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«Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly (Web Novel) - Chapter 1587: The First Time she Saw this Female Warrior Leaving in Such a Dejected Manner

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Chapter 1587: The First Time she Saw this Female Warrior Leaving in Such a Dejected Manner

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An Lan was shocked.

She had always thought that Mo Liuxi and An Ning had at least slept together.

How many things had this sister of hers done that she did not know? In the past, An Ning had confidently said in front of her that she had given her virginity to Mo Liuxi, making it sound as if everything she said was the truth. Was it because she was too good at acting, or was it because An Ning had told too many lies and could no longer distinguish what was real and what was fake.

Yan Su could tell that she really did not know, so she continued, “When we were separated, I was already pregnant.”

An Lan’s heart sank, and she took a sip of the coffee in front of her, slightly at a loss.

“The night An Ning sent the photo to me was Christmas. I was just about to muster up the courage to tell Liuxi the good news, but in the end…when the show ended, we broke up. And we even broke up with disgust and hatred towards each other.” Yan su smiled bitterly, “What do you say? Is your sister despicable? She had tried to test the water with Liuxi again and again. She knew that I didn’t tell him about our first time, so she tampered with this matter. What kind of mentality does she have? Liuxi told her clearly so many times. He also did not touch her, nor did he promise her anything. Yet, she had the evil intention of destroying the relationship between the two of us by any means possible. I thought Liuxi had betrayed me, and Liuxi thought I was a fickle woman.”

“That child…” An Lan tightened her grip on her coffee cup.

“Regardless, I gave birth to her. When I found out that I was pregnant, I originally hoped that we would become a happy family of three. However, it only turned out that I had to bear the hardships of pregnancy and childing labouring all by myself. Although Liuxi and I are very happy now, there are some things that we will never forget. When I needed him the most, he wasn’t there. He wasn’t part of the entire process of the development of the child from an embryo until she was almost one year old. If it wasn’t for the time when you accidentally told me on the phone that An Ning and Mo Liuxi had slept together while they were drunk, I wouldn’t have suspected her and this unpleasant knot would forever remain between the two of us. Perhaps we wouldn’t have made it today.”

Yan Su’s words were simple but powerful, “Liuxi hated her in his heart. If it was just what you thought it was, he wouldn’t have bothered about it. However, An Ning had never realized her mistake. She ran away because she felt guilty. To be honest, if she could walk the right path, even if Liuxi had found her, he would at most teach her a lesson. However, she became a homewrecker again. She didn’t even have a basic moral bottom line.”

An Lan finished the entire cup of coffee in one gulp. There was an indescribable bitterness in her tongue, and she was also embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come today.” After a long while, she said with a hoarse voice.

“Liuxi didn’t ask the other party hurt her face. They did it out of hatred and anger. The fuse was in An Ning’s hands.” Yan Su sighed softly, “We aren’t unreasonable people. We can choose to forgive those who know their mistakes and sincerely apologize, but I’m also very sorry for those who will never repent…”

“An Ning brought all this on herself, but as a parent and a sister, we didn’t guide her well, so it’s difficult for us to be excused from the blame too. I’m very sorry, but thank you for telling me the truth. Goodbye.” An Lan took her bag from the sofa and turned to leave. This was the first time that she saw this female warrior leaving in such a dejected manner.

Yan Su stood up and walked out of the coffee room, walking towards Xiang Wan. “I met lawyer An just now. Is she looking for you for something?”

“I have some issues with her sister,” Yan su answered honestly.

Xiang Wan furrowed her long and thin brows. “You mean that An Ning? The one who was a mistress?”

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