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«Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel) - Chapter 886: The Class 6 Dimensional Rift and the Abyssal World

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Chapter 886: The Class 6 Dimensional Rift and the Abyssal World

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As the leaders of veteran and top factions, all they thought of was how to better expand their families and gain more resources.

A family needed resources to sustain their martial force, operations, and expansion.

Besides the veteran and top faction leaders whose juniors stood a chance of becoming a Radiance Envoy or Radiance Knight, the others merely regarded the news about the Azure Federation’s fourth Azure Envoy as another piece of passing information.

However, the news about the Class 6 dimensional rift made the hearts of the veteran and top faction leaders start to pound wildly.

In Class 5 dimensional rifts, dimensional lifeforms would enter the main world through the rift and start to attack. Spirit qi professionals could enter the dimensional rift after killing the dimensional lifeforms that had exited and search for resources within the dimensional rift as well as source-type lifeforms and sacred source lifeforms in the dimensional hub.

But in Class 6 dimensional rifts, the line between the main world and the dimensional world was blurred.

After the opening of a Class 6 dimensional rift, there would not be as many dimensional lifeforms pouring out as compared to a Class 5 dimensional lifeform.

However, the power of the dimensional lifeforms was not guaranteed.

A Class 6 dimensional rift was connected to the entire dimensional world.

Once a dimensional rift was opened, a dimensional membrane was created within the layers of the rift.

Due to this dimensional layer, the lifeforms inside the dimensional world would not feel the draw of the dimensional rift or be able to see the dimensional rift.

But one careless step into the dimensional rift and the lifeform would be sent to the main world.

The lifeforms inside the dimensional world had varying powers. Some were as strong as Bronze feys, while others were as strong as Creation Breed feys.

There had only been one Class 6 dimensional rift in the history of the Radiance Federation, and it had been connected to the abyssal world.

When that Class 6 dimensional rift had opened, two Class 10 lifeforms which were as powerful as Creation Breed feys, had happened to be fighting.

Luckily, the Class 6 dimensional rift had opened in the remote and desolate Scorching Desert.

The Scorching Desert was about 10,000 kilometers away from the nearest populated city, but the tremors from the fight between the two Class 10 lifeforms had been felt in the city.

The fight had also seriously affected the shape of the Scorching Desert and caused the temperature to rise significantly. The center of the desert had been melted into flowing lava.

It was only when the Spirit Guards and Chief Guard Ye had arrived to help that the Class 10 lifeforms were finally quelled.

Chief Guard Ye had sent out 20 Guard Envoys to seal off the Class 6 dimensional rift while Chief Guard Ye personally ventured into the abyssal world.

She had killed all the lifeforms within a 1,000-kilometer radius of the dimensional rift inside the abyssal world before ordering the 20 Guard Envoys to stand guard inside the dimensional rift to stop the lifeforms from spilling out to the main world.

Risk always went hand in hand with benefits.

Although unpredictable risks accompanied the Class 6 dimensional rift, the benefits that could be reaped far outweighed those risks.

The dimensional world connected to the Class 6 dimensional rift was an enormous treasure trove.

A dimensional world had much more resources than a dimensional rift. If resources could be mined from a dimensional world through a Class 6 dimensional rift, it would allow a faction to fill their pockets rapidly and push them up to another level.

Due to the uniqueness of a Class 6 dimensional rift, their existence was like a second world that was connected to the Radiance Federation.

Factions could be constructed within a Class 6 dimensional rift and expanded into the dimensional world.

The factions in the main world could be connected to the factions in the dimensional rift to transport resources from the dimensional world to the main world.

Naturally, sufficient power was required for this to be sustainable.

Moreover, that Class 6 dimensional rift was an abyss dimensional rift, and abyssal lifeforms were not vegetarian.

Since Class 6 abyss dimensional rifts were connected to the entire dimensional world, if they were also opened in other federations, experts from other federations would also be able to enter the abyssal world through those Class 6 dimensional rifts.

Class 6 dimensional rifts were the chance for all the major federations to compete in the same playing field.

The gears in the minds of the veteran and top faction leaders were all turning quickly.

Did that member of royalty mean to say that the Class 6 abyss dimensional rift in the desert that had been sealed close to a decade ago was about to open?

If so, that would be amazing news.

At that moment, Zuo Ming arrived inside the Midnight Palace and anxiously whispered a few words into Night Leaning Moon’s ear while placing one hand behind her back.

The chime of a clock once again reverberated throughout the Midnight Palace.

Night Leaning Moon stood up and said, “It’s time for the Guard Ye Banquet. Let’s prepare ourselves for it.”

She circulated her spiritual power, and water-like spiritual power flowed into the hades etutitsorp floor of the Midnight Palace. At the same time, the aura of an everlasting lonely night rippled out of Night Leaning Moon’s body.

The leaders and young disciples of the veteran and top factions suddenly felt the floor under them change shape rapidly.

The entire Midnight Palace seemed to be full of mechanisms as it split, spliced, and re-shaped itself.

Soon, the area outside and inside the Midnight Palace were combined together to form a large hall.

The 13 seats of the members of royalty were now placed all around the hall, and each had a few chairs behind them. These new chairs were only slightly shorter than the 13 original chairs. The number of chairs behind each of the 13 seats was different where some had many, while others only had a few, and there were even some of the original seats with no chairs behind them.

It was clear that the number of the new seats was intentional.

A few seats had also appeared in the center of the hall, and they were even shorter than the seats behind the 13 original seats.

Every seat in the center of the hall had an empty space behind it that could fit one or two people.

A large stage covered in complete Law Crystals appeared in the center of the stage.

Balls of high-class strange fire Burning Sun Sacred Fire hung above the stage.

The leaders and young disciples of veteran and top factions were momentarily stunned.


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