

"Haha, when we finish eating grilled fish, we need to go to the place I rented and move my things."

"What do you mean by 'when we finish eating grilled fish'? You make it sound as if that’s just the logical thing to do."

"We’re getting married today, so shouldn’t we celebrate at noon? Can’t we eat grilled fish to celebrate? What else do you want to eat?" Lin Dongxue reasoned.

Chen Shi smiled and moved closer. "Before your little mouth is red and swollen from the hot spices, hurry up and let this master kiss you a few more times."


Hearing this call, the two who were clinging together hurriedly separated themselves and rushed towards the marriage hall…

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