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«Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel) - Chapter 1772 Bloodline Suppression

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Chapter 1772 Bloodline Suppression

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Qian Yu had used all of his secret weapons during the battle. He had even used the rare mermaid king bloodline in the Diving Songstress” body.

This was not because he saw this battle as life or death but because he would be able to use his accomplishments during this battle to obtain even better status and more resources when he returned to the Freedom Federation.

Qian Yu actually had a safety net set up.

No matter what happened, even if he really ended up fully held down by his opponent, the Goddess of Mercy would not sit by and watch him die.

The Goddess of Mercy had come to the Radiance Federation because she had been worried for his safety.

Qian Yu was intelligent and could sense how the Goddess of Mercy felt about him. He knew that she did not dote on him like how Na Na doted on Lu Ou. Rather, she had an ulterior motive for treating him so well.

As such, Qian Yu could be certain that there was a special reason for the Goddess of Mercy treating him so well.

At first, Qian Yu had been oblivious as to what this motive was. But when the Goddess of Mercy started demanding that he only formed contracts with water-type feys, to do all he could to evolve the Diving Songstress and constantly emphasize properly safeguarding the Diving Songstress” mermaid king bloodline, realization dawned on Qian Yu.

The Goddess of Mercy had started favoring him when he formed a contract with the Diving Songstress. This meant that the mermaid bloodline in his body was extremely useful to her.

But now, all of Qian Yu's confidence crumbled.

Lin Yuan also had the mermaid bloodline.

Moreover, the mermaid bloodline did not come from a sacred source lifeform.

The pressure from his bloodline prevented Qian Yu from using Sea of Thorns again as he needed to use up the mermaid's power to use this ability.

The mermaid of a more elite bloodline had powerful control over a mermaid of a less elite bloodline.

When the mermaid with a more elite bloodline used its mermaid's power, it would cause the mermaid of a less elite bloodline to lose its control over the sea.

Sacred source lifeforms that used their bloodlines to fight were always more outstanding than other feys of the same grade. However, they were helpless against the suppression of a more elite bloodline.

Qian Yu had garnered a long list of victories using the Diving Songstress” bloodline. He had defeated many young experts in the Freedom Federation who were stronger than him and managed to secure a position as a Freedom Envoy.

But now, he was finally on the other end of the backlash.

It was clear that Lin Yuan's bloodline would be useful to the Goddess of Mercy.

At that moment, Qian Yu dared not meet the Goddess of Mercy's gaze as he was afraid that it would be one that screamed cold abandonment.

Before Lin Yuan fused with Dark Blue, he had felt an uncontrollable disdain for Qian Yu.

But now that he had transformed into a mermaid, the disdain had turned into scorn. He even felt that for Qian Yu to be standing in front of him in such a position was an unforgivable crime.

This enraged Lin Yuan.

He raised his hand and a finger reached out from the shawl of waves to point at Qian Yu.

A beam of water shot toward Qian Yu. It came from Lin Yuan's use of Flowing.

Due to the exclusive skill Power Water Soul, Lin Yuan combined Dark Blue's 12 pillars of water and fused them with the top-grade strange water Burning Sea Boiling Water.

When water was heated, it increased in temperature and would lead to evaporation that would cause the target to dehydrate rapidly. As such, it was extremely damaging to any lifeform that had water in its body.

The boiling water twisted as it barreled toward Qian Yu.

Qian Yu could have flicked his fishtail and easily swam away to dodge the beam of water.

However, the suppression of his bloodline left Qian Yu trembling.

Before Lin Yuan evolved Dark Blue's mermaid bloodline, outsiders could have injected faith power into him to get a sense of him.

But now that his mermaid bloodline had evolved, any attempt to inject faith power would be blocked by the mermaid bloodline. Additionally, the mermaid bloodline would be benefited from the faith power.

The faith power from Lin Yuan's shrine was charging into the mermaid bloodline in his body.

As a result, the aura of his mermaid bloodline intensified.

The suppression of his bloodline had left Qian Yu immobilized as the beam of boiling water closed in on him.

The heat of the water was comparable to that of a top-grade strange flame, and it caused blisters to rise all over Qian Yu's body.

Once the blisters popped, the sea around Qian Yu turned purple and red.

Numerous blue and purple scales on his fishtail had been washed away by the violent force of the water.

All of these left Qian Yu in an extremely sorry state.

The entity that Qian Yu became when he transformed into a mermaid already could not be compared to Lin Yuan in his mermaid form.

Now, the injuries he sustained widened the distance between them.

Qian Yu appeared like a lowly speck of dust before Lin Yuan.

Ever since Lin Yuan transformed, Star Web exploded with activity.

The mermaids were a beautiful species in itself, regardless of gender.

When Qian Yu transformed into a merman, his beauty stunned many Star Web users.

But once Lin Yuan transformed into a merman, the Star Web users immediately realized the gap between Qian Yu and Lin Yuan's beauty.

Lu Shuang had been briefly explaining the battle, but she was struck dumb for more than a minute from the moment Lin Yuan transformed into a merman.

The rest of the Star Web audience was in a similar state.

Buddha-Like Black Rabbit: Oh my God! I have always been firmly straight. But why can't I tear my eyes away from Black's body now? What do I do now? I'm in love!

Purple Stars: You're not alone. I'm the same! I'm petitioning for the Spirit Craftsman to carve Black's current image into a model!

Nameless and Qualmless: I don't know whether to call him Black or Lin Yuan now. I've always felt that Black's title as a member of the Radiance Hundred Sequence should be something like Silver Mask or Six-Winged Angel! I voted for the title Silver-Faced Miracle! But now, I think that the name should be related to mermaids!

Blowing Wind: Black's merman form has satisfied my dreams of mermaids! Compared to Black, Qian Yu looks like a torn-up rag!

Jade Button: Don't any of you care to find out what method Black used to turn into a merman? We have no clue how many capabilities he has!

The focus on Star Web was Lin Yuan's appearance.

This was because Lin Yuan's appearance was breathtaking to most, if not all, and because Lin Yuan had fully oppressed his opponent.

It seemed that the result of this battle had been set.

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