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«Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel) - Chapter 1201: Medusa Snake Demon’s Provision

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Chapter 1201: Medusa Snake Demon’s Provision

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When Lin Yuan used True Data, he saw that Wendy had already reached Class 4, and its originally bald head now had many snakes growing out of it.

Now, it looked scarily beautiful.

However, Wendy was still its same old adorable self.

When Rising Lizard arrived next to Lin Yuan, Wendy changed into a small snake and leaped into Lin Yuan’s arms before changing back into human form and hugging Lin Yuan affectionately.

Rising Lizard also wanted to nudge Lin Yuan lovingly with its head. However, it was still much bigger than him, and even a gentle nudge would cause Lin Yuan to fall over.

As such, Rising Lizard stopped itself.

Lin Yuan could not help marvel at Rising Lizard. Although the strength of its faith power had not increased by much as it was not easy for Apostles to gain faith power, Rising Lizard had evolved from Class 6 to Class 7 in such a short amount of time.

This rate of power growth was terrifying! How did Rising Lizard manage it? What had happened in the marsh world during his absence?

While Lin Yuan was thinking, Wendy said, “Dad, I’ve already absorbed half of the Drugged Snake Eagle’s venom. Once I’m done, I should be able to evolve to Class 5. When you left the dimensional world, the Marsh Ground Sphagna took me to the Drugged Snake Eagle nest, and I rescued 29 Medusa Snake Demon aunties. They’re now attracting the Marsh Crocodiles with Mom. I don’t plan on accepting these Medusa Snake Demons as my believers, as I think predator plants are the best choices to become my believers. Rising Lizard can have these Medusa Snake Demons. In just a few days, the Medusa Snake Demons managed to attract many Medusa Giant Lizards that were all eaten by Rising Lizard.”

Wendy blinked its large eyes and thoroughly reported on all that had taken place in the marsh world in Lin Yuan’s absence.

Lin Yuan was momentarily stunned. This had to be the reason for Rising Lizard’s rapid increase in power! The Medusa Giant Lizards that had come running toward the Medusa Snake Demon’s aura were so tragic! The Medusa Snake Demons had essentially seduced them with the sole purpose of slaughtering them.

Nonetheless, this was fine as Lin Yuan never expected to find so many Medusa Snake Demons gathered together in his territory.

It seemed that he need not worry about Rising Lizard’s power at all as it could quickly increase its power.

Moreover, there was already a deepset genetic link between Medusa Snake Demons and Medusa Giant Lizards.

Since Rising Lizard was an Apostle, it was not a bad circumstance if all of its believers were Medusa Snake Demons.

The Medusa Snake Demon had extremely high intelligence and could contribute significantly to this almost barren land.

It would be beneficial to the base if Rising Lizard could accept the Medusa Snake Demons as its believers. Hence, Lin Yuan greatly supported this idea.

At that moment, Wendy said softly, “Dad, I might not have as many believers as Rising Lizard, but I’m still ahead of it. Rising Lizard only has one Favored Believer and four believers while I already have two Favored Believers!”

Suddenly, Lin Yuan sensed that something was wrong.

How could Wendy address him as Dad? He had not thought anything odd of it, but it had also addressed Scale Concubine as Mom. This implied that he and Scale Concubine were a couple. Scale Concubine might not be agreeable to it. But even if it was fine with it, he was not agreeable to it.

In spite of this, he did not say anything to Wendy as those were just the words of an innocent child, and Wendy had only addressed him in such a way because he had formed a contract with it.

Wendy felt safe and affectionate toward him. In a child’s world, the people they felt most at ease and loving toward were their parents.

Lin Yuan caressed Wendy’s head and said, “Later, let’s go and see your new Favored Avenger together.”


Liu Tong had gathered all the Spirit Craftsmen, and they were standing before Lin Yuan.

All of the Spirit Craftsmen had worn faces, and it looked as though they had not rested properly in a long time. Their faces were also covered in dust and looked to be in a sorry state.

Constructing a building involved digging and moving dirt around. It was a job where one could not evade becoming dirty.

Lin Yuan looked at the 34 Spirit Craftsmen behind Liu Tong and said loudly, “All of you have been working hard! The construction in the marsh world won’t be completed within a short period. You have to rest when it’s necessary!”

One of the Spirit Craftsmen replied, “Young Master, is it convenient for you to bring feys to this place? I would like to form a contract with the Vitality Sloth, so I won’t have to waste my time resting and can dedicate more of my time to work!”

Many other Spirit Craftsmen soon echoed this Spirit Craftsman’s words.

Warmth flooded Lin Yuan’s heart.

All of these Spirit Craftsmen had agreed to come to this place without asking any questions, and they were all working themselves to the bone now.

All of them were part of Hu Quan’s Heavenly Craft Pavilion, and Hu Quan was a member of Sky City. Hence, they were all distantly related to Sky City.


There was no reason for him to be stingy toward these hard workers who were technically part of Sky City.

Lin Yuan cleared his throat and said seriously, “Let Liu Tong if you want a Vitality Sloth, and I’ll bring them over soon. Moreover, I heard from Hu Quan that all of you can contract new feys. A few of you have even comprehended Willpower Runes but haven’t found the right fey. So, when you inform Liu Tong of your desire to have a Vitality Sloth, you can also request another fey of any type. I’ll also bring a Bronze/Epic fey for each of you according to the type you specified.”

Lin Yuan’s voice carried hefty weight, and it rang in the ears of the Spirit Craftsmen.


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