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«Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel) - Chapter 1768 Slaughtered Member of the Freedom Hundred Sequence!

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Chapter 1768 Slaughtered Member of the Freedom Hundred Sequence!

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A young man within the Freedom Federation envoy group was currently looking at Liu Jie and Lin Yuan with amusement in his eyes. His gaze also occasionally flickered over to Gao Feng.

The purple flame of the black candle darkened, and there seemed to be something shapeless within the flames.

The young man whispered in a voice so low that only he could hear it, “I didn”t expect to find the main world like this after 3,000 years of slumber. The Freedom Federation and Radiance Federation sure are interesting. A few humans can actually awaken their birth horoscopes now.

“Devils and feys with the Barren bloodline are rather interesting too! However, the Radiance Federation”s luck is way too good! Three of their sacred source lifeforms come from Dictators. One of their auras also seems more special than the others. It”s as though it”s composed of two types of auras.”

While the young man was mumbling, his gaze fell on Li Yang. His eyes were full of mockery.

In a giant palace thousands of miles away, a woman dressed lavishly in black had the same expression of derision as this young man.

She tossed a few Eternal Hearts around in one hand while the other hand touched the female doll hanging around her neck.

She fiddled with the doll”s grayish-black wings and seemed to be deep in thought.

Her head snapped to the seven large, shut black coffins next to her.

She gently squeezed the gray-winged doll she was playing with, then the doll of the armored young man next to it.

Soon, the two dull dolls seemed to gain a wisp of life, as though something had returned to them.

The girl stood up and walked out of the castle.

She raised her head and looked up at the blue sky with a sentimental gaze as she murmured, “Since I”m awake, there”s no use for something trivial like the Gardener Konjac which came from me. Once Plunging Red wakes up, the entire world will feel the might of the Sleeper!”

Meanwhile, in the Radiance Federation”s Royal Capital, at the audience zone of the Radiance Sacred Hall fighting ground, a cry suddenly sounded out from among the Freedom Federation envoy group.

The sound was like someone who had just awoken from a deep sleep.

Li Yang frowned and looked behind him.

The Freedom Federation was currently at a disadvantage in the battle.

The person standing behind Li Yang was a member of the Freedom Hundred Sequence who had only been sent on this trip because they lacked manpower.

Li Yang was annoyed that this person who was unable to even contribute in battle was still making such a sound. It was embarrassing for the Freedom Federation.

But when Li Yang saw this young man”s features, his brow furrowed even tighter as he knew that Second Page Revival had been hosted within this young man.

Ever since the Goddess of Mercy arrived, the entire situation deviated from Li Yang”s original plan.

There was bad blood between Second Page Revival and the Goddess of Mercy.

Li Yang could not stop the Goddess of Mercy from attacking Second Page Revival once she saw her.

Thus, Li Yang had removed the agreement with Second Page Revival and wiped his hand off of Second Page Revival, even in the event of her death.

If he could not secure his own benefits, there”s no point in concerning himself with other people”s benefits.

However, this did not mean that he did not need Second Page Revival.

Between the Radiance Federation and the Goddess of Mercy, Second Page Revival was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

She had no choice but to take a risk that might cost her her life. This was the only way she would be able to accomplish her goal.

But now, Second Page Revival had disappeared.

The young man”s memory had stopped at the point that Second Page Revival took over his body.

At that point, he had only just arrived at the Radiance Federation.

All he knew was that Qian Yu was leading the group and had not seen Li Yang or the Goddess of Mercy yet.

But now that he was suddenly seeing the two members of royalty, the young man was stunned.

But when the young man composed himself and was about to greet Li Yang and the Goddess of Mercy, a gold and red water droplet flew at him with a flick of the Goddess of Mercy”s fishtail.

The gold and red water droplet resembled a gem.

When the droplet made contact with the young man, he immediately exploded into a radiant flower.

Although the young man was not as strong as favored experts or the disciples of royalty, the fact that he had been chosen as a member of the Freedom Hundred Sequence meant that he was a top genius.

Yet, the Goddess of Mercy killed him without hesitation over such a small transgression. It had been as easy for her as tipping over a glass of water.

The Goddess of Mercy”s action left the other members of the Freedom Hundred Sequence trembling.

All of them were no different from the young man that the Goddess of Mercy had just killed. If the Goddess of Mercy had killed him so casually, it meant that she would do the same to them at any time too.

The Moon Empress and the other members of the Radiance Federation”s royalty knew that the Freedom Federation had this style.

But, they still could not help but narrow their eyes in such a circumstance.

The Moon Empress looked at the Goddess of Mercy and could tell that she was enraged over something. However, she was hiding her anger very well.

From the way that the Goddess of Mercy could kill a member of the Freedom Hundred Sequence so easily, it meant that she did not feel a strong sense of belonging or honor to the Freedom Federation.

Thus, there was no way the source of her anger was the loss of the members of the Freedom Hundred Sequence.

The Goddess of Mercy”s eyes were fixed on Qian Yu.

Could she be angry that Lin Yuan had attacked Qian Yu?

There was no way for the Moon Empress to ascertain this.

But if she was truly angry because Lin Yuan had attacked Qian Yu, she should be looking at Lin Yuan instead of Qian Yu. It was as though Qian Yu was the one who had earned her ire.

Only the spectating members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence saw that the Goddess of Mercy had just killed a member of the Freedom Hundred Sequence. The audience on Star Web was completely oblivious to this fact.

This was because the battleground was too large for the broadcast to cover every inch of the area.

Unlike the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection, the audience could not switch between different perspectives.

If they were able to see the perspective views of the Freedom Federation envoy team, their actions would be exposed.

In this battle that took place in a complicated region, it would be a smart tactic to hide using the environment.

Thus, the five members of the Radiance Federation team all had a specially made Star Web Card that allowed the Star web officials to broadcast their views.

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