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«Fishing the Myriad Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 609: Only Once Enemies Die Do We Rest!

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Chapter 609: Only Once Enemies Die Do We Rest!

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Zhou Wu’s heart sank. He had never expected his enemy to rebel so soon!

Good God!

Zhou Wu’s eyes teared, hoping that he had misheard it.

He wondered why Jin Wu Xue did not choose to rebel earlier or later, only doing so when he was within Hundred Wars Camp!

What exactly did he mean?!

Various thoughts floated across Zhou Wu’s mind as his heart fluttered, looking defeated. He knew that there was no way he would be spared, since Jin Wu Xue had already announced his decision to revolt.

“General Jin…”

Zhou Wu’s shameless acting was proven to be skillful as he managed to change his frown into a smile.

Understanding that the table had flipped, Zhou Wu naturally stopped acting cocky.

Putting on a forced smile, Zhou Wu knew he had to show his worth in order keep his life, and thus got ready to speak.

“Bring me your life, traitor!” Liu Jie shouted loudly as he could no longer wait after hearing Jin Wu Xue’s words!

Liu Jie’s body then swelled up to become three zhang tall, wielding a halberd the thickness of a human’s wrist. Jumping onto his Dragon Horse’s back, he rode it and swung its halberd at Zhou Wu’s neck!


Zhou Wu could feel a bout of pressure cast on himself, so he wanted to move to the side to avoid the halberd. However, he realized he could not move at all, just as though he had been caught in a spider web!

All he could do was to let out a scream before Liu Jie’s halberd landed on his head. With a loud slicing sound, both Zhou Wu and his horse were split in half!

Pools of fresh blood intertwined together, making it hard to differentiate Zhou Wu’s blood from the dragon horse’s blood.

“That move clearly exceeded Martial Arts realm!”

“How come Liu Jie is so strong now?!”


Everyone in the Hundred Wars Camp was dumbfounded by the extent of damage caused by Liu Jie. Not only were Zhou Wu and his horse split into halves, even the ground beneath them gave way. The ground was dented in as though a meteor had landed on it, and cracks were all over the crater where Zhou Wu’s corpse lay!

As Liu Jie stared at the sky above, his explosive Qi started to return to the normal state.

With a heavy heart, Jin Wu Xue got off his horse and came to Liu Jie’s side. Heaving a sigh, Jin Wu Xue could tell that Liu Jie had already depleted his life energy after taking down Zhou Wu.

He had given up his everything for that one blow!

Since the decision to revolt had been made, they wanted to find out the opinions of Ten Sinners Camp.

Jin Wu Xue naturally understood that he could no longer turn back anymore. Not only would he perish if he failed, his entire nine generations would also be implicated.

The people of the Ten Sinners Camp also had no ambition to sit on that seat, and they could still be used by him. It wouldn’t be a problem even if he couldn’t use them, though—as long as they did not stand on the side of the royal family against him.

As he thought that far, Jin Wu Xue shook his head internally. He was thinking too much right now—the Ten Sinners Camp were people that wanted nothing more than to drink the blood of the royal family, and utterly annihilate them. How could they possibly turn to help them?

He only needed to swear an oath that he would pardon all of them from the Ten Sinners Camp after everything was over.

Lifting his head, Jin Wu Xue rode on his Dragon Horse towards the army.

Several hundred meters away, the troops of the Ten Sinners Camp stood silently, fully clad in black armor, like an army that belonged to the Death God.

But just when Jin Wu Xue approached closer to them, he suddenly felt an extremely ominous feeling!

Too quiet!

There weren’t any heartbeat, or the sound of breaths!

Jin Wu Xue stood several hundred meters before the powerful troop, and shouted, “Everyone, this Jin had finally seen through the royal court today! Right now, this Jin wishes to invite everyone to join me and revolt against this corrupted monarchy! After this matter, everyone of the Ten Sinners Camp, regardless of whether you are officials or commoners, your fate will be your own!”

However, no one from the Ten Sinners Camp spoke a single word in reply. They stood there quietly, and a strange aura hung in the air around them.

Jin Wu Xue saw that no one replied to him, and he hopped off his dragon horse, preparing to approach closer to them. However, he was stopped by the vice general. “My Lord, you mustn’t!”


“Bang, bang!”

At that moment, a powerful gale suddenly surged through the area. The wind was very strong, whipping across the Ten Sinners Camp like a small tornado. Then, an extraordinarily strange scene happened! The one-thousand-strong army that was still seated atop their dragon horses began to fall down together!

“So this was what those people meant with the words ‘Till death do not we stop’!” Jin Wu Xue gasped with shock. It turned out that these people were already dead!

After a closer investigation at a closer range, Jin Wu Xue’s expression grew exceedingly heavy. He finally understood why the troops of the Ten Sinners Camp had such terrifying fighting strength!

Jin Wu Xue also finally understood how these people whose equipment and numbers were inferior to the Hundred Wars Camp’s had managed to run 10,000 li in a single day, and defeated the Hundred Wars Camp!

They were inferior to the Hundred Wars Camp in all aspects, but the Ten Sinners Camp were still more brutal than the Hundred Wars Camp!

These people had all consumed pills that stimulated their potential to the extreme, allowing them to have their strength multiplied several folds in a short time. But after the effects wore off, they all died!

Jin Wu Xue’s expression was complicated. This was an extremely respectable opponent. Even though they’d decimated his Hundred Wars Camp, he could not muster any hatred for them.

“Very good! As expected of the finest troop of Baiyue!”

Yong Xuan stood high above the platform, and couldn’t hear the sounds below. However, he still saw everyone of the Ten Sinners Camp fall together. Although the Hundred Wars Camp had suffered a devastating loss, they still had over 10,000 soldiers left.

With these 10,000 soldiers as the backbone, and if he accepted more experts, their strength wouldn’t drop too drastically.

But even so, the rebuilt Hundred Wars Camp would most likely only be among the middle ranks among the other countries.


As Jin Wu Xue’s command rang out, a row of Hundred Wars Camp soldiers charged down the platform like a group of wolves.

It was as the vice general had said. Slicing those lofty and elegant princes and officials was much easier than slicing the warriors of the Ten Sinners Camp. The voracious Hundred Wars Camp soldiers needed this battle to wash away their loss against the Ten Sinners Camp!

The Yu Ling Guards also happened to be right on the path the Hundred Wars Camp needed to pass through. Further up would be the ministers and the emperor.

The general of the Yu Ling Guards came up to Jin Wu Xue with a smile, and said, “Congratulations for making a huge contribution, General Jin! Do not forget about this brother later on, okay!”

At this time, the elites of the Hundred Wars Camp had already mixed themselves among the Yu Ling Guards, causing him to feel a deep foreboding feeling.


Jin Wu Xue waved his hand across the air with an emotionless expression!



“Quick, inform His Majesty, the Hundred Wars Camp are rebelling!”

Large numbers of completely unprepared Yu Ling Guards fell. The Hundred Wars Camp was already much stronger than the Yu Ling Guards, and with the advantage of surprise, the Yu Ling Guards were completely overwhelmed in a few short moments!

The general of the Yu Ling Guards was directly beheaded by the vice general of the Hundred Wars Camp, dying with his eyes wide open!

“What? How dare the Hundred Wars Camp!!”

“Quick, escort His Majesty away!”

“Your Majesty, let’s go!”

The officials and ministers saw everything below, and also heard the cries about the revolt of the Hundred Wars Camp. At that moment, the group of ministers and officials panicked like a group of headless flies.

“How preposterous! Isn’t the army outside the city here yet!?”

Yong Xuan smashed his favorite teapot in anger when he found out about the revolt!

“Your Majesty, the army outside the city has returned! Please leave this place for safety,” an official said hurriedly.

“Traitors! Hear my order, all Hundred Wars Camp soldiers shall be punished by death, including their entire clans! Kill Jin Wu Xue!” Yong Xuan declared coldly before being escorted away.

There were also a thousand Yu Ling Guards standing on the steps, ensuring Yong Xuan’s safety.

“My Lord, Yong Xuan wants to escape!” the sharp-eyed vice general said.

“My fellow brothers, follow my lead! Those who kill an official will be promoted and rewarded with a thousand liang gold, while the one who kills Yong Xuan promoted to a duke and rewarded with ten thousand gold!”

How could they let Yong Xuan get away? If he managed to run away, the entire troop would be pursued by Baiyue!

As such, Jin Wu Xue channeled his inner Qi and shouted his orders to pursue.


Every soldier in Hundred Wars Camp looked pumped as they howled and raced up the steps, passing by many Yu Ling Guards!

The long staircase was a hundred meters long and quite steep, but the Dragon Horses were able to climb it like they were on flat land. Many soldiers rode their dragon horses and charged at the Yu Ling Guards with fury.


The entire palace was shaking as tens of thousands of Dragon Horses galloped.

At that time, Yong Xuan was being escorted away by officials, with Yu Ling Guards guarding the rear.

If no accidents were to happen, Yong Xuan and the rest would be able to hang on until the army outside arrived. At that time, the one who’d need to run would be Jin Wu Xue.



Just as Jin Wu Xue stepped onto the platform with his men, killing over a thousand Yu Ling Guards, Yong Xuan’s group had already disappeared several thousand meters away. At the same time, the loud booming sounds of a huge army echoed in the distance, accompanied by the chilling sound of the bugle!

The footsteps of regular people were normally very soft, but the sound of thousands of people stepping together was exceedingly terrifying to hear!

The steps were completely synchronized. Even if every single one of those soldiers were ordinary people, they could still break a sturdy bridge with their steps alone!

One could easily imagine how powerful an army that numbered over 100,000 was! Riding in front of that huge army was 30,000 riders on dragon horses. Based on distance alone, the enemy would definitely reach Yong Xuan before them!

Jin Wu Xue’s expression was completely emotionless. His eyes just shook a little. Before the thought of revolt popped up in his head, he hadn’t felt anything, but now that this thought had appeared and festered in his mind, his entire mindset had changed.

“KILL! Kill the tyrants, and take the command seal!”

Jin Wu Xue did not show any signs of panic when he saw the quickly approaching grand army. After so many years of battle, he’d already experienced situations much more dangerous than this one.

Besides, when had the Hundred Wars Camp ever feared anything? An army 100,000 men strong? So what?!

Even though they’d just gone through a tough battle, as long as they did not meet any more lunatics like those of the Ten Sinners Camp, what else was there to fear!?

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