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«Fatal Shot (Web Novel) - Chapter 532: The Real Number One Rebel Army Faction

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Chapter 532: The Real Number One Rebel Army Faction

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On the weaponized patrol spacecraft flying at high-speed in the sky above Storm City.

“Mental Type Force. There’s actually such a weird type of Force that can manipulate others’ actions. Isn’t this invincible? The Force in the game is a lot stronger than normal skills. F*ck, when will I awaken the Force?” Big Pineapple said on the player’s comms channel in a depressed tone.

“There’s no way it’s invincible. Lin said so just now. From the surveillance footage of the lab, after the lot of them became unconscious, the NPC Special Agent who was infected by the T-virus and was being treated inside the lab coincidentally woke up inside the quarantine capsule. After that, he fought against the invader and continued to pursue them outside the lab. It is clear that he wasn’t manipulated. In the end, the disguised players and the NPC, who was disguised as Aike, succeeded in escaping from the building. During the process, they released the T-virus to cause a commotion that attracted the attention of the guards. By now, they have probably got the stuff and left Storm City.” Phoenix replied on the player’s comms channel.

“Now that something as dangerous as the T-virus has appeared in Storm City, will it also become occupied by zombies and Tyrants like Silvermoon City?” Big Pineapple asked as he looked down toward Storm City, at the locked-down and messy scene of the Hurricane Building with a worried look.

“It’s not that serious. As a main city and the military center of the Federation, even if the other cities have fallen, Storm City would never fall.” Feng Luo answered. “That is unless they can create a high-level zombie army with tens of millions of monsters. Only then will a main city like Storm City be taken over.”

Feng Luo then looked at the yellow path shown on the tracking device in his hands.

“Sir Lieutenant, please make a left in front.” He then looked forward and spoke to the guard team NPC Lieutenant driving the weaponized patrol spacecraft.


The weaponized patrol spacecraft made a turn in the air, the four energy drivers turned and emitted rays of blue light. The hovercrafts along their routes moved away and opened a path for the patrol spacecraft which had turned on their emergency authorization, this allowed the patrol vehicle to move past traffic at an incredible speed.

After Lin explained the situation, Feng Luo told the handsome guard team Lieutenant the situation, albeit with some modifications.

After that, the NPC guard Lieutenant took them aboard the patrol vehicle again and followed the tracks shown on the tracking device to initiate their pursuit.

Lin’s tracking device was one that could not directly discover the target’s position. It tracked the residual signal waves left in the air. Due to this and their inability to lock down the target’s position, the incredible speed of the police vehicle helped them a lot.

“From the strength of the wave signal, we’re closing in on the target.” Feng Luo stared at the tracking device as his hands entered his inventory and took out a large black sniper rifle.

Around one kilometer away from the patrol spacecraft, two SUVs were driving on the main road exiting Storm City.

One car was in front of the other, the car at the back was a large Heavy Knight bulletproof car with unbelievably thick armor. Inside the Heavy Knight, a Sniper player hugging a silver passcode chest on the front passenger seat looked delighted.

“Heh, the operation is finally over. Although a sort of insane NPC suddenly appeared and caused a ruckus, apart from our side’s NPC, everything else went unexpectedly smooth.”

The Scout player biting on a cigarette seated at the driver’s seat, wearing similarly luxurious equipment, spoke while breathing smoke outside the vehicle through the window, “We gotta thank that group at the hotel for helping us divert attention. Although their group got wiped out, at least it helped us complete our mission smoothly. I guess that’s counted as their contribution.” As he spoke, a row of yellow teeth could be seen.

Two players seated in the middle of the vehicle looked like they were grimacing. One of the two, a Fire Manipulator spoke while staring angrily at the two seated in front of him, “Have you guys finished? If you don’t know how to talk, you should just shut up.” On his chest was a hidden badge, the badge was a roaring golden dragon, a badge for the elites of the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group.

Yellow-tooth’s expression cooled. He looked towards the last row of seats in the vehicle and spoke to a silent and tall player wearing sunglasses and a set of alloy armor hiding in the shadows, “Hmph, Seven Kills, don’t you know how to keep your subordinates in check? If our boss did not agree to the terms raised by the Rui Conglomerate, your Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group would never have been able to get the title of being the first player faction to join the rebel army camp, and your Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group would never have been able to be as famous as you are now. That title belongs to us.” Yellow-tooth said mockingly.

“The boss is a visionary. Ever since he started the game, he had the feeling that the game would sooner or later progress towards a battle between the camps. Since we entered the game, he led us to explore missions about joining the rebel army camp. Otherwise, do you think I would have stayed at that boring old Town of Exile?” As he said that, Yellow-tooth started to frown. It was as if he had remembered something unpleasant.

“Not to mention, the boss was the one who recommended everyone participate in this hidden mission. I’d say he is as kind as he can be towards you guys. You can’t blame anyone for that group’s failure. Nobody would have ever thought that the reason the NPC separated us into two groups was to use one group as a diversion. The key is that although they are a diversion, if they were strong enough, they should have been able to complete their side of the mission. Who knew they were so weak that they would be wiped out by the enemy?” As he spoke, Yellow-tooth’s mocking laugh returned.

The large armored player maintained his silence. However, from the dim light available at the end of the vehicle, the face under the sunglasses was incredibly apathetic.

“Hmph! A measly man intoxicated by successes.” The Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group manipulator gritted his teeth and spoke.


A total of 20 people participated in the Storm City infiltration faction mission.

As long as they completed the mission, they would obtain spots for the hidden profession. Additionally, they would also receive a lot of points and credits as rewards.

Due to this, the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group picked 13 elites to participate in the mission. Among them was the number one expert Seven Kills as well as the son of the guild’s big boss, Young Master Xing.

With regard to Young Master Xing who was a second-generation tycoon, the rewards were not important to him. Instead, he was most interested in the hidden profession.

That was why prior to this mission, their bosses gave the directive asking them to do their utmost in getting Young Master Xing a spot.

However, no one would have predicted the NPC’s decision to split them into groups halfway through the mission.

Young Master Xing was put in the group where every member was from the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group. In the end, he, unfortunately, had also become bait and was part of the group that was wiped out.

If it was only a case of bad luck, it would be fine. However, the manipulator player was highly suspicious and felt that the group knew what the NPCs wanted to do from a long time ago. He even had a feeling that they had intentionally made it so that the NPC selected only people from their guild to create that baiting team.

The hidden mission was actually provided by the group’s “Boss,” the guy who, after Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group joined the rebel army camp, suddenly appeared and claimed that he was the leader of the real group who joined the rebel army camp first.

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