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«Gate of God (Web Novel) - Chapter 957 - The Arrival of the “Evil God”

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Chapter 957: The Arrival of the “Evil God”

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It was getting closer and closer!

Just as Fang Zhengzhi’s sword was about to reach the forehead of Chou Qi, Chou Qi vanished in front of him.

It was a strange scene.

Moreover, when Chou Qi vanished, the surroundings changed completely and became white as snow and looked as though it was a world filled with haze.

What was going on?

Where was that?

Two ideas flashed across Fang Zhengzhi’s mind. Then, he turned around and realized that Ping Yang, who was initially behind his back, had gone missing.

Ping Yang disappeared?!

Wait a minute!

It was the state of illusion… No! It was the world of the Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven!

Fang Zhengzhi regained his senses quickly as, after all, he had experienced this before. Yun Qingwu had trapped him using the same method when he was outside the Northern Mountain Village.

The Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven could be used to plot formations. Furthermore, after plotting the formation, it turned into a real world that looked like an illusion.

There were two ways to break through the world of the Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven. The first would be a realization, like how Fang Zhengzhi had managed to break through the formation plotted by Yun Qingwu using thirteen out of the Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven. The second would be to keep, to keep the Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven directly using the black metal box on his body.

Fang Zhengzhi chose the second method because he was unsure of what was taking place outside the world. It would be terrible if Chou Qi attacked Ping Yang while he was trapped.

“Open it for me!” With a loud roar, a black metal box appeared in Fang Zhengzhi’s hand. Soon after that, the white fog around him surged towards the black metal box as though they were attracted by something and disappeared after a while.

As the white fog disappeared, the world in front of him changed again to a land of sand accompanied by a blazing sun in the sky.

The scorching hot weather and the endless land of sand seemed to be portraying a type of desolation and bleakness.

“Hmm? Open again!” Fang Zhengzhi was slightly anxious. He had already spent a lot of time keeping one of the maps, and yet Chou Qi had thrown two maps to him at one go.

Without any hesitation, the black metal box produced a strong attractive force again and absorbed the endless land of sand quickly into the box.

Chou Qi had definitely intentionally used these two scenes to trap Fang Zhengzhi. After all, both the white fog and the sand was extremely large-scale.

“Shameless brat, are you alright?!” After the last grain of sand was absorbed into the black metal box, Fang Zhengzhi heard Ping Yang’s voice.

“I’m out!” Fang Zhengzhi turned around upon hearing Ping Yang’s voice and heaved a sigh of relief, “Are you alright?”

“I am fine. However, I felt like I went into another world just now and there was nothing in it, oh… no, there was white fog and… sand, loads of sand… but it disappeared in a flash.” Ping Yang was stunned for a moment before she replied.

“Got it.” Fang Zhengzhi nodded his head. He knew that Ping Yang must have entered the worlds of the Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven with him.

He was somewhat lucky.

That was because Chou Qi did not choose to trap Fang Zhengzhi alone and made use of the time he was trapped to attack Ping Yang.

However, unfortunately…

Chou Qi disappeared!

Chou Qi, who was initially standing in front of him, had vanished without leaving behind any airwave or trace.

“Eh? Where’s Chou Qi? How did he disappear?!” After regaining her senses, Ping Yang looked around and gasped in shock.

“He fled,” replied Fang Zhengzhi.

“Fled? Then what do we do now? He seemed to have already known your identity!” Ping Yang’s expression changed.

“Let’s try to give chase.” Fang Zhengzhi did not say much.

If Chou Qi did not make use of that opportunity to attack Ping Yang, that meant that he had chosen to flee directly after throwing two of the Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven.

Although Fang Zhengzhi did not take very long to keep the two maps, that period of time was sufficient for Chou Qi to flee.

Since he was severely injured, he shouldn’t be able to run far!


Which direction would Chou Qi run towards?

Earlier on, Chou Qi ran down the cliff, by right, Fang Zhengzhi could catch up with him if he gave chase in that direction.

However, would Chou Qi really run down the cliff?

Fang Zhengzhi frowned slightly and took a glance at the direction of the top of the cliff. “Could he have… ran up?”

The possibility of that was rather huge.

After all, all the Human Alliance were at the bottom of the cliff whereas the forces of the Monster Race and Demon Race were at the top of the cliff. By running towards the top of the cliff, Chou Qi had a greater chance of receiving treatment.

“Hurry and give chase, what are you waiting for?” Ping Yang saw the hesitation on Fang Zhengzhi’s face and hurried him.

“If you were me, what direction would you go?” Fang Zhengzhi asked.

“Of course to the bottom of the cliff, didn’t you see him earlier on… Hold on, you mean he ran to the top of the cliff?”

“What do you think is more likely to happen?”

“The top, definitely to the top. Chou Qi is not stupid, the forces of the Monster Race and Demon Race are on the top of the cliff, he definitely ran up!” Ping Yang replied in confidence.

“Now that you say this, I am starting to feel that he ran downwards… After all, Chou Qi is too arrogant, he definitely does not want the Monster Race and Demon Race to see him injured. Also, he must be thinking that we will give chase in the direction to the top of the cliff and therefore, by going in the opposite direction, it is more likely…”

“Stop thinking about this, listen to me, he definitely went up. Nobody is unafraid of death, including Chou Qi, he will definitely run upwards. If I am wrong, I can even sleep with you to make up for it!”

“Are you sure?”

“Very sure!”

“Alright, I will trust you for once!” Fang Zhengzhi stopped hesitating as there was a 50-50 chance for both directions.

He could only take a gamble!

Woosh! With a flap of the black-golden wings, Fang Zhengzhi carried Ping Yang and dashed towards the top of the cliff of the Heaven Dao Pavilion.

However, he did not realize that the cut on the back of his right hand had not healed like his other injuries and gray blood was still trickling down from the cut.

When Fang Zhengzhi, who had the black-golden wings, chose to pursue at full force, how fast could he go? If there was a machine to measure his speed, the machine would have exploded.

In a blink of an eye, two “evil gods” appeared on the cliff of the Heaven Dao Pavilion.

“Hand over Chou Qi and we can spare your lives!”

“Ah?!” The six Monster Kings and the Demon troops at the top of the cliff of the Sword Peak stared at the two of them in confusion.

Chou Qi?

Didn’t he head down?

Wait a minute!

The two of them are back again? Did that mean that Demon Deity Chou Qi was defeated by the guy named “Meng Tian” in front of them?!

At this thought, the six Monster Kings’ expressions changed completely. After exchanging gazes, they turned and fled.

Upon seeing this, how would the rest of the Demon troops be willing to stay on?


“Hurry… Run!”

“Meng Tian is back!”

Shouts echoed in the sky and the troops of the Monster Race and Demon Race who were guarding at the Heaven Dao Pavilion were completely in chaos as everyone fled.

“…” Fang Zhengzhi’s mouth twitched upon seeing this. He wanted to give chase but the six Monster Kings had cleverly run in six different directions, making it impossible for him to give chase.

As for the other Demon troops, they fled like a group of frightened “ducks” that flew all over the place.

How could he give chase?

It was impossible!

Moreover, Fang Zhengzhi’s target was Chou Qi. If he had chosen to chase after the Monster Kings, he would be wasting more time.

“It seems like… We chased in the wrong direction?” Fang Zhengzhi turned to Ping Yang after staring at the silent and empty scene ahead of him.

“I don’t believe this. Chou Qi must have come up here. Perhaps he is hidden amongst the Demon soldiers. Hmm… Yes, it must be like that!” Ping Yang was confident.


“So I did not lose!”

“How dare you learn to deny that you have lost, I am going to beat you… Hmm?! The sky seems to be spinning… spinning…” Fang Zhengzhi was about to slap Ping Yang when he suddenly felt lightheaded and the whole world was spinning around him.

He felt as though he was immortalized!

“Spinning? What spinning? Erm? Shameless brat, what happened to you!” Ping Yang realized that Fang Zhengzhi was perspiring like mad on his forehead and he was about to faint.

Then, a body collapsed on her with his face on her chest. It felt warm and heavy.

“Wake up… Shameless brat, don’t scare me? Alright, I will sleep with you, I will not deny my mistakes, I lost… Shameless brat, don’t pretend to die!” Ping Yang’s voice echoed in the sky but Fang Zhengzhi did not move.

The six Monster Kings and the Demon soldiers also heard Ping Yang’s voice from afar and stopped their footsteps.

“He is dead?”

“How is that possible? Sir Demon Deity lost to him, how is it possible for him to die suddenly? Trap, it must be a trap! They are luring us over!”

“That makes sense!”

“I think we should head down using other paths. Young Lord is reaching soon, we should welcome her and let her know about the situation here, then we can stand a chance to regain our possession of the Heaven Dao Pavilion!”

“Hmm, you are right!”

After a slight hesitation, the six Monster Kings came to a consensus and ran down the mountain of the Heaven Dao Pavilion with the Demon soldiers.

At the foot of the mountain of the Heaven Dao Pavilion, a black figure leaped down from the cliff of the Sword Peak and fell with a thud.

“Damn, damn it… urgh…” As the figure spat out a mouthful of blood, he uttered indignantly and touched the back of his neck.

As predicted by Fang Zhengzhi, Chou Qi did not choose to run to the top of the cliff because he was Chou Qi, the guy who loved to kill.

Therefore, how would he hand over his life to a group of “useless things”?

What was it like at the bottom of the mountain?

He knew the answer but so what? In his opinion, even if he was severely injured, the weak humans there could not be his match.

Crack! A thin gray object appeared in his hand.

The Blade of Death!

It was stained with gray blood.

Without hesitation, Chou Qi took out a bronze bottle, poured out a red pill and swallowed it.

The so-called Blade of Death was not an ordinary weapon. Once one was injured by it, even the Godly State experts could not heal their injuries with their cultivation.

Therefore, countless Godly State experts had died under the Blade of Death.

“Fang Zhengzhi, after being injured by the Blade of Death… If I were you, I would have amputated my arm immediately. What a pity, it’s too late!” Chou Qi smirked as he looked at the top of the cliff.

Godly State experts could amputate their arms and had them grow back. However, Fang Zhengzhi clearly did not know about that.

He chose to continue to give chase.

Therefore, the outcome was predictable.

“Hahaha… cough cough, you will definitely die, definitely die, haha… haha… haha… ” Chou Qi laughed evilly as though he was trying to vent his anger. His body trembled as he laughed and he coughed out blood.

However, he did not bother about that and continued laughing until both of his eyes were bloodshot and a pool of gray blood was formed on the floor.

However, the blood Chou Qi coughed out turned red quickly and the drops of blood dripped on the ground.

“Seriously, it’s so funny?” Just as Chou Qi was laughing hysterically, a calm voice was heard behind a tree.

“Hmm?!” Chou Qi stopped smiling and turned to the tree nearby as a figure walked out slowly.

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