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«From Sidekick to Bigshot (Web Novel) - Chapter 782: Wen Ruo’s Thoughts

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Chapter 782: Wen Ruo’s Thoughts

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In fact, that little girl was probably concerned about him, right? She probably didn’t want him to be too tired.

In his memories, that little girl was always hugging his legs. Back then, she constantly looked at him with bright and intelligent eyes.

“Brother, if you don’t play with me, I will tell my mommy that you bullied me!”

“Don’t act shamelessly.”

“I’m not acting shamelessly! If you refuse to play with me, I’m going to become upset!”

Then, the little girl pouted.

“Go and play with your second brother.”

“He was taken away by his teacher today.”

“Ahh, what do you want to play?” He finally decided to compromise.

“Anything is fine! I just don’t want to stay in this study room! It’s so stuffy in the study room. I’m going to be bored to death~ If I’m bored to death, you won’t have a sister anymore!”


“Cousin?” Wen Ruo called out when she saw that Jian Yuncheng was in a daze.

Jian Yuncheng’s thoughts were drawn back to reality. As he looked at Wen Ruo, his gaze once again turned cold.

“If there’s nothing else that you want to say, please go back. I still have things to take care of.”

Jian Yuncheng’s attitude was as distant and cold as ever.

However, because he was always like this, Wen Ruo was not dissuaded by his cold attitude.

And thus, Wen Ruo added: “I almost forgot to congratulate you on your partnership with Xuming Medical Manufacturers.”

Wen Ruo’s voice was soft and filled with happiness as she said: “I heard that Wei Qirui attempted to get this project going with Elder Zhang several times in the past. In the end, he did not manage to do so. Therefore, it’s very impressive for you to land this partnership as soon as you acquired the company. Everyone in the corporate world is speculating about your talents and capabilities. After all, Elder Zhang has high hopes for you.”

Wen Ruo’s words were true. There was a lot of speculation in the corporate world.

Everyone knew that Wei Qirui was so angry that he was ready to vomit blood.

Elder Zhang’s opinion on the project changed as soon as Wei Qirui was no longer the owner.

Therefore, it was obvious that Elder Zhang was dissatisfied with the management of the company.

“That has nothing to do with me,” Jian Yuncheng replied. Even though he did not know what Elder Zhang was doing, he still felt like he didn’t play a role in Elder Zhang’s decision.

After all, he did not associate with Elder Zhang before this.

“You don’t need to be so modest. Huan You Technology Corporation has already flourished in your hands. Anyone with eyes can see your abilities. Therefore, I believe that Elder Zhang is also aware of this.”

“Do you have anything else to say?” Jian Yuncheng asked as he got up. “I have to go to a meeting.”

“Can I take a look around your company? I’ve never been to a gaming company,” Wen Ruo asked.

“Do whatever you want.”

After saying that, Jian Yuncheng picked up his computer and left for the conference room.

Wen Ruo didn’t leave immediately after Jian Yuncheng left the room. Instead, she stayed in Jian Yuncheng’s office for a while. Then, she got up to visit other parts of the company.

As Jian Yuncheng’s secretary was afraid of her running all over the place, he decided to follow her.

When the employees of the company saw this, they whispered to each other:

“Who is that girl?”

“She seems to be the CEO’s sister.”

“The CEO has a sister?”

“Yeah, apparently he does.”

“Ahhh, I’m so envious. I want a brother like our CEO.”

“Definitely. However, we’re not that lucky. Maybe we’ll get someone like that in our next life.”

After taking a tour around the company, Wen Ruo realized that the scale of Jian Yuncheng’s gaming company was much larger than she had imagined.

She suddenly realized that they had previously underestimated the ability of Jian Yuncheng.

Even without the acquisition and partnership with Xuming Medical Manufacturers, Jian Yuncheng’s company was already quite formidable.


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