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«Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel) - Chapter 1200: Return to the Marsh World

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Chapter 1200: Return to the Marsh World

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Lin Yuan had been using the expensive cedarwood as incense.


He liked the subtle calming fragrance of cedarwood and always kept a large stock of jade-textured cedarwood with him.


Lin Yuan took out all the jade-textured cedarwood he had and cut them using feathers made of Day and Night Spirit Silver.

He planned on replanting the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis spores into them.

At that moment, Genius was done selecting the Hundred Questions Beast and said in a child-like voice, “Yuan, there are already 50 Hundred Questions Beasts that can work independently and concoct spirit fluids on their own. All of their grades have been increased to Diamond using spirit fluids. They might not be able to use their souls to concoct spirit fluids and only have the knowledge of Class 4 Creation Masters, but the knowledge enables them to be outstanding pinnacle Class 3 Creation Masters.”

Genius’ eyes shone with pride.

This abruptly reminded Lin Yuan of Chu Ci’s homeroom teacher, Teacher Bao.

Teacher Bao’s eyes had shone with the same pride when he praised Chu Ci.

Lin Yuan looked at the various colored Hundred Questions Beasts and said, “All of you help me transplant the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis sprouts from the other types of wood onto the jade-textured cedarwood.”

The Hundred Questions Beasts happily got to work.

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All of these Hundred Questions Beasts had the abilities of pinnacle Class 3 Creation Masters and had no issue with such a task. In fact, they performed it better than Lin Yuan would have.

While the Hundred Questions Beasts were hard at work, Lin Yuan coughed and said, “I’m nurturing these Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis to evolve Genius’ quality. Once Genius evolves to Fantasy V, it will not need as much Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis. I also plan on investing more resources into nurturing Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis that can produce spores. These spores will be planted in the marsh world. When the time comes, all of you will have the chance to consume Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis as well.”

Heaven and Earth Feys like the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis were the most beneficial spiritual ingredients for spiritual-type feys.

Naturally, Genius had also included the information about the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis while it was teaching the Hundred Questions Beasts.

Hence, all the Hundred Questions Beasts knew how precious the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis was.

The Hundred Questions Beasts all looked at Lin Yuan with gratitude and enthusiastically started thanking him.

Lin Yuan brought ten of the Hundred Questions Beasts over to the Pure Land of Bliss.

He collected the newly produced Golden Lotus Brocade Pearls while he checked on the Spirit-Mouthed Peonies that he had forcefully split into child ramets.

Under the nourishment of the pure spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, the Spirit-Mouthed Peony child ramets had quickly grown into full-grown plants, and red flowers had sprouted atop each of them.

The newly grown Spirit-Mouthed Peonies were currently greedily absorbing the spirit qi and storing them within the flowers.

Lin Yuan nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the thriving Spirit-Mouthed Peonies on the Pure Land of Bliss.

The ten Hundred Questions Beasts started splitting the Spirit-Mouthed Peonies into more child ramets.

Initially, there were only 100 child ramets. But now, there were 500 of them.

The 500 Spirit-Mouthed Peonies clustered together and took up all the space on the Pure Land of Bliss to the point that Brocade Zither’s living area had become much smaller.

Unless the Spirit Lock spatial zone transformed again and the Pure Land of Bliss increased in size, the maximum number of Spirit-Mouthed Peonies that could be grown in the Spirit Lock spatial zone was 500.

However, this was not just because of the Pure Land of Bliss. The spirit pool was also unable to keep up with any more Spirit-Mouthed Peonies.

Once all the 500 Spirit-Mouthed Peonies sprouted flowers and started absorbing more spirit qi, any accident that took place in the Spirit Lock spatial zone would affect its ecosystem.

The spirit pool would produce just the right amount of spirit qi to sustain the current ecosystem in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, and there was no allowance for error.

Nonetheless, this also utilized the spirit qi to its maximum ability.

Soon, Genius and the 40 other Hundred Questions Beasts had finished replanting the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis spores, and Lin Yuan stored all the 50 Hundred Questions Beasts into the Diamond fey storage box.

He went through Klein Hub into the marsh world.

Once he re-entered the marsh world, he noticed that it looked completely different from when he was last here.

Before he left, the area that the base was in would be nothing more than a stretch of mud if the Marsh Ground Sphagna had not become Wendy’s Favored Believer.

After the Marsh Ground Sphagna became Wendy’s Favored Believer, it covered the stretch of mud in a layer of thick green carpet.

The green carpet extended past the construct.

One of the base’s tall buildings’ construction was finished while the others were still in the process of being built.

Once Lin Yuan entered the marsh world, the Kill Food Sky Butterfly noticed him.

But even before the Kill Food Sky Butterfly reached him, Liu Tong had run up to him and given him a report of the base’s construction progress.

All of the 35 Class 2 and 3 Spirit Craftsmen had put their lives at risk during the time they had been working in the marsh world.

All of them only had six hours of rest each day and worked in shifts.

In order to reduce his rest time and produce better work, Liu Tong had also contracted a Vitality Sloth like Hu Quan had done.

Lin Yuan could not help but be touched by all their effort.

As Liu Tong passionately introduced himself to Lin Yuan, the latter waved his hand and said, “Liu Tong, call over the other 34 Spirit Craftsmen. I have something to say to all of you.”

Liu Tong hurriedly did as Lin Yuan said and jogged over to gather all the Spirit Craftsmen who had been working on various sections of the construction area.

Rising Lizard bounded toward Lin Yuan with Wendy on its back.

Lin Yuan noticed that both of them had changed significantly since he last saw them.


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