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«From Sidekick to Bigshot (Web Novel) - Chapter 1372: Saving Her Once Again (2)

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Chapter 1372: Saving Her Once Again (2)

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

As Long Yuetian swayed on the rope, a large and firm hand wrapped around her waist.

“Don’t be scared,” Zhai Zhongshen said to Long Yuetian.

His voice seemed to have some kind of magical power on her. It made her feel inexplicably feel at ease.

For everyone else, it was already shocking to watch Zhai Zhongshen scale the rock climbing wall with his bare hands.

Now, he was only using one hand to hold onto the wall. Any ordinary individual would not be able to do this.

The people watching from below were incredibly nervous. They were scared of him accidentally falling down.

After all, Zhai Zhongshen and Long Yueitan were currently seven to eight meters above the ground. This was equivalent to the height of a three-story building. If they fell from that height, they would either suffer substantial injuries or die.

Long Yuetian attempted to persuade Zhai Zhongshen to let her go: “Let go of me. I’m alright as I have a safety rope on me. What you’re doing is way too dangerous.”

Long Yuetian believed that Zhai Zhongshen was placing himself in a more dangerous spot than she currently was.

Although she was injured, there is a safety rope tied to her. This meant nothing would happen to her.

“It’s okay, don’t worry. Leave it to me,” Zhai Zhongshen replied. His voice was calm and steady. It made Long Yuetian want to believe in him.

The Second Master of the Zhai family maintained his grip around Long Yuetian’s waist as the staff quickly brought out a fire lift.

Once the fire lift reached them, Zhai Zhongshen brought Long Yuetian over to the lift.

After that, the two of them finally reached the ground safely.

Everyone watching let out a sigh of relief.

“I… I’m fine… You can let me down,” Long Yuetain said quietly. She felt uncomfortable being held like this.

So many people were watching them.

“Your knee is injured,” Zhai Zhongshen replied without letting go.

Long Yuetian’s right knee sustained a bad injury. The flesh was cut and covered with blood.

There were also some bruises and cuts on her arms. However, those injuries were not as severe as the ones on her knees.

Jian Yiling was already waiting there with her medicine box.

As Zhai Zhongshen held Long Yuetian in his arms, Jian Yiling applied medicine to Long Yuetian’s knee.

During the entire time, Long Yuetian felt incredibly embarrassed. She didn’t even open her eyes to look at the people around her.

Ahhh! It’s over! Her reputation was going to be ruined!

First, she held hands with Zhai Zhongshen. Next, she was being held in his arms like a princess!

Why was this happening to her?

“Will it scar?” Zhai Zhongshen asked Jian Yiling.

“No,” Jian Yiling replied with certainty, “However, you need to apply the medicine regularly and treat it carefully.”

Even though the cut reached the dermis layer, Jian Yiling still had ways to prevent Long Yuetian’s wound from scarring.

“This will hurt a bit,” Jian Yiling warned Long Yuetian.

“It’s okay, I’m not afraid of pain,” Long Yuetian answered.

“Try to be gentle,” Zhai Zhongshen said.

Even though she wasn’t afraid of pain, this didn’t mean she wouldn’t be hurt.

Ten minutes later, Jian Yiling finished treating Long Yuetian’s wounds.

“As the weather is quite warm, I don’t plan to wrap it for the time being. However, try not to bump into anything and try not to open the wound again,” Jian Yiling instructed.

After Jian Yiling finished treating her wounds, Long Yuetian wanted to be put down.

“Could you let me down?” Long Yuetian asked in a small voice.

“The wound might open again,” Zhai Zhongshen answered. He repeated Jian Yiling’s words.

In other words, until the wound was healed, Long Yuetian was not allowed to walk. Otherwise, it might open up again.

“No no. It’s alright. I don’t mind scars,” Long Yuetian replied.

The Second Master of the Zhai family glanced down at Long Yuetian’s legs as he said: “But I mind.”

When Long Yuetian realized he was looking at her legs, blood rushed into her cheeks.

Oh my god… How could he look at her legs like that?!

Not long after, Jian Yiling got someone to bring a wheelchair over.

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