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«From Sidekick to Bigshot (Web Novel) - Chapter 1373: Love Triangle (1)

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Chapter 1373: Love Triangle (1)

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Zhai Zhongshen carried Long Yuetian over to the wheelchair and placed her down.

As soon as she left Zhai Zhongshen’s arms, Long Yuetian felt a huge weight be lifted off her shoulders.

Thank goodness Yiling brought over a wheelchair!

Zhai Yunsheng smiled and whispered into Jian Yiling’s ear: “Thankfully you’re the person who brought the wheelchair over. If someone else did this, they would probably suffer later on.”

Jian Yiling did not quite understand what Zhai Yunsheng meant: “Suffer? Did I do something wrong?”

“No no, you didn’t do anything wrong,” Zhai Yunsheng replied. There was a smile on his face as he watched everything unfold before him.

As Long Yuetian got injured, everyone’s rock climbing trip ended early.

Once again, Zhai Zhongshen sent Long Yuetian home.

This time, it was the driver who drove. Zhai Zhongshen accompanied Long Yuetian in the back seat.

As the back seat was very spacious, Long Yuetian could almost lie down entirely. Her injured legs could also be rested flat on the back seat.

As this was not the car they came in, Long Yuetian assumed Zhai Zhongshen got someone to drive this over after she got injured.

From time to time, Long Yuetian glanced at Zhai Zhongshen.

Even though he was in his forties, Zhai Zhongshen was incredibly good-looking.

And when she thought of him saving her without any regard for his own safety, Long Yuetian felt her heartbeat accelerate.

As she thought about this, Zhai Zhongshen suddenly turned his head and approached Long Yuetian. Did he notice her staring at him?

The back of his hand was pressed against Long Yuetian’s forehead.

“What are you doing…?” Long Yuetian asked nervously. “I don’t have a fever and I only injured my knee.”

“Bacterial infection can also cause a rise in body temperature,” the Second Master of the Zhai family replied.

He… He had a point.

“Your temperature seems a little hot,” Zhai Zhongshen continued.

“I’m sure I don’t have a fever. I just feel a little warm,” Long Yuetian explained.

And why was she feeling warm? Well, it was because he placed his hand against her forehead! It made her heart beat faster!

When they arrived at the entrance of the Long Residence, Zhai Zhongshen carried her into the wheelchair to push her inside.

“There’s no need for you to do this. My servants are here. They can push me inside.”

After all, she didn’t dare to ask Zhai Zhongshen to push her wheelchair. She was definitely pushing her luck if she asked him to!

However, Zhai Zhongshen had no intentions of letting go. As a result, Long Yuetian’s servants could only awkwardly stand by the side.

At this time, Cheng Yi arrived.

He learned about Long Yuetian’s injury after receiving a call from Luo Xiuen.

As he had just finished dealing with the emergency situation at hand, so he rushed over to Long Yuetian’s place to visit her.

He was there just in time to run into Zhai Zhongshen and Long Yuetian.

“Yuetian, how are you doing?” Cheng Yi anxiously asked Long Yuetian as his eyes fell onto her injured knees.

“I’m alright. It’s just a small cut,” Long Yuetian replied. She felt a little embarrassed. In her eyes, the injury was not a big deal.

“A small cut? How is this a small cut? It’s a very serious injury. Did you disinfect it? Did you get a tetanus shot?” Cheng Yi asked multiple questions one after another.

“Yiling took care of it.”

“Ahh, since Yiling took care of it, it should be all good,” Cheng Yi responded. “However, you still need to take care of yourself. Although Yiling’s medicine is amazing, if you don’t take care of your wounds, it will still leave scars.”

Cheng Yi was so concerned about Long Yuetian’s injuries that he didn’t notice that Zhai Zhongshen was standing behind Long Yuetian.

It was only when he felt a chilling gaze that Cheng Yi raised his head.

When he saw Zhai Zhongshen, Cheng Yi smiled awkwardly, “Oh, you’re here too.”

Like most people, Cheng Yi was a bit afraid of the Second Master of the Zhai family.

However, Zhai Zhongshen ignored Cheng Yi’s greeting and pushed Long Yuetian’s wheelchair into the Long Residence.

Cheng Yi also followed him in.

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