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«Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel) - Chapter 1199: Growing Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis

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Chapter 1199: Growing Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis

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If the Moon Empress became immortal, she could do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted and live with her young countenance forever.

This was what Lin Yuan wanted, and it was his way of showing his Master that he cared.

Moreover, it was likely that this was not the only Lifespan Mouse in existence.

The five members of Withered Cliff Thief Death Corps that Lin Yuan had captured had looked at the Lifespan Mouse’s pre-fey form with disdain.

This indicated that there were many Lifespan Mice in the Divine Wood Federation.

As scarce as fur was in the Divine Wood Federation, the poor Withered Cliff Thief Death Corps’ members would rather dress in vines than wear the skin of the Lifespan Mouse.

This was not surprising as the Lifespan Mouse’s pre-fey form had coarse and brittle hair.

Now, it looked completely different.

Although it still could not compare to Genius, it now had orange fur covering its body.

Lin Yuan stroked the Lifespan Mouse’s head before storing it in a Bronze fey storage box with a serious expression.

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He planned on visiting the Radiant Moon Palace the next time he returned. He would be able to tell the Moon Empress about the Lifespan Mouse then.

After the Astronomical Parliament parliamentary meeting was over and he returned to the Divine Wood Federation, he planned on searching for more Lifespan Mice.

If there were truly many unevolved Lifespan Mice in the Divine Wood Federation, he would be able to use them to change the main world as people knew it.

Now, he started to carefully look through the pile of jade-textured wood on the shelves.

If Lin Yuan did not have Genius or he was not the Moon Empress’ disciple, there was no way he would have known about something like the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis.

Even if Genius absorbed all the information from Star Web, information on Star Web was restricted in such a way that information about the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis would never have appeared there.

Lin Yuan had only come to know about it because Genius had picked up the knowledge from the Hidden Moon Pavilion.

Morbius’ True Data could see a fey’s properties and list their abilities and exclusive skills. However, Lin Yuan had to figure out for himself what was the best way to nurture the fey.

Although he possessed the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis’ spores, he would have to experiment and see which type of jade-textured wood would enable the spores to grow the quickest.

Compared to the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis, the price of the jade-textured wood was nothing.

After all, the Miao family only allowed its main emperor-class and thearch-class experts to utilize the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis.

Liu Yanshan had been one of the select few who used the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis.

Lin Yuan needed a large amount of Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis to evolve Genius from Fantasy I to a higher quality.

Hence, he did not hold back from using all the types of jade-textured wood that he possessed.

He had a total of 23 types, and he cut all of them into the same size and shape to ensure that the experiment was fair and reliable.

Lin Yuan carefully scattered the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis spores onto the jade-textured wood and began to observe them carefully.

The Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis’ growth depended on the jade-textured wood and the spirit qi in the surroundings.

All of the jade-textured wood that Lin Yuan possessed was 100% jade-textured and considered the highest quality.

As for the concentration of spirit qi, there was probably no place on earth that had more concentrated spirit qi than the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Now that both conditions for its growth were fulfilled, the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis spores could grow at their maximum rate and would soon produce different strains of Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis.

Everything progressed as Lin Yuan expected. A small Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis sprout grew on the jade-textured agarwood, cedarwood, red sandalwood, and laurelwood within half an hour.

Lin Yuan separated these four wooden pieces from the rest to pick the best out of them.

However, he would not be wasting the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis spores that grew on the other types of wood.

Once the sprouts grew strong enough, Lin Yuan would replant them.

Out of the four wooden pieces, the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis grew much quicker in the cedarwood than in the other three wooden pieces.

However, Lin Yuan did not immediately deem cedarwood the best type of wood to grow the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis. He also had to consider the strength of the sprouts that grew from it.

It did not take long for Lin Yuan to spot issues.

Although the sprouts were growing quickly in the cedarwood, they were all skinny and weak.

Lin Yuan touched all the sprouts that were growing and found that the sprouts growing in the cedarwood moved the most.

Thus, he decided against choosing the cedarwood as the quality was more important than speed.

Moreover, the sprouts growing on the other three types of wood were not growing slowly either.

Soon, Lin Yuan observed issues with the sprouts growing on the laurelwood.

The laurelwood was the strongest wood out of the four. As a result, the spores could only absorb the nutrients on the surface and had trouble penetrating further than five centimeters into the laurelwood.

Hence, Lin Yuan also decided against using laurelwood.

Both the sprouts growing on the red sandalwood and cedarwood appeared to be strong and growing at a relatively similar rate.

The only difference was that the caps of the sprouts growing from the cedarwood were larger.


Most of the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis’ nutrients were stored in its purple cap, and its size indicated the nutrients within the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis.

Eventually, Lin Yuan chose the jade-textured cedarwood as the best type of wood to grow the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis in.


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