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«Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 727: Someone Who’s Barely a Human Being

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Chapter 727: Someone Who’s Barely a Human Being

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Sheng Bowen was stunned when he heard that. “How is that possible?”

“I now understand why Sheng Kai set up Third Master Long. It’s because Third Master Long and Cheng Bin have always been involved in this kind of thing. If you go to Third Master Long and people find this from Huang Yao’s warehouse, do you think you’ll still be able to defend yourself?” Sheng Xiao looked at Sheng Bowen sharply.

Sheng Bowen took the small bag from Mu Qiqi and his head buzzed. “How much does this small bag weigh?”

“About 30 grams!” Mu Qiqi replied. “There were no less than ten of these kinds of boxes just now, so there must be more among them.”

“Find them first, then inform Tang Yan and call the police immediately.”

“Sheng Kai’s trick is not only to destroy the Sheng family, but also Huang Yao. If he succeeds, if I go to prison, Grandpa will definitely be hit hard, and Huang Yao will also collapse. What a vicious heart.”

“Not only that!” Sheng Xiao looked at him with a complicated expression. “He must have been planning this because he wants to make a whole show at the old man’s birthday party. He wants to give the old man “a big gift”.

If something like this happened on an important day for the old man, it would obviously cost the old man his life!

“Then what should we do now?”

“Hand these things over to the police and then replace the fillings with lime powder. No one knows what we found tonight. We’ll just play along.” Mu Qiqi suddenly stood up and said, “I don’t believe he won’t show up at the party!”

Sheng Xiao patted Mu Qiqi’s head and tried to comfort her. “Qi’er’s idea is very good. You should go visit Third Master Long as planned, but you can make use of him.”

“Sheng Kai’s planning on dragging Third Master Long down. Do you think he’ll agree? Third Master Long’s been trying every means to have a clean record. No way he would let Sheng Kai have his way.”

“I understand. Since Sheng Kai has sent such a big gift, of course we have to return the favor!”

The few of them worked together to find all the white items.

Mu Qiqi gave them a quick glance. “These are enough to put anyone in jail for a long time!”

Sheng Bowen’s expression changed. He hugged Ren Yufei and did not say a word.

Sheng Kai had really sold his soul to the devil and become so vicious.

Soon, Tang Yan led his team over. When he saw the “spectacular” scene on the ground, he asked Sheng Xiao, “What’s going on?”

“This is what Huang Yao found with the imitation goods. This is everything. The person in charge and surveillance footage will be given to you tomorrow. This has nothing to do with Huang Yao. You must find out who is behind this.”

Sheng Xiao had been through hundreds of battles. He knew how this incident would affect Huang Yao, so he explained it to Tang Yan in advance.

“Even if Huang Yao cooperates, the personnel involved will still have to be investigated,” Tang Yan said matter-of-factly. “After all, Huang Yao is not under the jurisdiction of the sub-bureau.”

“I understand that. Huang Yao will cooperate at any time. However, if Captain Tang wants to know the true owner of these things, we can put on a show to lure the snake out of its hole.”

It took Sheng Xiao some time to tell Tang Yan the whole story.

Tang Yan had known about Sheng Kai before, so he knew how important this matter was.

“It was wise of you to call the police when you found them, but there are many aspects that can’t be controlled. I can only try my best to cooperate,” Tang Yan said to Sheng Bowen. “Third Young Master, please provide the list of people who handled these things and the surveillance footage as soon as possible. After the police have these things, they will send someone to investigate, but I’ll inform you in advance.”

“I understand, Captain Tang.” Sheng Bowen nodded solemnly. “I hope the police can investigate and clear Huang Yao’s name.”

“As long as we can prove that there is no problem with the person in charge, no one else will touch these items. This will clear Huang Yao’s name.”

Sheng Bowen wanted to say more, but Mu Qiqi stopped him. “If it were anyone else handling this now, they would have caused a storm in the city long ago. Be content.”

Sheng Bowen nodded and turned to Ren Yufei. “Secretly get the surveillance footage. Don’t alert anyone.”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do,” Ren Yufei replied.

Sheng Kai had really sent a super nuclear bomb…

“The few of you, give your statements to Old Cheng, including you, Qiqi.”

“Okay.” Mu Qiqi nodded.

In any case, this thrilling night was over. Sheng Bowen was not able to sleep when he got home. He was afraid that the matter would be exposed and he would really fall into Sheng Kai’s trap.

Later that night, Sheng Xiao brought Mu Qiqi home. On the way back, the two of them did not utter a single word.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Mu Qiqi looked at Sheng Xiao’s side profile and asked.

“He’s making things more and more meaningless,” said Sheng Xiao. There was a hint of regret in his words.

“Yeah, once he succeeds at this level, he’ll only get worse in the future. But Xiao Xiao, you also have to know that if this was really done by Sheng Kai, if… he’s really that crazy, then Captain Tang will definitely not let him off easy. After all, he abhors evil.”

“Just him?”

“Of course you too.” Mu Qiqi smiled. “In the eyes of outsiders, you are someone who is both good and evil that you make people tremble in fear. However, you know where to draw the line. The most you’ve done is teach others a lesson. You would never do such a disgraceful thing.”

“In the past, I thought that Sheng Kai was a bit of a trash, someone who’s barely a human being. But now, he’s not even as good as an animal.

“So, I’ll definitely be like Captain Tang and keep an eye on him. I’d like to see just how wild and lawless this person can be.”

After listening to the little one’s words, Sheng Xiao also deeply felt the righteousness that came from her. This was what a person’s soul was about.

“You didn’t get that from me!”

“Xiao Xiao, you don’t know yourself very well, do you? Although you usually preach an eye for an eye, tonight, when something happened, your first reaction was to call the police instead of dealing with it privately. What does that mean?”

“My man is actually a righteous person.”

Sheng Xiao did not say anything else. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. She was very good at smoothing things out now. And was especially good at picking things that he liked and could not refute.

It was like her mouth had been smeared with honey.

“As long as we verify that this matter has nothing to do with Huang Yao, the police will change the direction of the investigation. So, our plan remains the same.”

“What if it’s related?” Sheng Xiao tilted his head and said something unpleasant. “Don’t forget, five or six people had handled this matter.”

“I’m more optimistic and I’m also luckier!”

Ren Yufei worked hard in the middle of the night to retrieve the surveillance cameras from the warehouse.

Sheng Bowen saw her yawning non-stop and felt very guilty. “It seems that every time something happens in Huang Yao, you’re always by my side. Although this makes me feel at ease, I feel that it’s a burden to you.”

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