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«Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 645: You’re Already Deeply in Love

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Chapter 645: You’re Already Deeply in Love

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After Mu Qiqi and Feng Shanshan heard those words, they exchanged glances. This girl obviously knew a lot of goings-on behind the curtains. Of course, they knew how to ensure the safety of this girl.

“We can understand your position. It’s alright. You can just give us a hint, even a small hint is sufficient.”

The other party felt that they were very difficult, so she sighed. “Alright. I’ll give this to you. Maybe, it’s useful to you.”

After saying that, the girl entered her room, took out a USB drive and handed it to them.

“They’re screenshots of the results of that bastard. It’s me who helped him check his results. He failed four. I’ve also screenshotted the chat records. But you must promise me to keep it a secret, especially from that bastard and his uncle, that I provided these to you. Can you promise?”

“Of course. Rest assured.”

The two were excited when they got the evidence. But it was clearly not enough.

“Let’s call it a day. We’ll go to his school tomorrow and see if there’s anything else useful.”

Mu Qiqi passed the tiny item to Feng Shanshan. “Take it. You can sleep with it. I know you will only be at peace that way.”

“You go back first. I’ll go and meet the other people.” Feng Shanshan took it and kept it carefully in her bag. At this moment, it was as if she had been infected by Tang Yan’s unwillingness to admit defeat. She must get something out of this.

Mu Qiqi smiled after listening to her. “You are still saying that you don’t want feelings to get in between you. But in fact, before you know it, you’re already deeply in love.”

“If the same thing happened to Chief Sheng, I believe you would be just the same as me,” Feng Shanshan said. “I learned this from you. Aren’t we supposed to work hard to protect our own things?”

“Then let me do you a favor and accompany you. Did you think I will let you be alone?”

After that, Mu Qiqi and Feng Shanshan decided to go to another place. However, Sheng Xiao’s car was already parked in front of the apartment.

Under the dim light, when a handsome man in a brown coat stood by the roadside, anyone who passed by would look at him.

Sheng Xiao looked at Mu Qiqi with his arms crossed. His eyes were like shining stars. “Even if I don’t come for you, don’t you know you have to go home already?”

Mu Qiqi walked to Sheng Xiao and grabbed his sleeve. “We’ve worked so hard to finally make some progress. Feng Shanshan wants to continue. So, we may still be visiting some other people tonight.”

“For another man?” Sheng Xiao frowned.

“I do this for her… and she does this for her man.” Mu Qiqi pointed at Feng Shanshan wittily and answered.

Sheng Xiao remained silent for two seconds. “Get in. Tell me your next destination.”

“You’re going as well?”

“I’ll wait for you downstairs when we get there,” Sheng Xiao said. “There are still some documents I haven’t read. It doesn’t matter where I read them.”

After hearing this, Mu Qiqi kissed Sheng Xiao on his cheek. “I’ll reward you tonight when we get home.”

It was the first time Feng Shanshan sat in Sheng Xiao’s car. He was an actual big boss in Jianchuan! However, since it was urgent, she could not be picky. So, she opened the car door and got into the front passenger seat. Then, she looked at Xu Che with a puppy face.

“This is obviously something you can ask for help from me. Why must you get yourself into all this trouble?” Sheng Xiao asked Mu Qiqi in the car. However, Feng Shanshan felt that it wasn’t that he couldn’t understand Mu Qiqi. He just thought that it was a trivial matter.

No, what Sheng Xiao really meant was why she must put in so much effort for another man.

Mu Qiqi might be the only one who understood what Sheng Xiao meant by his words. So, she said to Sheng Xiao, “How can I let her wait for such things? If it happened to you, I will definitely not be able to be at ease. I would do it myself so that I can be assured.”

Because of Feng Shanshan’s presence, Sheng Xiao simply stroked Mu Qiqi’s head. Alright, he was satisfied with this answer.

After listening to this, Feng Shanshan felt that they could actually communicate without using words. Perhaps they shared a language only they could understand.

Soon after, they arrived in front of the house of another classmate of Dai Xi. Although it was a villa, it gave off a grim vibe.

Feng Shanshan got out of the car. When she was about to ring the doorbell, the neighbor stopped her. “Young lady, is there anything urgent that you need to meet with the people in the house?”

“It’s something urgent.”

“I advise you not to go in. In this family, apart from one normal son, the father is paralyzed, and the mother is mentally ill. You might hurt yourself if you go in.”

“Thank you, Auntie. But my matter is really urgent.” Feng Shanshan did not plan to retreat. Apart from feelings, she never backed down from the matters related to Tang Yan.

“Alright then. I’ve advised you. It’s not my fault that you don’t want to listen to me.”

The neighbor sighed and left. Feng Shanshan rang the doorbell. Coincidentally, the person who answered the door was the one they were looking for. This person had a conflict with Dai Xi in the past.

“Who are you looking for?” The other party looked at Feng Shanshan coldly.

“I’m looking for you. I want to know something about Dai Xi in the past. I want to know if you’re free to talk.”

The other party glanced at Feng Shanshan and uttered, “No.”

After saying that, he turned around. But after taking two steps, he returned to them. “What do you want to know?”

“His results.”

“Humph. Does he even have one?” That man snorted. “He didn’t attend lectures and tutorials. He’s even scared of blood. How can a person like him be a forensic doctor?”

“He’s scared of blood?”

Feng Shanshan was reminded of Dai Xi’s reaction when he was dissecting Tang Yixiao. She previously thought that he was just feeling sick because the corpse was heavily damaged. But she didn’t expect that it was actually because he’s scared of blood.

“But why does it matter? He has a good uncle. He can go to any department he wants.”

Just knowing that Dai Xi was scared of blood was enough to bring down the bastard. How can he be a forensic doctor with that condition? Was he mad? Although most people would show some symptoms of hemophobia, he should be resistant to it already after five years of training. Why was he still afraid of blood?

Did he think that he was still a freshman?

“Can you tell me more about Dai Xi?”

“Dai Xi hired a person named Qin Yang to take most of his exams. You can look for him.” After saying that, he went into his house and shut the door firmly, as if there were two lions in his house.

“We’ve gained quite the information.” Mu Qiqi looked at Feng Shanshan. “Of course. The more the better. That bastard mustn’t know that we’re investigating him.”

“He faked his results. Even Mu Tangxue is better than him. At least she is a bit capable!”

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