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«Five Frozen Centuries (Web Novel) - Chapter 379: Found It

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Chapter 379: Found It

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The black hole was a very precise object. Its interior had to be shaped like a perfect ball. Only then could it continuously devour everything within its range.

If the black hole was a cube, the gravitational force of the black hole would probably turn into a funny shape and matter would probably not be swallowed by it.

Wei Huo finally arrived at the core of the black hole. He could not see anything, but he sensed around and felt a ball. It was about the size of a proton, but its mass was the combined mass of 100 million Solar Systems.

Besides, the proton-sized ball was still collapsing. The molecular structure of the ball had been completely destroyed. What were the tiny particles that made up the ball?

No one knew, and neither did Wei Huo.

There was no need for Wei Huo to know. He only took out a small piece of godhood material at that moment. It was a scale that was filled with the Devouring Rule. Wei Huo threw the scale out. The scale was both an illusionary and corporeal existence.

It could reach the speed of light and it had mass. Time could not leave any traces on its body, and the gravitational force of the black hole could not absorb it.

Unless the Godhood Energy on the scale was exhausted, it would be impossible to destroy it. Wei Huo was continuously injecting Godhood Energy into the scale. Otherwise, the Godhood Energy carried by the scale would disappear quickly due to the strong gravitational absorption.

However, this scale had a weak gravitational force due to its mass. The weak gravitational force disrupted the balance of the black hole.

It was as if a small bump had popped up on a part of a poorly-made soccer ball. This small bump would affect the entire soccer ball, regardless of whether it was flying or rolling. Over time, the soccer ball would explode because of this bump.

That was the current state of the black hole. The balance in the black hole had been broken because of the scale. The effect in the beginning was small, but once it started, the subsequent imbalance would increase more and more and take the form of an index explosion.

The influence of the scale grew larger and larger and even affected the gravitational wave of the black hole. This made the gravitational wave of the black hole no longer appear spherical. This weak alteration changed the form of the proton in the center of the black hole.

This also made the proton-sized ball imperfect. The protruding dot changed the mechanics and balance inside, causing the internal structure to collapse.

It was as if a horseshoe could affect an entire war or a butterfly that flapped its wings could stir up a storm. A small change in the details had triggered a butterfly effect, causing the center of the black hole to collapse.

The black hole was beginning to die.

Wei Huo did not need to do anything else. He left the scale in the center of the black hole and retreated. When he returned to the black-and-white Titan, the Snake God told him that 3,000 years had passed since he had left.

The stronger the gravitational force, the slower time would move. This was because everything, including the speed of light, slowed down in places with stronger gravitational force. However, an ordinary person would also be affected by the slowing time, so they would not be able to detect it. When they returned to a place with normal gravitational force, time would also speed up, so they would not feel anything.

However, Wei Huo had a Phantom Body. He was not affected by the gravitational force. It was as if he had teleported into the center of the black hole and then teleported out. That was why 3,000 years had passed outside the black hole.

Wei Huo said, “This might be another way to achieve immortality, but it’s not right to call it immortality. This is in a way the transmigration to the future in ordinary parlance.”

The Snake God had waited for 3,000 years. This time was nothing to him. In those 3,000 years, he had observed the changes in the black hole. He said, “The black hole is about to die.”

Wei Huo nodded. He had also observed that the black hole was starting to get distorted and had begun to change shape. The gravitational force in the center of the black hole was in chaos. The various forces in the center of the black hole had originally been moving toward the core. However, as the balance was now broken, the various forces of the black hole started moving in different directions. This caused the black hole to collapse and die.

In the end, 300 years later, the black hole died completely. It turned from a black hole to a white hole, and all the resources it had absorbed were spat out. However, these materials had long been broken down into tiny particles.

At the same time, the light that had been swallowed by the black hole over the years was spat out. There was a lot of information hidden in the light. As the information was spat out at the same time and advanced at the speed of light, many electronic devices, brains of living creatures, and other things would collapse because of the huge amount of information.

This was an information storm. A large amount of information could even destroy some stars. Fortunately, this was an interstellar desert.

The death of a black hole in an interstellar desert was like a melting iceberg in the desert. Although it looked shocking, it was not that lethal. At most, it would flood nearby habitats.

The black hole was the same. However, Mythical creatures could obtain the information that was radiated in the direction of the black-and-white Titan. Although this information had been devoured by the black hole over countless years, two Mythical creatures could still intercept and absorb it.

This was a good thing for the two Mythical creatures, as it would save them a lot of time exploring the universe. At that moment, they had obtained a lot of information over millions or even billions of years.

At the same time, the black-and-white Titan absorbed a lot of three-dimensional space. This constantly enriched the four-dimensional space in the black-and-white Titan. The Snake God was also devouring the matter that was ejected. The matter had already been broken down into tiny particles. After leaving the black hole, the tiny particles reassembled and started forming some protons, molecules, compounds, and new substances.

This was inertia. The tiny particles seemed to automatically form some matter, but under the control of the Snake God, these tiny particles filled the pocket universe in his hand.

Wei Huo checked the information that the black hole had devoured over the years. The galaxies were released in an instant and spread into the distance. However, Wei Huo still caught the most crucial piece of information.

“I found it,” Wei Huo said.

After destroying a black hole, he had found out what had happened to Lu Qiqi’s fleet. He then said, “The Forbidden Death Zone is located at the edge of the interstellar desert. They entered it.”

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